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So, my internet decided to screw itself.
Until the magic maintenance will take care of it, my posts won't be as frequent and organized as I planned T_T

...Anyway, Friday I went to LuccaComics because my friends from the IGB and GIC set up some interesting stuff to celebrate the 35th anniversary of Gundam :D
That's it, a 1/8 scale RX-78-2 and its cockpit! )

--I don't know if the cockpit will resist 4 days straight of convention, though XD When I was there I helped around as staff, it's been very fun!
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For this new post about my whereabouts in Japan, I want to focus on the fun food that I tried during my travel.

Since the curiosity that inspired me the manga Ekiben Hitoritabi, I decided that I wanted to try some of the local bento sold at the main train stations on my way, plus I wanted to finish my tour of the Gundam Cafe and of course there would be always room for some WTF snack :D Long story short-- ITADAKIMASU! )

And that's all for this subject, see you next time with something about the "Nihon Sankei"... Get ready by googling it!

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