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A little pause from my trip reports to tell you about an interesting booklet that I found in a cute book shop where Barbara brought me during my stay in Brescia.
The title is "Three Men make a Tiger", and it's a really fun and enlightening travel into Chinese culture through the analysis of its language.
The author is an Italian woman who worked as an interpreter for an Italian firm in China and her contribution to the issue is really original, as it considers the whole deal from a peculiar point of view.
In modern times, Chinese people and their culture is usually ignored, considered cheap, tacky or too flamboyant, expecially when it comes to its recent contribution to marketing: back in the days, China was famous for its marvellous pottery and paintings, now "Made in China" is the trademark for crappy shit.
And those of us who enjoy Japanese culture are those who came really easily to consider that whole country and its citizens as "crappy shit": Japanese people are more elegant, more beautiful, more civilized. It's really important to know everything about them, even when you realize yourself that whatever the Japanese guys do is pretty much a softened version of something that people in China did 2000 years earlier...

..."Three Men make a Tiger" doesn't mean something along the lines of "There's Strenght in Numbers", but it's a motto against gossiping, or to consider rumors as the truth.

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