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My to-watch list is still missing the first OVA of Shingeki no Kyojin: Kuinaki Sentaku, but 'til the "official" releases would be out I guess that there's a very little chance to see them subbed soon :/
So I'm about to talk about the first episodes of the anime that I just watched! )

Also, yesterday I went to see the last movie of Saint Seiya, Legend of Sanctuary!
To be honest, I wasn't really looking forward to it-- )

Also, I want to say that I'm doing my homeworks: I decided to retrieve all the stuff that I dropped and ignored and watch all the Gundam series that my otaku curriculum is lacking-- Right now I'm marathoning through Gundam Wing-- Wish me luck!
Stupid, stupid Sechs!!
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--I was supposed to go to sleep, but since tomorrow I have a day off I decided to squeeze some connection from my PC and watch the last episode of Yowamushi Pedal... What can I say!
Everyone is showing their slimy tongue!!! They look like yokai T^T;
Still, I love everyone <3 <3 !!

This said, what about your upcoming to-watch list for the Winter anime season? Apparently it's the season of the "second series" ^_^; ! But I'm not complaining, I was looking forward to some of them∼
Giving a try to both Koufuku Graffiti (I hope it's not too moe and too ecchi, 'cause I really like the idea of an anime about cooking!) and Yoru no Yatterman, if just out of nostalgy XD !
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Some of my favourite series are ending up, it means that the new anime season is upcoming!

Always according to AniChart (which isn't very reliable, but at least it's quite practical), here's my To-Watch List for this autumn (or "Fall"..? I wonder which is the better word in English XD):

--The only series that I'm really eager to watch is Yowamushi Pedal.

I enjoyed the Terra Formars OVA, so I look forward to it too.
The new series of Fate/Stay Night should be a retelling of the first series, following the storyline of the movie... I'm not expecting great things, but I love Rin and Archer, so it's ok to watch more XD
I'm still wary of the two Gundam series. It's really weird for Sunrise to release two different series at the same time.
A new series of Mushishi is always a good thing, not sure about Psycho-Pass: I really liked the first series, so I'd be troubled if this sequel would suck :/
Also, Donten ni Warau looks like a stupid series too XD but I'll give it a try for the sake of bishounen brothers.
I'm also extremely intrigued by Garoo, I remember the TV series and it looked cool, I'm not sure if it's the same thing, though D: ...I'm a bit troubled by the charadesign and the plot of the story--

Speaking of this Summer season, I'm still waiting for the last episodes of some series, but my favourites have been (in order of awesomeness) Aldnoah.Zero, for its lovely mecha thingie without anything given for granted (the end was PURE GENIUS), Barakamon, 'cause it's fun and heartwarming, and Tokyo Ghoul, for the creepy factor with style: the last episode was terrible to watch, though, and completely unsatisfying... I hope that a second season is about to come :/ !
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It's a figure post, today!
To be honest it's a while since I bought anything new, more than showing you this post is about my current collection and some shopping wishes.

In the last days I finally managed to get to work on my Detolf showcase and add extra shelves to it for my collection-- )

...Speaking of my Rei Collection, I finally managed to put together the homonymous page on my website!
I'm really satisfied by the work, I even tried to use the proper "titles" and nomenclature for the various figures, their editions and variants.

I hope that fellow collectors may find it useful.

--And that no-fellow collectors won't find it excessively creepy x'DD

As I investigated my figures and tried to classify them properly, I couldn't help but stumbling on other cuties that I need for my collection ;_;
This is the 'sorrowful' part of being a collector, since as your collection grows up, you need to get further things and rarer things-- )

Oh, and it's all for today!
Now I'm going to watch some anime and procrastinate the updates of my other blogs ;D !

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--And I'm finally here to bother you with my first impressions of the anime that I tucked on my watchlist for this season!
Sorry for the late delivery but the subs of Nobunaga Concerto took forever to come out... --ANYWAY!

