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As you may know, I decided to work on some extra commissions, 'cause spending the last days of January in peace would have been too easy.

This said, I'm shocked by how busy I've been in these days... So this afternoon I righteously took an epic 6 hours nap x'DD I guess that my body was plain exhausted XD
Since tomorrow I'll be busy again, I decided to update you guys on my recent "whatabouts" and such.
Under the cut for exciting stuff from Dae's life! )

And that's all for today!
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No, no-- It wasn't a spa, it was the actual thermal baths used by everyone (with profit!) since Etruscan times!
Under the cut for pictures of your Dae in a-- SPEEDO! )

...Damn, I wanna go back there already T^T;
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--It's outrageous that I waited so much for the first post of the new year, but I must admit that I'm positively busy with some stuff in these days :D

First of all, my collaboration with the Gundam Italian Club is getting deeper and deeper, and now I take care of online news and I occasionally write articles and reviews (also if I have to write anything yet, LOLOL) for the online magazine, Colony Post :3
I'm also busy with a comic collaboration with a friend from the forum and his team to celebrate the 35th anniversary of Gundam, which is going to happen in this very new year :D

I also resumed working on commissions, so I'm busy by default, also if I'm getting kinda slow with them 'cause I'm losing my multitasking skills D:
I apologize with the guys who are waiting for my pics T^T From tomorrow I'll be on "forced" vacation from work, so I will get my usual rhythm back.

In the last weeks I also developed some relatively new interests that I hope to practice as soon as I'll have my shipments from all around the world delivered home XD
The first is gunpla, an interest that started from Ludica's experiences and developed as I attended the GIC forum and kept watching Gundam Build Fighters XD
The second is that of custom dolls, an enterely new world that was brought to my attention first by the internet and then by the fact that expensive action figures are EXPENSIVE x'DDD At first I thought "Why I can't build one myself, then?" and then it degenerated in molesting an abroad Teap to get my shit at a decent price x'DD

As I get new interests I'll probably care less about others (since I'm not a millionaire XD), so I guess that the first hobby that I'll drop will be cosplay, since I never cared so much in the first place and it's really expensive and time consuming (also if I'll still wear the costumes that I have every now and then for the sake of convention fun :3)-- Then I was seriously considering to drop doujinshi printing, considering that the shipping fees are going to increase with the next Italian financial deliriums... It's been a while since I was planning to distribute my doujinshi digitally as in websites like digiket-- I guess it's time to take action now x'D

On a completely different subject, I'm very proud by the fact that my first picture of the year is a glorious self-portrait!

Buonasera! by ~daevakun on deviantART

Go, me!
A girl with a refreshed hair-cut is invincible, ahahah!

I don't think that I have new resolutions for this brand new year, all in all I'll try to have fun and make profit of my past experiences to enjoy life the best I can for these upcoming 12 months as usual.

Surely, this time I'll be more aware of what I am.
I recently watched on TV one of those stupid weekly extras of the TV news-- It was about graphology and that time they talked about the people who write exactly like I do, in a pointy, careless way.
The expert said that that was typical of fussy, rigid people, and that these guys tend to use this punctilious, whiny attitude to cover their sensitive, underconfident self.
I never considered myself underconfident, whoever knows me in real life tends to describe me like a caustic General out of some B-movie about Nazis, but I guess that it's right.
Compared to many people who claim themselves artists, creatives or mere "sensitive spirits", my impression on what I do is pretty modest, after all.
I'm happy when I draw, when I write or when I share some knowledge, but it's hard for me to consider myself "an artist" or "a writer" or "an expert" on something, also if I'm perfectly aware that I'm pretty better at what I do that many of my fellow "creatives"-- Yeah, I'll confess you that when I say that I'm a genius, I don't really think that and I'm mostly trolling you XD

Maybe I'm doing wrong? Maybe I'm just a sore loser? --I don't think I care, and for now I'll just keep writing in my pointy, careless way, hoping that someone would care about what I'm talking instead of focusing only on my calligraphy ;D
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...And here's a report with pictures!

