daeva_neesan: (*scared*)
Good morning guys!
This time I'll tell you about the floods here where I live!
As you may have heard there's been some intense mess in Rome, but fortunately not as severe as in other locations (see Tuscany, Sardinia a while ago, or the cities of Liguria)... Today is still raining here, and as my house is relatively safe, some of my neighbours (those who live in a brand-new residence of terraced houses) are in deep shit quite literally-- Their sewage system collapsed. Some of them don't have electricity either!

Under the cut for pictures and such! )

And that's all.
As you see the situation is pretty troublesome, but still manageable, at least in my place. --SO DON'T WORRY FOR ME x'D
--Now since the winter has been so messy, I hope that this year's spring will be a decent one >_>#

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