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Yesterday I skipped the daily report on gunpla, so today I'll just show you what I did yesterday, when I finally managed to buy all that fiiiiiiine sandpaper that I needed to fix the crap that I did the day before!
Can you tell the difference from the different grits of the sandpaper above? I couldn't XD ! But look at how amazing this stuff is *_* ... )

After I got the hang of it, yesterday night I procedeed at a slow but sure pace and managed to sand and fix the legs and the bust of the gunpla :3
Today I wanted to work on the head but since yesterday I got a cut on my thumb I couldn't work properly and I preferred to rest >_>; Tomorrow I'm gonna try to work on the other parts and try to finish the whole thing :D

I'll try to keep you updated, so look forward to it ^_^ !
Also if I know that you really won't, awwww x'D
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My friends, the fated day has come.

The day your Dae entered a new level of geekness and started to build her first gunpla.
A friend gave me these two lovely zakus ♥ to pay me for my services as comic artists for a collaboration. --They are Char and Garma' Custom Zaku nonetheless ♥ So now I can even pair them up in mobile suit version, ahahah x'D

They are pretty easy to build, they said, so there wouldn't be problems. THEY SAID. )
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Yeeeh, I'm finally here with my report on Ludica XD
I never visited this event, but the guys of the Gundam Italian Club told me about it and their attendance there, so I decided to join the fun :D

For the sake of credit, some of the pictures that I used on this post came from the websites of both the Gundam Italian Club and Gundam Dipendente. Make sure to check them out, expecially for the pictures of gunpla and such ^_^ !

Under the cut for your Dae dealing with her first gunpla, LEGO craziness behind The Wall, nazis, garibaldinos, gladiators and even FUCKING FURRIES--! )

Oh, well, and that's all :D
It's been an extremely fun day and I was really happy to have met all the people that I just knew online 'til then ^_^ I'll make sure to attend this convention again next year, now that I know about it ^o^ !
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Before I get dragged for hours into listening to old Italian OPs of anime from the 70s/80s, I must get myself together and post about this.

Finally I was told by the president of the Meganebu! who I, a casual user of glasses, am!

--It may be sadly true >_>;

more under the cut! )
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--Ok, I'm taking care of this, it's now or never x'D
I'M SO LATE WITH ALL MY PROJEEEECTS! My webcomics, the promised porn-- I'm also behind on my anime watchlist! And I've been out for just less than two days, LOL!

This year I attended the infamous Lucca Comics to meet with some friends, but fortunately I also managed to attend some events and mind my own business (XD)
It's been a convention filled with regrets, 'cause I did only less of half the things that I wanted to do--But let's go in order! )

I don't know if I'll manage to go again next year... I was lucky 'cause I got some days of vacation in that period and my parents were up for a Pisa tour and some nice food, so I could get a free ride there, otherwise it's such an expensive trip :/ I guess that for now I'll just stick to Romics and other events nearby T_T; ... One thing is sure: ONE DAY IS NOT ENOUGH. NEVER.
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Let's return to the good ol' traditions, here's the monthly chat about my paper-ish purchases on the manga world :3

Yesterday I went to my comic-shop and bought these thingies.
As Jojolion #2 was waiting me there since for ever, both Sidooh #21 and the Gundam -THE ORIGINS- databook #2 were just freshly delivered.

Under the cut for my unfiltered thoughts on sailors with beautiful hands, pretty Tokugawa samurai and dictators of good will! )

And that's all from the manga department for today!
See you again next month, 'cause the last volume of Mugen no Juunin will be released, FINALLY!
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I've been busy with commissions, then I got sick and my updates have been delayed D:
Now that I feel a little better, though, I decided to come and update this place with one of my usual EPIC POSTS about Gundam (Shut up! I'm not going to hear your complaining)!

