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Ok, guys, I'm doing my best trying to start the new year following all the required traditions-- So I hope that this year I'll manage to keep myself creatively busy as in these past two days XD
Above you can see what I managed to see of the first sun of the year XD I was at work early in the morning today, but unfortunately my job doesn't allow me to go around to check for good omens in the weather!

On top of it, I realized that my current cellphone is too old for the drivers of my PC so-- I took a picture of the picture XD Let's see this as my determination to work harder that usual to solve potential problems, as 2017 is the year of my Chinese Zodiac and I'm assumed to pay extra attention XD

Anyway, yesterday, since the saying goes as "What you do the last day of the year, you're going to do all year around", I did my best and tried to be a little productive.

So, my first urgency was taking care of all those gunpla accumulated in the past years!

Yesterday I finished dat Zaku and started to work on the RG od Gundam Strike Freedom... It's so pretty ;_; And I'm building it so badly already T^T
It was kinda moving too, as I caught Fantaghirò on TV! LOL, such a classic XD

Next, I focused on some art, since I really did not draw ANYTHING on 2016, and this is quite disturbing... I'm going to start slowly and see where I go. The stop from drawing really did bad to my skills, it was so depressing ;_;
If you wanna check out the naughty Treize/Zechs pics I entertained myself with, you can find them on Pixiv (and the SFW stuff is on DeviantArt) :)

And well, that's all XD Whenever I'll feel lazy again I'll take a peek at this post and force my brain to get into action-- So, see you later, and let's hope that this will be a nice, productive year!
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