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So, today I went on and took care of the final character designs of the Tra i Fiori's shortie that I was talking about yesterday :D

Under the cut for Etruscan fairies and cute robins! )

Look forward to this story, 'cause it's going to be both smexy and educative!
..And now let's upload the new page of Tra i Fiori x'D
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Damn, I almost forgot to update this, taken aback as I was with Tra i Fiori's shortie x'D ...Fortunately updating my DevArt account reminded me of this!

My friends, faithful readers, I'm happy to say that yesterday I finished my first gunpla kit, a Zaku II FS (Garma Zabi Custom)!
--Here he is in all its perplexity after my shabby (but passionate!) job... OMG, I LOVE IT x'DDDDDDDDDD ♥

Under the cut for my last tasks on the kit and details! )

Now that this report is over I'm fully aware of how vague it's been XD
Thank you for keeping up with me in these days x'D !
And see you again for Char's Zaku ♥

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