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Oooh, now that I'm finally done with the commission duties I can finally find some time to deal with my stuff :3 !
Today I've been (relatively) productive.

First of all, I finally found the time to "refresh" my website.
--But the link image is always the same LOL

New layout (to match this blog's, which I adore ♥ ) and I organized some contents differently.
You must check the otaku reports and obscure fandoms pages :3 !!
My Rei's Collection page is still under construction, I must find the mental strenght to take proper pictures of all my figures and I'm not very motivated XD;
...But you make sure to visit everything, there are small changes and updates almost in every page, and I'd like to hear your opinions :3

On the other side, I finally took care of my "badass shelf", that is now turned into "the shelf of Samurai/Ninjas and Gundam" XD
It was getting a mess again, so I tried to turn it nicer and organize the space better with the additions of some self-made pedestals and bases:
--It's still a mess, but at least now everything has its visibility... I tried to leave some room for the upcoming fruits of my shopping-- But to be honest I don't know if they'll ever fit in there T_T;

Tomorrow I'll work on SameMuko's update, my dolls and if the light will be ok I wanna try to start taking pictures of my Reis :3 !
--Aaah, so many things to do >_>; !
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