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Today I managed to attend a conference dedicated to the world of yokai and Japanese monsters/supernatural issues!
The conference introduced the book of this young Italian scholar, Marta Fanasca, dedicated to the symbology and sociology behind the development of Japanese "unknown". It's incredible how much one can learn about a civilization by taking into consideration its folklore!
Here's a picture of the author and her book, and the two professors of Oriental Studies of "Sapienza" University, that followed Marta through her academic career and were there to give their contribution to the discussion (it mostly ended with the professor of Japanese and Chinese literature talking about his adventures with ghosts in his childhood LOL).

The location for the conference was the garden of the restaurant/gallery Doozo, in Rome. It was very cute, but it was also hot and the place was filled with mosquitoes D': I had one of those smoky mosquitoes repellent burning besides me, I wasn't touched by the mosquitoes but I was almost getting intoxicated myself D': *coughs*
--The place was quite crowded! It was nice to see so much interest about the subject :D

Under the cut for the contents of the discussion! )

All in all it was a really interesting discussion! I was pleased and motivated <3
...Now I just need to find that book so to buy it >3> !

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