I know that many of you enjoy my reports on Rome with turistic bits, so I gladly took some extra pictures to let you enjoy my walk :3
After all those gloomy couldy and rainy days it was nice to have some sun, even if it's pretty cold!

I was lucky to find a wonderful sunny day :3
Here's a spot from Testaccio, precisely Via Marmorata.
Testaccio is a pretty popular quarter, famous for its fans of AS Roma football club XD
--Do you see that arc in the middle of the sidewalk? It dated to Middle ages :D Very little people know about it, even if there's an explanatory sign next to it XD
Under the cut for the rest of the tour! )
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Recently there were some fiery discussions on my FB f-list about people visiting Japan and getting disappointed because it wasn't as they anticipated.
The most of comments were like "Ah! Italians shouldn't go outside of their country because they don't understand anything and can't judge anything!" or "AH! You don't understand Japan at all!" or "Your delusions shouldn't affect your idea of a country!!"
From my point of view, people should complain about other countries if they are not so cool as they expected, expecially if this could help future visitors, or if just to put these "wapaneses" in their place. Sure, one should get the difference between mere ignorance, a pet peeve or a honest critic.

In this post of mine, I'd like to point out things that bothered me about Japan (expecially Tokyo), expecially when compared to what I have to hear about it from friends or fellow visitors.

--I apply a cut now 'cause I'm really bothered to scroll the whole thing down everytime >3> ! )

So, this is just a bit of my observations on Japan!
If you won't really agree, I hope that you'd find this informative and interesting enough, at least XD I look forward to your opinions and similar experiences!
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--I'm sickly ;_; I don't wanna go back to work on monday ;_; *sneezes*

Anyway, since I'm very bored but also very weak and such, and I have no motivation EVER to work on something productive, today I finally decided to update my showcase with some stuff that I got in the last months and left there in their boxes 'cause my room was (is!) still a mess and didn't want to deal with it.

First of all, my Rei Ayanami collection, the very heart of my collection:
I finally managed to count them all, I reached the 59 Rei's figures :o !
Considering that I started to buy them back in 2001 and only recently I got to know the joys and pains of online shopping, it's a nice booty.
FUN FACT! The Rei dressed as police officer in a black uniform is a wrong item! Actually I ordered the one with the blue uniform.
When I enquired FromJapan about it, well aware that it was an error of the shop and not theirs, they told me that to get money back I had to return the item at my expenses; but I didn't want my money back, I wanted the right figure XD So I suggested that I could send the wrong item at my expenses and the least that they could do was sending me the right item at their expenses: they said that they couldn't do that, that I had to pay also the the shipping of the right item-- OOOOOH GUYS. I just gave up and kept that horrible policeman in mourning clothes >_>;
I really believe that the guys from FromJapan have to think of something about such accidents, it's not as if we international buyers can be always the fools who have to pay for everything, even for other people's errors :/

Oh, well.

The other thing to show you is what I like to call my "Badass Shelf" x'DD
I'm satisfied by how I managed to fit all that shit there :D
This contains figures and gashapon from some of my favourite series-- WORST, Shigurui, Kakugo no Susume, Gundam... The last additions feature stuff from some other beloved series-- You can't spot them really well in the picture, but I got this complete collection of gashapon of Kamui Gaiden, these two action figures from the same franchise and this cute Alphas action figure from Zetman, a series that apparently I'm the only one who loves x'DDD

