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A few days ago I went with my parents on a short trip to Sicily (reports coming as soon as I find the mental strenght to go through all the pictures that I took x'D), and when I got back I had a ton of anime to catch up with OTL
As I'm taking care of some of them right now, I can't help to notice that all my favourite boys are crying D': !!!
Also, I'm doomed to love the "green" characters or what XD ? It's since the times of Sailor Moon, with Makoto being my favourite!
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So, today I finally managed to read the last chapter of Naruto...
...Or not? )

What about you guys? What are your first, uncut impressions?!
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--It took me for ever, but I finally managed to watch all the anime on my list, and here are the long-waited "First Impressions"!

But first let me say that Nobunaga the Fool is getting really stupid.
I can't take it-- )

Well, let me focus on the new stuff, now, that is better--

BREAK BLADE (vote: 6) )
HAIKYUU!! (vote: 8) )
JOJO's BIZARRE ADVENTURES: Stardust Crusaders (vote: 8) )
M3: Sono Kuroki Hagane (vote: 7) )
PING PONG: The Animation (vote: 7) )
SIDONIA NO KISHI (vote: 8) )

And, well, that's all, I guess.
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I'm making this post to let you know about a thing that perplexes me about some of my favourite doujinka!
There are many ways to make a loyal supporter of a circle sad: switching OTP, switching fandom... but when they start to do this, I'm not really sure about what to think-- )

I mean, I can understand that one loves and draws whatever they like, and maybe I'm the one who's seeing too much behind this, but does it make sense to support a pairing only because it LOOKS like one of your favourites..?
Does it ever happen to you, to find such similarities in your OTPs? Share your thoughts and distract me from the fact that I'll never read Reiji/Sugata again from Poca-chan T_T; ..!
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--These titles are sounding weirder and weirder...

Yesterday the first episode of Silver Spoon was aired, so I officially finished checking my "to-watch" list for this season (to be honest, I'm still missing Gatchaman Crowds, but I kinda get the refrain, and I don't think that I'm going to watch it after all--) :D Here are my first impressions of the series that I just watched with a few considerations (expecially about Free! which everyone is already so obsessed over XD)!

KINGDOM 2 - score: 8 )
FREE! - score: 7 )
UCHOUTEN KAZOKU - score: 7 )
GIN NO SAJI - score: 9 )

Also, on a different note, I saw that yaoi!Gallery is down since a few days... I'm going to post my yaoi stuff over HentaiFoundry (R18!!!!!!!), then. Today is my day off and I was considering to produce something naughty besides working on the webcomics updates (that I decided that I'll update when I'll be in the mood for it =_=;)-- I'll upload my porn there, then, and on pixiv, as usual.
I'll have to deal with all those terrible porn sponsoring (and so you will!) but that's it T_T;

...And that's all for now :D
Uh... Maybe should I spend a few words on the Spring 2013 Anime Season that just concluded, too..?
--Ok, here I go! )

..And that's all for real, now XD
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Japan-- Someday will you stop throwing useless popular idols in movies that DON'T REALLY REQUIRE THEM?!
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Prima di tutto, ci tengo a dirvi che ho riesumato il mio blog in italico idioma. Se siete in vena di lagne infinite e recensioni saccenti, sentitevi liberi di dargli un'occhiata :D

This said, I must say that this new year didn't start with a BANG as I hoped, but it's just letting the infausto 2012 crawling over here in all its pitiful ennui.
I'm still hopeful for the many projects that I planned before the end of the previous year, and today I started to poke at some of them. I don't ask you to wish me for good luck 'cause you don't, and when you do, obviously it doesn't work as it should.

Anyway, while waiting for creative updates of sort, here I am to bore you with the recent events of the new year ;D
All of this as I keep trying to give myself a schedule of sort!

Besides the cute greeting of my herpes, I managed to read most of my tiny "Aesthetical Collection", a mini-library of sort sprouted from Dorian Gray and happily degenerating to Lord Reginald for the sake of devilish prettiness, the one I like the most!
Besides those you see in the pic, I'm also trying to read Marius the Epicurean (I confess you that I'm having some serious troubles reading it in English T_T;) and I'm keeping cute The Green Carnation warm on my netbook --I managed to find these two e-books on Project Gutenberg for the joy of my pocket.
If you care about other Victorian books, included those mentioned here, you can give them a free read over Victorian Prose, which includes some interesting essays of Pater, Wilde and others.
Speaking of Wilde and his essays, I suggest you to give a peek here too, and if you're looking for a proper review/summary of The Picture of Dorian Gray: an Annotated, Uncensored Version, you can check this article.

