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So, I finally managed to put on paper the visuals for Dorian and Alan, protagonists of my next fanbook dedicated to Wilde's The Portrait of Dorian Gray ^_^

I confess you that I had a hard time coming up with the look for the characters-- The boys that I came up with at first looked way too animesque, and too peculiar in their appearance, so I opted for some external inspiration.
As I told you before, it was way too easy to grab Björn's face for my idea of Dorian:
T-This damn boy >_> ..!
Fun fact, as I was sketching these designs I had the impression that I was just drawing my OC Flavio from Fiori XDD LOL, apparently I have my own stereotypes when it come to "angelic-looking" boys ^_^; --MUST BE THE CURLY HAIR.

Coming up with a visual inspiration for Alan was quite harder; I had in mind the image of a somehow vapid, yet "molestable" brunette.
After some wondering, I opted for a cute, young Hugh Grant from Maurice (another damn movie that I can't find anywhere in Italian >_<#):
Somehow I found him PERFECT for the role of the corrupt young scientist! I think that disheveled hair is A MUST for this kind of characters XD
The mole was something that I HAD TO ADD to give him more moe XD

In my story Alan is going to be the uke, and Dorian the seme :D

Since I was there, I sketched this tiny comic to give you an idea of how I'm going to characterize the boys:
Ok, maybe Dorian is a bit too idiotic here-- We know he isn't, but here and there there are many hints on the book about his "boyish attitude" and I think that I'm going to keep him like that--- I think that this cute cluesness will fit his ruthless personality to a delicious game of contrasts :D

So, what do you think about it :o ?

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