Date: 10/2/16 21:02 (UTC)
daeva_neesan: (Default)
From: [personal profile] daeva_neesan
Menty! Glad to hear that you're fine-- But I'm deeply sorry for your dead PC ;_;

I'm still watching my anime on streaming like a pirate, but I approve of your need to follow stuff, even if within legal means (x'DDD).
Terraformars was ok, the idea of it being rushed probably depended on the fact that when a series is so short is mostly aimed to improve the selling of the manga, and to see if people would appreciate an injection of merchandising on the market-- I liked the idea, and the overall massacre, but I wasn't very satisfied by it... The Perfect Insider is a series for smartass XD I found it quite boring, but the ending and "resolution" of the case was quite cool! I look forward to see if you can get the "trick" during your view!
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