Date: 19/1/16 11:04 (UTC)
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Shouwa Genroku and Stride are definitely my favourite series this season.
Ajin is your typical "afraid of the different" Japanese show, you know, Kiseijuu, Tokyo Ghoul, Shiki-- It's entertaining 'til now, but just after one episode is difficult to see where the story is going, I hope it'll keep up with the good pacing.

Nijiiro Days has nothing to with stuff like Ameiro Cocoa!
It's a cute slice of life, very similar to stuff like Kimi to Boku, to give you an idea-- But with more stupid shojo inserts, as all the boys are more or less paired up. The good thing about this show is that the protagonist is very fun, and I like the interaction with the girl he loves, who's pretty much expressionless, making a fun gap between the two, promptly commented by the protagonist's friends.
Dagashi Kashi is one of those series that I can already figure how it'll end up and completely on the opposite of my tastes, so I didn't even gave it a try XD
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