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...In case you're wondering about my absence, yeah, I've been to Japan again!
This time I decided to go by myself and follow a personal itinerary around all the things that I fancy about Japan, so expect posts about Japanese sceneries, ekiben, trains, Gundam, festivals and of course my beloved Nobunaga >D

--Now it's definitely bed time. *collapses*
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Here's the first post about the cool stuff that I saw in Japan during this last trip of mine.
I want to start with a subject that I find very charming, also if I'm not a train otaku.
I didn't go to LOOK FOR these trains, I just took random pictures of what happened to be on my way, so sorry if some pictures are pointless or this post is not informative enough on the subject.

I want to start with the 'Narita Express', the very expensive and somehow slow train service of JR to Narita Airport... Then the 'Yurikamome', the 'Aomatsu', the 'Sakura' and 'Komachi' Shinkansen, the streetcars in Hiroshima, the 'Super Azusa' and the buses of Gifu under the cut! )

...And well, this is all XD

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