TOKYO GHOUL - temporary score: 8 )
FREE! ETERNAL SUMMER - temporary score: 8 )
SAILOR MOON CRYSTAL - temporary score: 8 )
SHOUNEN HOLLYWOOD: HOLLY STAGE FOR 49 - temporary score: 7 )
KUROSHITSUJI: BOOK OF CIRCUS - temporary score: 6 )
DRAMATICAL MURDER - temporary score: 5 )
BARAKAMON - temporary score: 8 )
YAMISHIBAI 2 - temporary score: 8 )
ZANKYOU NO TERROR - [dropped] )
NOBUNAGA CONCERTO - temporary score: 7 )

I also peeked at Love Stage!!, which was lovely. I read the manga back then, so I know the story, and I can't stand the design, so I'm not following it, but if someone is looking for some BL rec I suggest you to give it a try, it's very fun, cute and heart-warming ^_^ ! --Assuming that you're ok with an otaku with the face of Izumi.

--And now I'm going to get ready for the sea.
I need to get some suntan to hide the "white parts" left by the uniform. --I hate working on summer, guarding stupid aircrafts under the scorching sun =_=
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--Just a little post to update you guys on my whereabouts XD

First of all, you have to know that I'm experiencing some troubles with the internet... I think that I got some virus on my PC, as the connection of my father is fine D: But I'm not in the mood to have my PC checked, so, in these days, I just focused less on my internet and more on my real life: reading, watching TV, going outside for a walk-- I must say that I'm fine with this turn of events, even if watching anime oin streaming in such a condition can get really frustrating Dx !

The bigger cause for my net inactivity is, paradoxally, my Rome's blog:

Going around to check the places and visit them sure is time consuming and tiring, and once I'm home I'm happy, but tired XD

I'm also spending more time watching TV, entertaining myself with some documentaries of sort :D
Besides the artistic ones (Rai5 for ever!) and the naturalistic ones (Wild Things with Dominic Monaghan! KYAAAAH ♥ !!), I like that stuff featuring millionaire things-- For example, Million Dollar Rooms-- Everyone tells me that I should quit with such things, but they are so interesting ;_; --I want an aquapark in my garden, too T^T !!

On the anime front, here's what I'm going to watch this season:
I'm expecially looking forward to Barakamon and Nobunaga Concerto.
I'm going to give a try to bishounen stuff like DRAMAtical Murder and Shounen Hollywood... As I'm relatively reassured with DRAMAtical (Nitroplus ♥ ) I'm still doubtful about Hollywood... I won't tollerate any "otome shit" here :/ --But for now I'm quite reassured by a "male only" cast.
I'm also looking forward to the second season of Yami shibai, after I marathoned the first season yesterday and managed to get to sleep filled with terror T_T; ... Maybe it's the same as with those million dollar rooms XD I should quit that--!
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--It took me for ever, but I finally managed to watch all the anime on my list, and here are the long-waited "First Impressions"!

But first let me say that Nobunaga the Fool is getting really stupid.
I can't take it-- )

Well, let me focus on the new stuff, now, that is better--

BREAK BLADE (vote: 6) )
HAIKYUU!! (vote: 8) )
JOJO's BIZARRE ADVENTURES: Stardust Crusaders (vote: 8) )
M3: Sono Kuroki Hagane (vote: 7) )
PING PONG: The Animation (vote: 7) )
SIDONIA NO KISHI (vote: 8) )

And, well, that's all, I guess.
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If there's a character that I can't stand in the whole series is Akashi. )

All in all I don't agree on the general lack of love that the members of Seirin get, but at least this time I don't have to see Murasakibara's shitty face XD

My very personal Top3:
1. Kuroko - Because of how he never gave up
2. Kagami - Because he's the most receptive to Kuroko's good vibes, and the last to get discouraged.
3. Izuki - He's *still* a failure like Kiyoshi and Hyuga (that i still love, expecially together, expecially in a sweaty position!) in the last match, but I love how he managed to react out of sheer instinct.

..And now I'm off to read the new chapter XD
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This interesting website was brought to my attention by fellow Nobulover Babi... There I found this questionnaire that the lovely Teap translated to me from Japanese and I translated it into English for your joy∼
Still, my English is pretty rough, so if you find errors or sentences that made no sense feel free to tell me in the comments and I'll fix them immediately!

Oh, speaking of "lost in translation", the original questionnaire uses old-fashioned Japanese to give it a "samurai vibe", but I can't really render that in English without sounding ridiculous or incomprehensible-- So I just used simple, modern English.