And well, that's all XD
Now I'm hopefully waiting for other stuff, but the most of them will arrive on December (LOL, Surface Mail x'D)... Hopefully I'll post again earlier than that, though x'D
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Hi guys!
Since I'm aware that the most of you who read this are not into my pitiful Facebook account, I'm posting this here too--
In these days I got quite busy with some room's reconstruction (it started as a "Dad, I'd like to remove this furniture and add some more shelves here!" and I found myself out of my room 'cause two days after some guys were painting the walls of a pale ocre [ok, I was the one who picked the colour, LOL, but still, IT WAS SUDDEN!]), and my room is still a WIP:
We commissioned a woodworker for a fancy wardrobe exploding in a thousand shelves, so as we wait for the job done, my poor books and comics are all squeezed into dusty boxes >_>;
I also got that brand new desk from IKEA, it's really pretty, but I already find it uncomfortable XD So, I'm still getting used to the new enviroment like some kind of wild beast... I hope that my room will be ready soon so I could start peeing around and make it a comfy home, LOL.

--Also, here's a bigger shot of my plushie shark! My friend Truhan suggested me to call it "Rin", but I'd go with "Mikoshiba-senpai" instead x'D The tag says that its name is "Blahaj", I guess it's the Svedish for "Shark", but I don't think that I can call it the sound of a grimace for ever x'D

Thus is explained the lack of recent updates, in case you cared!
As you can see, I'm already working to keep this shit updated. Please, appreciate my efforts.

Anyway, let's go to the juicy contents!
Time ago I bothered you with a possible "to-watch list" concerning the new anime season.
I'm sure that you'll be delighted to know that I'M WATCHING ALL THAT SHIT. I think that by the end of the season I may drop something, but here you go for now:

KILL LA KILL - score: 7 )
MEGANEBU! - score: 6 )
DIAMOND NO ACE - score: 6 )
PHI BRAIN: RATZEL-HEN - score: 6 )
KUROKO NO BASKET 2 - score: 7 )
YOWAMUSHI PEDAL - score: 8 )
GALILEI DONNA - score: ? )

...I think that this may be the first time that I actually watched so many anime in a season ò_o;

And what about you guys? Are you watching something cool this season..?
...Don't leave me alone in this uncomfortable room, LOL, I look forward to your responses ;_;
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Yesterday I got to meet a Teap (;_; *grabby hands*) for our fujoshi meeting and we decided to try some popular places to eat here in Rome!

The first one that we checked (after Teap's SHAMEFUL DELAY OF +2 HOURS. All the internet must know about this.) was Gelato Bistrò:
This was crazy :DDDD It's a place that focuses on ice-cream, of course, but they make all kind of weird tastes, like gorgonzola, mortadella and whatever!
I got an "Aperisushi" (a sushi aperitive, featuring maki sushi, some crudities and special ice creams to your pick from the dedicated tastes) with sesame, ginger and wasabi ice creams, and later on we had a salty crepes (zucchini, cheese and smoked ham!) with gorgonzola cheese ice cream!
It was quite crazy, but it tasted really good, expecially if you ate the ice cream with the various stuff!
--One weird thing, the girl serving us kept suggesting me things that she didn't like XD I got the wasabi and gorgonzola stuff 'cause she recommended them, then when we were talking she was all "Oh, I hate the taste so I never tried it!" and I was like "--UH?!" x'DDD
Then when I told her that I hate spicy flavours she told me to try HABANERO ICE CREAM. And I was like "Are you trying to kill me or what..?" and refused QUITE ENERGICALLY.

I'm sure you'd like pictures. So here you go :D

Since there was still some room left in our stomaches, we went to Fa Bio to try one of their veggie smoothies.

The place was insanely crowded (we had to wait over 15 minutes to get our thingies), there were ingredients missing (so they couldn't make their 'signature smoothies' for us) and the place is extremely tiny and uncomfortable.
I got a really weird smoothie with cucumber, fennel and grapefruit. It tasted like a weird salad XD
The guys who served us were quite kind and friendly, but couldn't give us any suggestion for our alternative smoothies-- If my smoothie tasted horribly it was my fault for picking such ingredients (that I like very much, singularly taken XD) but why nobody told me hat I was doing a terrible mix?!
The answer I got to my "What do you suggest?" was "Whatever you like ^_^" so it was kinda pointless XD If I go somewhere I'd like to deal with the creativity of the owners, otherwise I can eat home XD
...Yet, I don't feel like not recommending it yet! Next time I'll be around there, I'll try it again, and maybe try one of their first courses dish... Assuming that I'll manage to get there before they run out of ingredients >_>; ..!

