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Good morning guys!
This time I'll tell you about the floods here where I live!
As you may have heard there's been some intense mess in Rome, but fortunately not as severe as in other locations (see Tuscany, Sardinia a while ago, or the cities of Liguria)... Today is still raining here, and as my house is relatively safe, some of my neighbours (those who live in a brand-new residence of terraced houses) are in deep shit quite literally-- Their sewage system collapsed. Some of them don't have electricity either!

I was one of those unlucky assholes that had to go to work (a late evening shift) on that January 31 D:
I have to confess that the messiest time was in the morning, infact the storm started around 2 am, and as it kept raining the whole day, the worst of the storm happened in the morning.
I didn't take many pictures, just a few when I was going off to work.
This was the sidewalk and the road in front of my house.

Despite the never-ending rain, the situation was more normal than I thought, at the airport:

There were some flight who were fatally delayed, that was obvious, but I like to note that the most of them were late on arrival in the first place--

The morning after, I decided to take a few pictures of how everything around looked.

I didn't take pictures of my neighbourhood houses 'cause I don't think that it was a nice thing to do, but everyone was dealing with everyone's mess.
It's nice to see that, despite everyone can't stand each other, in case of need we're always up to lend a hand ^_^;

I took a walk to check on the canals and drains.
The place were I live is placed in the middle of Tiber's estuary, so instead of one river we have a thousand tiny rivers.
"Fiumicino" is called like this, exactly because is placed in the middle of these "rivers".
I'll show you some bits of one in these pictures.

As I walked around, some of the trees were broken by the strong winds:

Part of the road is gone too, LOL:

The day before, the water filled this place... The morning after just a few pounds remain...

Same goes for here:

The water is still at a higher level than usual, though:

It's a feast for the birdies ^_^;


I was glad to see that in other zones the sewage drains were all right:

And to close this report, a cool shot from someone's garden... Doesn't it give you a Japanese vibe ^_^; ..?

And that's all.
As you see the situation is pretty troublesome, but still manageable, at least in my place. --SO DON'T WORRY FOR ME x'D
--Now since the winter has been so messy, I hope that this year's spring will be a decent one >_>#

Date: 2/2/14 12:53 (UTC)
m3n747: (Default)
From: [personal profile] m3n747
Part of the road is gone too
That's what my street looks like on a good day! XD

I didn't know about the heavy rain in your parts, but I'm glad you're fine. ^^

We had three massive rainfalls (that I can remember) here in Gdańsk, in 1999, 2001 (or thereabouts) and 2009. Each time everyone was taken completely by surprise and nobody made any sort of preparation for the next time such a thing might happen again. XD In 2009 I remember that the electricity went out in a couple of districts, the railway turned into a proper river and shops in an underground tunnel were completely flooded. Here, have two videos. XD

Date: 2/2/14 14:17 (UTC)
m3n747: (Default)
From: [personal profile] m3n747
Who knows, that could be a part of it - but if I remember correctly, there were huge downpours in the Czech Republic which contributed to the floods we had here.

I hope by "heavy damage" you don't mean "we're holding a naumachia in the Colosseum now"? XD

Well, we have a saying in Poland: "the point of view depends on the point of sitting". I showed your photos to my mother and her reaction was "but that's what it looks like in our parts all the time!" XD So yes, psychology plays a big part in those things. XD

Date: 2/2/14 16:18 (UTC)
m3n747: (Default)
From: [personal profile] m3n747
But there's always water in the Tiber, having naval battles there isn't really all that unusual. XD

My street gets patched up once every several years, but they always do a shoddy work of it and all the potholes are back sooner or later. It's always the worst after winter, it's like driving through a minefield. *feels envious of the German roads*

I didn't know that. That's actually pretty cool!

*thinks of a stupid joke about Venice or sailors having closer to work*
*watches the second episode of Black Sails instead*

Date: 2/2/14 20:36 (UTC)
m3n747: (Default)
From: [personal profile] m3n747
That way you can go for a swim without leaving the city! XD

Now that's more like it! XD

Date: 2/2/14 20:54 (UTC)
m3n747: (Default)
From: [personal profile] m3n747
But mud baths are healthy! And you can have them without leaving your house! XD Okay, okay, I'll stop now. XD

Good thing nobody fell into that hole, you can get lost in that thing. XD

Date: 2/2/14 21:02 (UTC)
m3n747: (Default)
From: [personal profile] m3n747
*sprinkles his head with a little salt and pepper for taste*

I most certainly would love to! ^^ But if worse comes to worst, I can always rent a submarine and see them that way! XD

Date: 2/2/14 20:31 (UTC)
amelia_seyroon: (Default)
From: [personal profile] amelia_seyroon

Stay safe out there!

Date: 2/2/14 20:35 (UTC)
amelia_seyroon: (Default)
From: [personal profile] amelia_seyroon
Send some of that rain over to BahRAIN! XD

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