All pumped up by the reading, I tried to start some discussions over the concept of beauty over Tra i Fiori (Mizume's thoughts are a mere regurgitation of Pater's, with a touch of Japanese fatalism) but I failed miserably.
I-- I guess that people have somehow a warped concept of Beauty and Aestheticism nowadays. I would like to get something more than stuff like "Mizume´s opinion of beauty for me was so "silly" that I didn´t undestand it :D", though ;_;

Speaking of more modern and more popular quests, last month I finally managed to watch all of Downton Abbey available!
I'm really enjoying it and I look forward to the new series, but I can't help to see some bothering stereotypes that don't seem to allow a proper character's development. I'm mostly referring to Edith, in case you're wondering. I like what's happening with O'Brien, instead.
And my favourite character is always Violet and will always be x'D My least favourite character is John, that damn puppet!
I don't see why everyone is bashing on Lord Grantham, I mean, for the time he's quite open-minded and kind of heart, after all :/ !
Also, I hope that (nice) people would stop dying ;_; --And as much as I'd like to ship Thomas and Jimmy-- No, I don't wanna suffer again as I did for Thomas/Edward T_T; !!

On the anime/manga front, I'm really glad that Haikyuu! is getting scanlated more regularly! To celebrate the releases, I finally changed my desktop wallpaper ♥
--Those cute boys ;_;

--And now I'm off to watch some Dexter! Instead of wasting time with my friends/co-workers' useless suggestions (see Suits) on tv series I could go and finish watching what I know I like >_>; ! Isn't it a nice New Year Resolution..?
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--Talking about resolving a character JUST KILL HIM OFF THREE PANELS LATER D:
I really hope that Sasuke, Orochi and Suigetsu will come back with some miraculous potion that will bring back the dead 'cause I'm really bothered by the recent events in Naruto D:
I don't want Naruto to end up with Hinata, FFS, I want her with Neji, bringing happiness to their clan T_T; !!

Also, Obito/Madara FTW x'D
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Sorry for the monotony of my recent posts, but yesterday I finally managed to watch Dorian Gray (2009) movie and I felt the need to write my disappointment here.
As I thought, the movie was terrible. I think that the meaning of the whole book was destroyed, and that the scriptwriters did their best to turn a subtly symbolic novel into the cheap misadventures of some commoners....

If "art mirrors the spectator", as Wilde says in his preface to the 1891 edition of the book, this part where the director suggested the portrait's tears for Dorian's conduct was definitely the best part of the movie.

Since discussing the main themes of the book would be too tedious and probably too difficult for me to express in English, I'll take it easy and focus on each character to show you how they were senselessly raped by a horrifying script... )

All in all, one could sum this movie with a sarcastic "Leave that poor painting alone".
It's the only honest thing in the whole book!
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--I had to take this out of my system XD

It pities me that the most of anime bloggers dropped this series at the first episodes.
Yes, I found Flit's enthusiasm about war a bit disturbing too. I thought that the AGE system was horrifying XD --But I kept watching, and it got better and better.
I think that this is the first Gundam series where one of the protagonists is not a newtype (or "X-rounder", to use AGE's terminology) and I liked how the plot dealt with it.

Then one has to realize that this anime is always about self-confidence, the thin difference between evil and good, and how the worst enemy of mankind is mankind itself but-- Maybe people like to ignore the fact that difficult things can be said also in a simple way but this doesn't make them "stupid" by default..?
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So, KA-BLAM doesn't print doujinshi anymore.
They said that I need a written permission from the owning company/original creator to do so.

I'm screwed.

I don't wanna use SIPS again and pay all that moneyyyyy T_T;;; ! *cries a river*
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Ugh, these fillers episodes are really stupid. It'd be nice if they'd flow without leaving this huge "I COMPLETELY WASTED 20 MINUTES OF MY LIFE" feeling in my heart ._.

I mean, not that Beelzebub is such a philosophical or intense series, but there should be a limit to the stupidity/lack of a plot or proper dialogue!
The most awesome moment was the random apparition of Hasui, the butler-guy of Himekawa.
I'm happy about the random BL vibes XD
--But unfortunately before that I had to stand some crap where a random-female-teacher-Misako had to confess her feelings to Saotome-sensei =_= Just... Why T_T; ..?