Ok, so this time I'll review this very old manga series that I recently acquired, also if I'm missing a few volumes because I'm stupid like that, and I don't check when I buy bulk mangas on Ebay :/
Anyway, when I met the guys of GIC and we managed to have a proper otaku talk (also if I always feel like a misfits among other Gundam fans, since I don't care a bit about gunplas ._.), one of them suggested me to read Gundam 0079 by Kondo Kazuhisa and ignore Origins which is "full of shit". I asked why he thought so, I was delighted by Origins' flashbacks (as you know) and he started to talk about mecha/physic things and he lost me... Anyway, since your Dae here is a curious person by nature, here's a report about this "ultimate" manga version of the original Gundam anime :D
Under the cut for mecha delight, Zakus, the guys from Zeon, Kycilia's taste in clothes and-- Did I say Zakus already..? )

And that's all for this review!
I'll give you more M'Quve (I know you want it x'D) once I'll acquire the missing volumes about him, you can count on it XD
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--and declared it their new independent Principality!

I've been LUSTING after this set of gashapon even since I first saw it somewhere online-- Unfortunately I've always seen it sold-out everywhere or sporting unapproachable prices (the cheapest I found was something over 80 euros, to give you an idea), so when I spotted this on Amazon at a ridiculous price (around 40 dollars-- I kinda laughed my ass off x'D) I begged my commissioner extraordinaire and fellow Minoru&Baki's fan Truhan to get it for me, since I'm no Amazon user-- And it arrived this evening all right <3<3 !!

Under the cut for tons of pics and my UNSHAKABLE LOYALTY! )
Zeon is ready to get your ass∼!
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--Apparently nobody wished me luck last time, so I managed to write about the Gundam Bars of Nagoya only today D:
Please, go and enjoy my reports on Sieg Zeon and Quattro Vageena (sigh!) bars :D

Also, I should work on SameMuko update, but guess what? I'm going to take a shower and later I'll start working on my Nobunaga tribute *_* *inspiration*
--I'm thinking of turning my recent Nobunaga Tour experience into a whole website∼ And this time I won't ask you to wish me luck, since you suck at it XD
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--I'm a bit late today XD But at least, this time, I properly resized the pics :'D

Convention )
Cosplays )
Meetings )

My cosplay - Kycilia Zabi (Gundam -THE ORIGINS-) )

And that's all for today :D
Tomorrow will be the last day of the convention, the one with the most cosplayers because of Nagoya Cosplay Summit's selections, so expect a good number of cool pictures >0< !!
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#1 - Don't expect webcomics updates in a while. Right now I'm busy with cosplay and in the next days I'll be busy with the Dorian fanbook thingie. Before I settle with these projects, I can't really focus on webcomics!
I'll try to resume them as soon as I can though, so don't worry, I'm not going to drop them ^_^;

#2 - I went to watch Prometheus. I must be honest, I ENJOYED IT. )

#3 Summer Anime season ended!
The "cover" of this bit of post is dedicated to Gundam AGE (score: 8). It's a series that I really enjoyed, managed to keep me entertained, and I was glad to see that the last episode was not SO HORRIFYING compared to the previous one. Zera is alive ;_; ! Since we're not showed what happens right after the battle against La Gramis, I decided that io brought Zera-chin home and "trained" him to feelings. If you know what I mean >D
Now onto the other series :D
TSURITAMA - score:8 )
KUROKO NO BASKET - score:9 )
PHI BRAIN 2 - score:7 )

#4 And what about Fall Anime Season :DD ?
You can get the chart of the upcoming series here :D
As far as your Dae is concerned, I'm definitely going to follow Litchi de Hikari Club (also if I'm wary of the humorous format-- I mean, there are lots of idiots in the fandom already, not sure if we need more thanks to some 1-minute crack T_T;), Jojo's Bizarre Adventures (it was about time for a proper anime about Araki's epic!), Bakuman 3 (for the sake of completion XD) and Magi (I saw a lot of orn doujinshi around, I'm too lazy to check the manga, so I'll try to watch the anime for now!)... I'm also contemplating to give a chance to Psycho-Pass and K, they look like stuff that I may enjoy :3
What about you guys :D ?
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--Did you guys heard about "Scipio", the heat wave currently making your Dae agonizing (I like how tornados and storms have female names and heat waves male names x'DD)?
The hottest days are going to be wednersday and thursday-- How is it possible T_T; ? Is it really going to be HOTTER than NOW T_T; ..?
Today and yesterday I was about to pass out at work ;_;

This said, today I got my last Gundam t-shirt-- I promised pictures for Teap, and here they are :D
Under the cut for back and details ^^ )
--Of course, because of the weather, these cute t-shirts were happily folded and placed FAR AWAY FROM MY SKIN in the wardrobe already XD I tried them on for a few seconds to see if the size fit right and I was already sweating like a pig by the fire ;_;...
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How is it possible? How good can this series get ;o; ?!

