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...Sorry, I was kinda sick yesterday and I couldn't update you about it ;3;
Also, you can read the first answers to the ASK THE SHARKS! event >o< !
Enjoy, and feel free to ask your questions here >o< !
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In case you wonder about the lack of updates:

...That's pretty much how it is ._.
I'm also delaying the work on cosplay and on the Dorian Gray thinglet ;_; This said, I also got a bothering little cold + throatache in these days because I slept with my window open, and the early morning's breeze surprise-killed me XD

Also, also!!!
Today I ate delicious salty cakes ;o; My cousin did 'em and they're plain delicious ;_; <3
On a fangirly note, today I re-watched Batman begins 'cause I needed a refreshment after watching Dark Knight Rises kinda cluelessly XD I was distracted by my hate for Katie olmes and I didn't pay much attention to DELICIOUS CILLIAN MURPHY. HATE REALLY IS INDECENT :/ !

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