After the lunch, me and Teap were up for a visit to the Botanical Garden, but the lack of buses and the need to translate our shit in a nice mood, made us go back to our little park by the train station where I STRONGLY ENCOURAGED a Teap to translate me a comic to make up for her tardiness in the morning ;D

Have a shot of Teap using the Japanese dictionary of her cellphone like a boss (= "Umphf, Dae, what is it, I can't find iiit ;_; !")∼

In case you're curious, it's this comic here. I'm planning to scanlate it, after all of Teap's efforts! Look forward to it, please!

Now, besides what will be of me without my Teap, the real question is... What's the point of habanero ice cream ;_; ..?
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FUCK YEAH, GUYS, tonight I went to the cinema to watch the Evangelion Night event, a marathon of Evangelion 1.0 and 2.0 in high definition and Italian language :D

Aaah, such an emotion T_T; !
I attended the event with some co-workers∼
It was really wonderful checking out the movies at a decent resolution, and dubbed, also if I wasn't ecstatic about it and if I guessed that 1.0 wasn't such a great thing, as anticipated (I refused to watch it when it was out subbed!)-- But again, what an emotion >o< !! The whole theatre was filled to the brim, and it was great commenting the scenes with my friends XD We even had a "post movie discussion" in the streets (LOL), where the husband of my co-worker kept bashing the OST XD He particularly hated Tsubasa wo Kudasai and kept saying "What the fuck with that song? It sounded like kids were singin' it! All while PEOPLE WAS DYING!" x'DDDDDDDD
--Well, I didn't like that song and scene either-- UGH, Shinji/Rei xQ°°°°

Anyway, it's late and I have to go to work in something like 4 hours, so have the rest of the pics:
--Look at people twitting frantically right after 1.0 was over x'DD

Me and co-workers (+ her husband) right after the movies :D
LOL, the cinema was practically closing down XDDD
--Also, I was trying to show off my plasters (you got the reference, right..?) and all I got was looking ninja-like >3>; !

And that's all-- I'm off to sleep!
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The last episode of Uchuten Kazoku gives an interesting subject of discussion over food, and its connections with "morality".

The pretext is given by Hotei, who has a fondness for tanuki, but at the same time can eat them in a hotpot with no remorse of any sort:

As an unrepentant carnivore, this is my exact feelings, and I can totally understand the words of Hotei here.
When I eat meat, I don't feel like some kind of lord who's just given what is due. I'm grateful to the animal who gave its life so to provide me with a delicious meal, and all I feel when I eat meat is joy and gratefulness.
I can't stand all those vegans and vegetarians who made of food a moral issue. It's ok if you don't like the taste, or if it's for dietary or health reasons, but "I love animals" is a reason that I can't accept. It feels hypocrital, arrogant and extremely untactful towards a creature like me who's just doing what nature tells them to do: to be an omnivore.
It's like those morons who dislike tigers, lions or sharks because they are predators. Like those who "cheer" for the gazelle when a jaguar is running after it to hunt it--

--Then, well, yeah, I guess that since we live in a world where there is all kind of delicious food available I could just eat something else and let living stuff to live, but--
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I was HORRIFIED by you guys' comments on my previous post.
To punish you adequately, here I am sharing my granma's recipes with you!

These are called 'saltimbocca'-- which can be translated as 'hopndamouth'... Can you guess why? )
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You have to know, the highest father/daughter moment that I share with my oldman is watching this TV show, Cucine da Incubo, which is nothing but the Italian version of Ramsay's Kitchen Nightmares... So, a few weeks ago, a restaurant of my city was featured, and finally we decided to give it a try yesterday evening.

