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I spent the past three days in Brescia to meet with my dear friend Barbara and to visit the Expo of Milan--
Here's a short report about my tour of the city, obviously filled with pictures!

It was a really fun adventure, I wasn't expecting this city in the North of Italy to be so interesting and inspiring!

As I got off the train from Rome, my friends came to pick me up and brought me to try a cotoletta (as I couldn't try it during my trip to Milan) at a new place, Mr Cotoletta:
The place is part of a restaurant chain, but even so the stuff was absolutely delicious! It wasn't greasy at all, super-huge and filling yet light to digest-- I look forward to try more of their variations!!

With our tummies filled, we started our tour of the city.
The first stop was Piazza della Loggia, where you can spot the huge and pictoresque city hall, the Loggia, a wonderful example of Mannerist architecture, which main peculiarity is its roof, shaped as the bottom of a ship:

On 1974 there was a terrible terroristic attack in this square by the hands of right-wing extremists. Some memento can be seen where the crime was perpetrated:

We walked further to reach for another square, Piazza del Duomo, where not one, but two cathedrals can be found: the Old Cathedral (X century) and the New Cathedral (XVII century), both of them dedicated to the Assumption of Virgin Mary.
I visited the Old Chathedral, and I really enjoyed the cool inside ♥

Another cute building is the Broletto, now seat of the Provincial administration-- I noticed the biscione of the Sforza (Visconti?) family!

As we kept walking to reach our next destination, I took my time taking random pictures on the way:

We finally reached the Roman ruins of the Capitolium, featuring the remains of a Temple dedicated to the Roman Triad and a little theatre.
My friends showed it to me, as it's a proof of the presence of the Roman civilization in the North:

It was tiny but interesting! The lapidarium was my favourite!

Another culinary pit-stop: ice cream over Pecora Nera, where I found my beloved "mixed berries" flavour! It's a while since I last found it T^T !

The last stop for the day was the fascistic Piazza della Vittoria:

I like a lot this example of Rationalism, and I really enjoyed the variegated use of marbles-- I'm used to see this kind of buildings wrapped in pure white in Rome, so this was an interesting change... I loved the use of different materials and how the architecture didn't "clash" with the nuanches of the city as it does with certain bits of Rome.

The second day of my tour I visited the Expo with another friend that Barbara introduced to me, Matteo.
I'll talk about it another time to avoid an excessively long post XD
The only thing that I'll mention here about August 5 is the delicious casonsèi that Barbara had the patience to cook for me at 11 pm T^T !
--How good ToT !

The day after I continued the tour of the city with Barbara.
We went to visit the epic Castle of Brescia, where I checked out the landscape and took my time walking around and getting lost in an attempt to reach for the tower XD

After this we got back in town to see the other spots... Here's again another square, the Piazza del Mercato, and the Teatro Grande:

After the huge walk, we had some drinks at Dolcevite:
One of Babi's favourite, it's fun because its table and chairs are all of different styles ^_^

Then we reached the contrada of the Carmine, where I spotted a few interesting bits before lunch--

I was brought to a restaurant that I was looking forward to, I Du dela Contrada, because of its delicious appetizer based on the gnocco fritto!!
I was really curious about this thingie, and I was really surprised to see that it tasted nothing like what I imagined XD ! I was expecting some greasy, impossible-to-digest deep fried monstrosity, on the contrary it was fragant and light! A lovely meal, expecially as it was served with delicious selection of cold cuts!

Last touristic spot, the Torre della Pallata, with its intriguing fountain!

Last culinary bit, the famous pastry shop of chef Iginio Massari, Pasticceria Veneto, where I was presented a delicious slice of sachertorte ;_;
Simply perfect ToT !!

Long story short, a lovely pause from work, spent in a lovely enviroment with lovely people :3 I look forward to visit again!!

Date: 8/8/15 07:38 (UTC)
m3n747: (Default)
From: [personal profile] m3n747
Schabowy! :D It's amazing, how similar our cultures can be at times. XD

Lovely pictures, as usual! I really like old architecture, it makes me feel like I'm in a proper city.

Date: 9/8/15 06:48 (UTC)
m3n747: (Default)
From: [personal profile] m3n747
Apparently, the dish came to Poland from Italy, that would explain the similarity. :D

I always enjoy your pictures from various places! ^^

Date: 6/12/15 07:33 (UTC)
From: (Anonymous)
Awesome pictures, although im kinda hungry now <3

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