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Finally x'D

The extra goodie that I promised you once we'd reach the 500 fans of my webcomic ^^
For the whole month you can ask the characters of The Bride of the Sharks or The Groom of the Sharks (sure, also the characters that yet have to appear!) whatever you like ^_^ Why Toshi finds Keani cute? What kind of underwear 'Ehukai wears in the human world? What's Shinji's favourite dish or who's Ano'i's favourite Disney Princess? Ask whatever you like to your heart contents!
I'll update the webcomic with the answers every week ^_^

I look forward to your delicious request, have fun and thank you again for the support >o</ ♥ You can ask your question on the <a href="http://samemuko.smackjeeves.com/comics/1573922/samemuko-500-fans-special-ask-the-sharks/" target=new>webcomic's comments or here on DevART ;D <3
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