--I encourage all the Nobufans out here to share and answer ^o^/ !!

01. What is your nickname? Daeva
02. How old are you? Err...
03. Are you a man or a girl? A lovely girl, of course∼
04. Where are you from? Italy∼
05. What's your occupation? Security agent at FCO! ('til it lasts, LOL)
06. Since how long you're a supporter of Lord Nobunaga..? )

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Here I am for our regular meeting about the upcoming Spring anime season!

It looks like it'll be a season with many interesting new titles!
As usual, you can spot all of them here :3

First of all, I can tell you that I'm going to follow Haikyuu! (01APR) (I can't believe that it's already getting an anime, so good *_* !!) and this Abarenbou Kishi!! Matsutarou (06APR)-- It's an anime about sumo!!! I HAVE TO WATCH IT!!! The world of sumo wrestling is so interesting and mysterious! I wanna know more *_* !! --I just hope that this series will get subbed XD
I think that these two will be the sport series that I'll follow, also if I confess you that I'm quite keen on following Ping Pong (30APR) too..! I'll probably check the first episode out anyway!

The next title that I'm pretty positive to follow will be glorious third season of JoJo (04APR) *___* !!!
Me and my Jojo-friends were really looking forward to it *_* What a Jojoyous event!!
Ok, you can punch me after this, LOL

Speaking of further anime genres, you know that I can't live without my mecha fix.
For this season I'm going to pick Break Blade (30APR), which is going to be my main series for this season:

I'm in love with the mecha design and the animation, I can't wait to watch it!
I also got to know that this series was already animated in movie format! I didn't know about it, but I'm glad that I didn't watch them, hopefully I could enjoy it the better ^_^

Another mecha series that intrigues me is M3 (30APR), which website is still covered in darkness.
I was checking out the staff working there to get an idea of what's going to offer, I noticed that the director took care of the storyboards of Evangelion 2.0, Z Gundam and the glorious Gundam 0080 - War in the Pocket, but I also noticed that he's the original creator of Tamayura and another load of moe crap so I wanna take it as a good omen...

Another must-watch is the new season of Mushishi (01MAY)! Gotta love your bug exorcist ♥ XD
I'm also intrigued by Sidonia no Kishi (TBA) (LOL MUSE), but I'm afraid of Nihei-- He's such a popular mangaka, as popular as his series are BORING TO HELL.
I'll probably give a peek at the first episode, if it's not a mute anime I'll gladly give it a try.

Also, did you hear the news about Sailor Moon anime?
It's confirmed that it'll be a full-fledged TV series, it'll air on July and it's going to recover the original first series!
On the official website you can spot an artwork featuring "the new" character design, and I love how faithful to the manga it is :D !!
It's going to be a beautiful series, and I like the idea of seeing the manga version on screen, I remember it being much more mature and intriguing than the anime's!

And so, this is what I'm going to watch-- What about you ^_^ ?
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OMG! I can finally share a review on my last purchase, an awesome Oda Nobunaga 1/6 figure *_*
You can read about it on my MFC account ^^

I'll talk more about it tomorrow, I've more to say but I have to go to bed in I wanna wake up at 6 am tomorrow morning for work XD !
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I wanted to post this yesterday but first I wanted to check on the BushiRoad movie... It's not worth a review 'cause I didn't watch it 'til the end 'cause it got me bored at some point, but my overall impression is positive. This season anime producers sure liked to jump on the bandwagon of Samurai+Robots-- Ah, robots... I couldn't even update you guys on the development of my gunpla...

..Can't you XD ?
So this time I'll review the new animes on my watchlist, but I won't express a vote in numbers, I'll use Japanese emoticons, instead!