Foto di Pizzeria Fiumicino Lo Zodiaco, Fiumicino
Source: http://www.tripadvisor.it/Restaurant_Review-g656615-d1749218-Reviews-Pizzeria_Fiumicino_Lo_Zodiaco-Fiumicino_Province_of_Rome_Lazio.html

We picked a "Sampling Menu" (featuring some of the dishes shown in the TV show), and we had something like 4 or 5 different kind of appetizers (including mussels sauté and salmon carpaccio-- two of my favourites!), two first courses (delicious squid ink gnocchetti!!!) and two second courses (a tiny fried paranza ♥) for 39 euros, beverages included. It's quite cheap for a fish-only menu, considering that it was quite filling despite the "sampling" formula--
So, yeah, we decided that we're going there again, this time trying their pizza, which just looked wonderful! (and Cannavacciuolo never complained about it XD)

Sure, I can't tell how "realistic" these kind of "reality shows" are, it's a bit weird for me to think the talking with a Chef may fix strained relationships in just a few days, but the food was indeed nice and worth a visit :D

--What about you guys? Have you ever visited a "reality"'s restaurant (I guess that only guys from the UK and USA can answer that D:) out of curiosity..? What about the results?

And now I'm off to work on those damn webcomics! --ADDIOS!
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So guys--! Yesterday was a busy day!
My friend Echo came to visit and I profitted to take her to a Vatican Museums/Sistine Chapel/St. Peter's basilica touristic combo!
It was extremely interesting and fun, and I was glad to have the chance to visit those places again! I went to the Vatican Museums when I was in middle school and don't remember much XD
--Sure such things are better appreciated when you're an adult!
Anyway, it was quite DEVASTING-- We entered the Museums at 11am and were done with it around 6pm ;_; We had lunch at the self-service restaurant in the museum (I had yummy spiedini with fries ♥ and a chocolate pudding as a dessert!), then went on to check the Pinacoteca and we headed to St. Peter's basilica (OMG, they closed EVERYTHING, walking around there is some kind of adventure on its own >_<#)-- We were done with our tour at 7pm ;3; We had delicious ice-cream at Old Bridge and then parted ways! Once home I was devasted XD I went to sleep without having dinner, I was sleepy anyway all the next morning, and when I got back home I slept from 2pm to 7 pm XDD

Fun fact: I was getting pissed because I couldn't find Moses at St Peter's so I went to complain to a guy there (as if such a huge statue could be moved away, LOL XD)-- And he reminded me that that statue was in St. Peter IN CHAINS, another church with a similar name ^_^; --LOL, I suck.

--I guess that you're expecting pictures, but this is the only one I took-- People taking pictures of the exit stairs ò_o I know they have a cool shape but-- Seriously, the STAIRS... I guess that once you start taking pictures in the Vatican Museums it's impossible to stop later on XD

Though, despite the interesting introduction, this post is about my current state of mind!
I always feel lazy and tired, and despite my mind being some kind of volcano filled with ideas and inspiration, I can't find the "strenght" to take care of these bunnies-- It's not about motivation or such issues, drawing comes quite natural to me, I never had to be "motivated" to draw-- It's just that... I feel so numb ;_; Is it because the season is changing..? I usually feel like this in spring or winter though, not on freakin' summer--
Well, I know it's a worthless issue, and maybe it doesn't mean anything and it's probably just some fatigue, but I find it so strange, it makes me feel uncomfortable... Maybe I'm growing duller and duller with age..? That moment when I grow tired of yaoi porn, collecting figures, anime and fanart is actually coming..?
I feel kinda ok with it, though.

