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That's it, I finally received all the figures that I bought during December as a Christmas treat--

Here they are in their boxed glory XD
It's the Takenori "Gori" Akagi of Slam Dunk, the limited edition Levi from Shingeki no Kyojin and my long-searched Makoto Tachibana from Free! ;^; !!

It's some figures that I was really looking forward to buy, so I was glad when I had the chance to find them at a decent price (but the Makoto. Makoto was quite overpriced by then :/) and available all together--
It's one of those rare treats that I can indulge myself in every now and then XD

Here's a terrible picture of the boys unboxed:
The level of detail is so amazing T^T ! Aaaah, everyone is so cute!!!
--The figure of Levi includes extra "regular" parts to make it look as the original kit. I'll keep him like this for a while 'cause I really DIG his "cleaning outfit", and it's also a motivator to keep the shelves clean, LOL XD
I got to know that Sentinel will release Erwin and Haji too. I'm definitely going to buy them too!!!

And here's a fun shot:
LOL, it looks like they are making fun of each other by mimicking the same pose XD
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