SPACE DANDY - score: (*´・v・) )
HOOZUKI NO REITETSU - score: ^(#`∀´)_Ψ )
NOBUNAGA THE FOOL - score: ヽ(*≧ω≦)ノ )
NOBUNAGUN - score: (*°∀°)=3 )
HAMATORA - score: ヽ(  ̄д ̄;)ノ )
STRANGE+ - score: ( ̄へ ̄) )
GIN TO SAJI 2 - score: (✿ ♥‿♥) )

So, what about you :3 ?
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I finally got my Kakugo Pack from Japan!
Here's a report on my MFC's blog as I let Harara-sama unwrap it!
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Oh Good Lord, I can't stand all the mess in my house =_=
I'm constantly called by my parents to help with assembling beds, checking on shelves, giving directions to plant nails-- It's really stupid tasks, but I can't find a minute to work on my projects, my tempo gets broken constantly--!

Anyway, here I am to discuss about the anime scheduled for this Winter season... I was planning to do it waaaay earlier, but my schedule is all messed up because of the reconstruction. I'm sure that you couldn't care less, but I needed to rant, so bear with me XD

Anyway, profitting of this pretty brand new website, here's what I'm planning to watch:

SPACE DANDY (16JAN) - Looks like something fun that I can watch lightheartedly. I hope that it'd be more like Kill la Kill rather than like Cowboy Beebop--
GIN TO SAJI 2 (31JAN) - I watched the first season and LOVED IT, so it's my duty to keep myself informed on the joys of good food making XD
HOOZUKI NO REITETSU (31JAN) - I tried to read the manga back then, since I'm a fan of yokai and Japanese folklore, but it was a bit difficult to follow-- The art of the animation looks amazing, and I'm really curious to hear their voices ^_^ !
NOBUNAGA THE FOOL (31JAN) - It's a series that me and Babi are anticipanting FURIOUSLY XD As she's gone to lalaland already, I'm still wary about it-- But the mix of mecha and Nobu shouldn't fail me!
STRANGE+ (??JAN) - Another series that looks very fun and entertaining! Reading the description gave me an Uchouten Kazoku vibe, I'm sure that I would enjoy this too :3
HAMATORA (01JAN) - It gave me a K and Durarara! vibe, so it may be an entertaining watch... I'm not in the mood for such series in this period, but it looks intriguing enough to give it a chance.
NOBUNAGUN (05JAN) - Another bait for Nobunaga's fans XD I'll give it a peek out of duty, the plot sounds similar to Hagane (by Masaomi Kanzaki) that didn't amazed me, but still managed to be interesting... We'll see.
I'm also keeping an eye on movies and OVA.
I'm anticipating TIGER & BUNNY LIKE HELL, but I'm also intrigued by Buddha-- I can't find the first movie around though, so meh.
Obviously Shingeki no Kyojin OVA is a must too, as are the other various specials that are expected to be out this season (Natsume no Yuujinchou and Mushishi to name a few)-- I just hope that this stuff will be released and subbed promptly, 'cause the RAWs of such media are usually difficult to get unless someone buys the original DVD/BRs first... And we all know that Pirates are not keen on buying stuff in the first place ^_^;
I also spy that the long-waited Sailor Moon remake is doomed to be a mere ONA and not a proper TV series :/

It looks like a puny list, expecially since the most of my anime are doomed to be aired on the same day, but consider that I'll still be watching other series for this season-- Specifically, Gundam Build Fighters, Phi Brain 3, Kill la Kill, Kuroko no Basket 2, Samurai Flamenco and Yowamushi Pedal... UGH.

What about you guys? What are you going to watch to keep yourself warm on winter :D ?
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Yeeeh, I'm finally here with my report on Ludica XD
I never visited this event, but the guys of the Gundam Italian Club told me about it and their attendance there, so I decided to join the fun :D

For the sake of credit, some of the pictures that I used on this post came from the websites of both the Gundam Italian Club and Gundam Dipendente. Make sure to check them out, expecially for the pictures of gunpla and such ^_^ !

Under the cut for your Dae dealing with her first gunpla, LEGO craziness behind The Wall, nazis, garibaldinos, gladiators and even FUCKING FURRIES--! )

Oh, well, and that's all :D
It's been an extremely fun day and I was really happy to have met all the people that I just knew online 'til then ^_^ I'll make sure to attend this convention again next year, now that I know about it ^o^ !
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I got quite busy in these days because of Ludica and my cosplay for the event (look forward to a proper report in the next hours), so I skipped on my otaku duties... But here I am, for my monthly discussion of the Italian releases on the manga that I buy <3

This month I bought a lot of back issues. The most relevant purchase is the first numbers of Bakuon Retto ("Detonation Island" in Italy), published and completed since forever but that I got to know only recently because of friends.
A back issue is also the first volume of TIGER & BUNNY comic anthologies.
Then it's Jojolion (it's finally becoming a monthly release? Oh, my!) and the last volume (THANK GOD T_T !!) of Mugen no Juunin ("L'Immortale" in Italy, "The Blade of the Immortal" in the USA).