Also, what about these cute "right hands" in love in Zezy :D ? I'm way too amused by all of this :D
Leil, please don't die as soon and as miserably as cute Dole ;_;

I'm still watching Saint Seiya Omega in a mix of awe and confusion.
Why is the new Leo Saint called Mycenae, too? It's the same name of the Sagittaruius Saint of the first series, it'd just lead to confusion ;_; --Anyway, I'm really amused by this new brand of "oyaji" Golden Saints :DDD Can't wait to meet Aries! I hope that he's Kiki ;o; !!! I long to see him all grown up and hot ;o; !!! And in the next episode Shun is going to get some surprise screentime, KYAAAAH ;o; !!!
Also, I think that Aria is cute. I usually hate this kind of "damsel in distress" female characters (see Athena), but she's just so unbelievably CUTE ;_; ...

..And now I'm off to see Aquarion =_=; I hope that they'll keep the genderswitched!Mixx thing 'til the end, at least I can still dream about some cute shota =_=

Oh, and I officially dropped both Sengoku Collection and Sengoku Paradise Kiwami.
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After a few flops, I finally managed with a nice composition for my tribute to Kycilia from the Gundam - The Origins manga!
Words can't tell how much I love this character T_T !!

I'd love to cosplay her but I can't decide which version of her costumes I like the most >_>;
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Excuse me as I'm busy fapping.

Also, my tablet decided to die randomly (and I was too inspired to try to restart the PC-- I hope it'll be enough to fix it ;_; !), so I had to color the pic above with my mouse T_T; --It reminded me of the old times when I did that when I first approached CG colouring ;o; ..! Nostalgy helped me ignoring my hand feeling dangerously stiff XD
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As I told you here and there, sometimes I buy wigs.
I buy them for cosplay purposes, of course, cosplays that I promptly procrastinate XD
In these days I wondered a bit about some of them, and took some fail pictures for the sake of possible cosplays--

Char )
Itachi )

...Still, I wonder why I stuck to the "younger" versions of these characters despite my age.
I'm being delusional here, LOL XD

(Also, unfortunately the cosplay that I'd like to prepare for the upcoming Romics has nothing to do with these, LOL XD)
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Seriously, how pitiful is Riddhe? The poor guy, I'd like to save him in my mind but he's just-- SO STUPID ;_; Banagher looks finally cool enough to pilot a Gundam-- And it should be because of the cool character design but I find Bright Noa kinda-- hot x'D
--I really hope that Marida and Zinnerman will be happy together for ever T_T;; During Marida's rescue I was all "PLEASE, ANYBODY, DON'T DIEEEE ToT !!!" ;_; !!
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So, today I helped m mother with food shopping, driving her to the closest supermarket.
While I was there I decided to buy some smartass Belgian chocolate: it struck me because of the coffee and tea aromatizations :D
--Unfortunately my mom was faster with her mouth than your Dae with her camera, so before I took a picture, she was already munching it-- DAMN, MUM XD !!! IT WAS EVEN BEFORE WE HAD LUNCH!!!
I posted more pictures of the content on my food blog :D And just so that you know, I liked the tea+darkchoco combo the most, but just because it was dark chocolate, I guess XD
Fun fact, the website of this chocolate brand goes on on how their products can be found only in "gourmet" shops of delicacies-- I bought these in my town's half-assed supermarket, LOL. THAT'S HOW "GOURMET" WE ITALIANS ARE x'D

Also, since it's my righteous day off I should work on my comics projects, shouldn't I? Well, I'm not XD
I'm drawing more Gundam porn, instead *_*
After Garma, it's time for Char and Johnny to show off their weenies.
I really like Johnny <3 It's a pity that he was born only to back up more random gunpla's production... But at least he contributed to give Kycilia some proper romance!


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