...This is one of the most devasting thoughts I ever had.
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So, yesterday I went to check the Harley Davidson meeting here in Rome :3
I was lucky because the "headquarter" was in a close-by place here, Ostia. I went there yesterday with my father (on board of his BMW GT), we lolled, bought some shit and took tones of pictures ^_^

I uploaded everything here on my Facebook account :D
Everything is pretty much self-explanatory ^_^

I must admit that I'm not a huge fan of Harley Davidson motorcycles.
As I'm aware that for many persons that is THE motorcycle, I have different tastes in rides-- Yet, it was really cool to check it out! I love the world of motobikers, and it was lots of fun checking out the customization that everyone came up with to make their bikes unique ^_^
Besides, looking at the places that I'm familiar with OVERFLOWING with such huge and noisy bikes was a feast for the heart XD Some bikers were forced to come all the way to my tiny town too, since all the hotels by the headquarters were filled up. The B&B in front of my house hosted some of them (from North of Italy) and when I came home from work I always happened to meet this group of German bikers sharing part of my way home x'DD
...Today was their last day here, I already miss them all ;_;

Then, in the evening, we had dinner at a close-by restaurant with some of my parents' fellow motorbikers-- They are members of the BMW Motorrad Club, though XD --Besides my father, me and a few fanatics, nobody in the group was really amused to share half restaurant with Harleysts x'DDD

Again, here's a full-report of the stuff I delighted my tummy with on my food blog ;D

--And, well, now I'm off to watch anime XD
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So, how did you spend your 1st of May? In Italy it's all about food (as usual), and today I went with my father and his circle of motorbikers to a close-by place that delighted me to no end, Tagliata.
It's incredibly close to Fiumicino, and it's shocking HOW DIFFERENT it is from it! It's all about cute hills and green, it looks almost like a mountain place!
The place is adorable, it's an old borgo converted to agriturismo and it's just-- Just-- SO CUTE ;_; There's a little old church, lots of restaurants and it's even possible to sleep there...But here are some pics under the cut! )

I leave you with a pic of us getting trapped by random sheeps popping up on the street (and some cute lambs that magically survived Easter XD):
...It felt SOOO ITALIAN x'DD
--And a link to the website of the place, in case you're wondering about a nice place to eat once you land in Fiumicino ;D !

--And now I'm off to watch Bones on TV and relax ù_u/
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I feel as if I'd be an irresponsible to keep talking about Evangelion and Gundam while my country is experiencing one of its most WTF moments ever.
And I know that this post is going to be unpopular because you guys don't seem to care or understand a bit about politics but, let me answer, 'Nothing is wrong guys, it's all riiight here--' )

And that's my two cents on the issue.
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So, as I was telling you guys, I took part in this kind of "reality show" called A Mano Libera, dedicated to amatorial comic making, and today my interview was aired on TV... Go on for delusional ranting! )

I'll keep you updated on the next developments!
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--Well, guys, you know. Better late than never!

Yes, sometimes I go to conventions for socializing purposes too.
In this period, as you should know by now, I'm pretty hyped by Hiroshi Takahashi's mangas, so time ago I joined this Italian forum about the subject and-- I found some new friends ;_;
Unfortunately everyone is gloriously scattered all over the country, so it's extra difficult to meet T_T For this edition of the Romics some of them managed to come, though! The pic above shows the only ones of us who were dressed in a WORST theme XD Another girl was featuring an Adventure Time cosplay (everyone recognized her and we kept on being the obscure morons, LOL), two other members were dressed normally (it's weird that I have to specify this...) and there was a Teap, too XD !

Convention's overview )
My cosplay: Fujishiro Takumi (WORST) )
My purchases )

My experience in a comic-maker's reality show X'D (everything was so embarassing I wanted to disappear) )

--And that's all :D
See you later to talk about anime! 'Cause your overly busy Dae here managed to catch up with all the anime that she wantd to check on during this season!
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--Now I'm ready to take over Suzuran High, ahahahah x'D
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My friends, my new car, methane-fuelled, is finally home! (it was supposed to arrive on 3/4 of March >_>; ...)
Of course it's always a Panda. A Red Panda ù_u
Also, "EN" are the initials of my first name and surname! How cool is that, LOL XD


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