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Yesterday, profitting of an unfortunate misunderstanding where Babi ditched me in the park of Villa Borghese, I decided to give a sense to my trip and take a touristic walk in Rome, as an excuse to gain material for a sort of "touristic blog" about this city that hopefully I could launch in the next days.
I'm probably being narrow-minded and pigheaded, but to me there will never be a city more beautiful than Rome.
I may understand that many persons would never get used to its sempiternal chaos, the way its citizens make fun of you, the WTFness of public transportations or the gipsy pickpocketers at the train stations, but let's be honest: walk around here and you'll always feel like you're part of a movie.
At a certain point you'll think "Is it possible to have all this beauty in just one spot?" and hopefully you'll forgive all the shit that you had to go through before you realized it--
Under the cut for bits of Villa Borghese, lunch at the Jewish Ghetto and MOAR Trastevere! )

And, well, that's all ^_^
I hoped that this tiny post charmed you at least a little bit!
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Yeah, it's two posts in two days guys, and both of them refers to events of yesterday!! *fails*

This post is mostly for the use of my friend Barbara, who couldn't attend that ukiyo-e exhibition but was interested in the catalogue.
Here's a little review of the catalogue, that I managed to acquire yesterday during my Roman walk-- )

And here comes the end of this tiny -but I hope that you found it informative enough, review!

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