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Yesterday has been a very full day of otaku activities for your Dae XD
First of all, I attended with some friends a Maid Cafe event dedicated to Sailor Moon, the Eternal Senshi, and next we went to a comic shop to celebrate the Batman Day... The guys of Gotham Shadows were doing their usual cosplay stuff! Amazing!

It was forbidden to take pictures of the Senshi Maids, so I grabbed a picture from their Facebook profile to show you :D My favourite of the team was Makoto ^o^ I was happy that she was our personal waitress!
I ordered the Silence and Destruction cocktail dedicated to Sailor Saturn, though! It was yummy :D

The Batman event was pretty cool! I got a memorial bookmark XD and I took some pictures of the cosplayers :D

Batman was too mainstream to take pictures of (anyway he's the same guy that I took picture of everytime at Romics) XD --But look at how cool Comissioner Gordon is!!
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