Under the cut for bratty delinquents, immortal samurai with no jobs, underappreciated heroes and lots of random gayness. )

And that's all for this month ^0^//
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Another interesting post by your Dae-- So many posts in a few days, I'm surprised by so much activity, considering how lethargic I am for every other issue of my life XD

Anyway, I wanna profit of my recent updates of Tra i Fiori to talk about an issue that really intrigues me in these days, Japanese weaponry.

While drawing Kouyo and Mizume pumping out their "fighting spirit", I decided to go with a traditional rendition of samurai warriors.
Avoiding the popular opinion, though, I decided to portray them wielding polearms instead of the more "common" katana. This is why. )
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--These two series have lots of similar bits.
I was trying to not post about it, but then-- Why not? It's fun how every blogger is talking about Go Nagai's humor when all of it was already digested by Yamaguchi waaaay earlier!

Under the cut for scenes, characters and details! )

--And this is all for now :P
If I'll find further similarities, I'll make sure to bother you all with these unpopular fandoms of mine∼

...But what I'm saying. I'll do it anyway XD !
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Let's return to the good ol' traditions, here's the monthly chat about my paper-ish purchases on the manga world :3

Yesterday I went to my comic-shop and bought these thingies.
As Jojolion #2 was waiting me there since for ever, both Sidooh #21 and the Gundam -THE ORIGINS- databook #2 were just freshly delivered.

Under the cut for my unfiltered thoughts on sailors with beautiful hands, pretty Tokugawa samurai and dictators of good will! )

And that's all from the manga department for today!
See you again next month, 'cause the last volume of Mugen no Juunin will be released, FINALLY!
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--I'm sickly ;_; I don't wanna go back to work on monday ;_; *sneezes*

Anyway, since I'm very bored but also very weak and such, and I have no motivation EVER to work on something productive, today I finally decided to update my showcase with some stuff that I got in the last months and left there in their boxes 'cause my room was (is!) still a mess and didn't want to deal with it.

First of all, my Rei Ayanami collection, the very heart of my collection:
I finally managed to count them all, I reached the 59 Rei's figures :o !
Considering that I started to buy them back in 2001 and only recently I got to know the joys and pains of online shopping, it's a nice booty.
FUN FACT! The Rei dressed as police officer in a black uniform is a wrong item! Actually I ordered the one with the blue uniform.
When I enquired FromJapan about it, well aware that it was an error of the shop and not theirs, they told me that to get money back I had to return the item at my expenses; but I didn't want my money back, I wanted the right figure XD So I suggested that I could send the wrong item at my expenses and the least that they could do was sending me the right item at their expenses: they said that they couldn't do that, that I had to pay also the the shipping of the right item-- OOOOOH GUYS. I just gave up and kept that horrible policeman in mourning clothes >_>;
I really believe that the guys from FromJapan have to think of something about such accidents, it's not as if we international buyers can be always the fools who have to pay for everything, even for other people's errors :/

Oh, well.

The other thing to show you is what I like to call my "Badass Shelf" x'DD
I'm satisfied by how I managed to fit all that shit there :D
This contains figures and gashapon from some of my favourite series-- WORST, Shigurui, Kakugo no Susume, Gundam... The last additions feature stuff from some other beloved series-- You can't spot them really well in the picture, but I got this complete collection of gashapon of Kamui Gaiden, these two action figures from the same franchise and this cute Alphas action figure from Zetman, a series that apparently I'm the only one who loves x'DDD

And well, that's all XD
Now I'm hopefully waiting for other stuff, but the most of them will arrive on December (LOL, Surface Mail x'D)... Hopefully I'll post again earlier than that, though x'D


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