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Sorry for late guys, it's such a frantic time that I merely have the time to update you ToT !!

Anyway, the list of the anime that I'm watching right now:
What about your picks?

First of all, I'm happy to see some really good and interesting stuff :3 As usual, the autumn season is the best ever :3

HAIKYUU! (2nd season) - vote: 9 - Ah, my beautiful boys∼ ! Great characters, fun and hotblooded situations, much better than real life volleyball ||orz !!! This second seasons starts with the boys of Karasuno looking forward to a serie of training matches in Tokyo with Nekoma and other strong schools! Cute Yachi-chan makes her appearance too!

HEAVY OBJECT - vote: 8 - This was a suggestion by Teap and it's a pretty good series.
It's mecha, but instead of your usual humanoid thing, this time the weapons are shaped like *balls* called "objects" and the whole battle is decided on their use. The story follows the adventures of a team located in Alaska. Right now their object has been destroyed and they have to survive to an unexpected attack! The story is realistic and entertaining, I'm really set off by the female protagonist who is a stupiud loli, but she's the silent type like Rei Ayanami, so hopefully I could tolerate her.

HIGH SCHOOL STAR MUSICAL - vote: 6 - Aaah, my pretty boys! Missing my cute guys from Shonen Hollywood this looked like a decent substitute, but I'm already missing the realistic slice of live of my idol boys. By now I'm enjoying the characters, they still follow the usual stereotypes but they show some twists (the green boy is the leader! As in Shonen Hollywood! YEEEH!) and the senpai are really entertaining to see in their subtexty gayness, but the songs are really stupid-- I see that the episodes are supposed to look like mini-musicals, but I can't really help to fast-forward those x'D

KAGEWANI - vote: 5 - I was looking forward to this, I really wanted some cool horror story in my list (to watch when the sun is up!) so I was really pissed when I realized that the episodes are just 5 minute shorties Dx ! I want to know more about the creepy professor and see him interact with the cases!!

KOWABON - vote: 4 - Same as above, but with the aggravating of having no creepy professor. On the verge of being dropped, also if I think that I'll watch it anyway as it's ridiculously short. Similar to Kamishibai (as Kagewani is) but waaaaay less scary and disturbing.

GUNDAM: THE IRON-BLOODED ORPHANS - vote: 8 - Aaah, I'm really enjoying this new Gundam series (go figure, LOL) :D Mature and dramatic setting, lots of proper fights with mobile suits without stupid random laser beams! Just two episodes out by now, pretty entertaining, really looking forward to where it's going :3 25 episodes are scheduled by now, I like this shorter format of recent Sunrise series.

SAKURAKO-SAN NO ASHIMOTOBlabla - vote: 6 - I was intrigued by the summary but now I'm a bit bothered by the fact that this is pretty much a Bones anime with a Japanese topping: the "bones enthusiast" is a rich young lady with pretty long hair, she's a mix of moe and sadist with a disturbing flavour, her "assistant" is a shota boy.
I'll keep watching it, but since I hate the Bones TV series I don't think that I may enjoy these characters (at least hare there are no idiotic supporting characters)--

SUBETE GA F NI NARU - vote: 6 - Another "thriller" series, a series that I picked with the wish to clean myself from that shitty Ranpo Kitan-- As it's been good since it contributed to make me curious about the books of Ranpo Edogawa (and Poe XD), the execution was really embarassing! --Anyway, about Subete, I just watched one episode so I couldn't get a clear idea, but, even if a bit boring and slow-paced, it seems like a story with a decent potential and intriguing characters-- Let's see what will happen!

--And what about you, guys :D ?
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