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Yesterday I skipped the daily report on gunpla, so today I'll just show you what I did yesterday, when I finally managed to buy all that fiiiiiiine sandpaper that I needed to fix the crap that I did the day before!

So, as I told you, the day before yesterday I screwed a big time, scratching and ruining horribly the legs of Garma-chan's Zaku ;_;

Here are the evidences:

It's true that I was going for a sort of "vintage" look but this is a bit too much >_>;

So, with over-the-top doses of patience, I went over the damaged pieces and I tried to fix what I could.
First I started with some wet-sanding, first with an 800, then with a 1200 grit...

--And then I cleaned up the part with some abrasive wax, and both the plastic shine and the scratches were mostly gone :D

After a few more fixing, here's the result, comparing the sanded thigh with the other one:
I'm pretty happy with the result, cinsidering how ruined I got it in the first place ^o^; !

After I got the hang of it, yesterday night I procedeed at a slow but sure pace and managed to sand and fix the legs and the bust of the gunpla :3
Today I wanted to work on the head but since yesterday I got a cut on my thumb I couldn't work properly and I preferred to rest >_>; Tomorrow I'm gonna try to work on the other parts and try to finish the whole thing :D

I'll try to keep you updated, so look forward to it ^_^ !
Also if I know that you really won't, awwww x'D
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