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Awwww, yesterday night I've been up to see the Opening Ceremony of the Expo 2015 :D
It's been a rollercoaster, but I'm glad that in the end we managed to finish everything per time T^T/
In a few minutes the Expo will start officially, I hope that the idiots of the so-called "antagonist movements" will be adequately abused by the police (expecially those coming from Germany and France) D: !

Anyway, as I told you I watched the whole thing on TV, 'cause I'm really excited and curious about it, and assuming that I won't manage to visit 'cause work will kill me, at least I wanted to check the thing on TV XD
I must say that I liked the design of the stage mirroring the look of the Duomo!

Paolo Bonolis was the anchorman! I love this guy-- But every now and then his jokes looked a bit out of place XD Lots of LOL when he tried to read the welcoming message in the various languages XD
--Poor Antonella Clerici is doomed to be associated with food for ever x'DDD

The special guests were Andrea Boccelli and the greatest Lang Lang! I really enjoyed their shows--

Boccelli sounded a bit weird during his first intervention D: I hope that he's not planning to kill himself ò_o;

Of course the main feature of the show was the lightening-up (?) of the "Tree of Life"... Very cool concept and design :D

I also liked how the colours of the stage matched those of the Tree! How cute!

All in all I think that it was quite a decent opening ceremony... What about you? Any of you guys followed it on TV..?
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