Apparently, more jokes about pretty!Himekawa are coming in the next episode =_=
Why don't they give us more fillers about the Six Knights, instead..? I'd like that! EVEN IF THERE'S THE RISK OF KANAME/SHIZUKA!
It'd be more acceptable than Saotome/Random-Teacher anyway!!!
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So, apparently all the Naruto fans are in awe because Naruto managed to get to Kurama's heart via UZUMANITY.
Don't know, I'd like to see that animated, but personally I'd prefer to see more on ITACHI AND SASUKE WHEREABOUTS x'D

This said, these days I watched further anime stuff, so I'm here to righteously update you!
Ai no Kusabi, Aquarion Evol and Blood+ under the cut! )
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Since in these days I just got sick (BOOOOH for FLU ;_; I got THREE HERPES ON MY LIPS BECAUSE OF THE HIGH FEVER! THREE!!!!) and the only thing that I could do was watching Gundam :/
This way I profitted to finish Gundam ZZ, watch F19 movie (not sure if I have to review this..? It was nice, but kinda auto-referential so-- D:) and start Gundam Victory. Watching Gundam Victory feels like watching Heidi, LOL.

Anyway, under the cut for ZZ discussion! )

So, yeah.
While I was looking for "retard Kamille" pictures, I got to find this post filled with DELICIOUS JUDAU/KAMILLE DOUJINSHI and I kinda CAME!!!! but then I noticed that all the links where dead and, aww, that hurt ;_; A LOT T_T;
--Yes, I'm just sharing my pain with you XD
When I'll go to Japan again I swear that I'll search for Gundam yaoi porn AS IF MY LIFE DEPENDS ON IT o__o
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Ok, ok, in the next post I'll talk about something else but Gundam, ok D: ?

So, in the end I cheated, and watched Char's Counterattack before completing the whole ZZ Gundam crap. Oh, seriously, do I HAVE TO watch it ;_; ..? I'm still at episode 7 and I'm already sick of its stupid humor T_T; Anyone who watched it can tell me if it gets better? I'd like to watch it because of Haman, but I don't think that I could bear the stupid jokes any longer ;_; ...I'll probably drop it.
Also, I wanna watch Gundam 0083 (Stardust Memory) next, but I can't find any subs, only the streaming of the English dubbing, and I can't understand a thing T_T; --I'll probably have to register to some crappy forum to get the Italian subs downloads... UGH, DO NOT WANT.

This said, 'Char's Counterattack' review! )

=_= ...

20/11/11 14:41
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I was about to buy this on Ebay, since it costed around 18 euros, while on Cospa website it's around 29 euros--

..Then I gave it a better look and--
"Chan Azmables"..?
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I was overjoyed when Kio Shimoku exhumed the corpse of Genshiken to give us a sequel to the epic adventures of the otaku of Shiio University but-- Recently I'm getting kinda bothered by the road that this manga is taking.

Let's be serious, I loved Genshiken because it was an informative manga about otaku, where we readers could get to know more about all otaku things and develop a healthy feeling of comradeship. Genshiken was the first manga to make us otaku feel all "warm and fuzzy" about each other: it was about the development of human relationships among people who tended to be introverted because they couldn't chat about their passions and emotions like other people do: let's face it, to talk about the awesomeness of a PVC figure, it's not something that you can do with the same obviousness that you use to talk about the last movie that you watched or the weather, or, I don't know, how ugly would get Sarkozy's daughter if she took after her father.
The way the protagonist got more and more confident because of the friendship that he developed with his fellows, and how everyone managed to get over their flaws because of human interaction is like an essay on humankind evolution.

Now, Genshiken Niidaime is just one of those crappy awkward love commedies (the first one that comes to my mind is the horrible No Bra) that the world doesn't need.
Ok, I indulged myself with Hato-kun and how well he'd be with Madarame-san, and how naughty would be Kosaka in his maid outfit, but that's just fanservice, I'm old enough to see it, no :/ ? Where's the development, the IDENTIFICATION..? 'Til now the only thing that we're wondering if who's going to get paired up with Hato-kun, and we all know that when a manga focus on such things, it tends to be crappy :/

So, I'm sorry, but if I won't get a chapter about online auctions or the joys of collecting thousand versions of the same figure soon, I'm going to drop this and remove Genshiken from my list of favourites.
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--Some manga chatting 'cause I think that it's my duty to share my thoughts over such events.
BAKUMAN. ch.150 )
NARUTO ch.599 )

Also, while browsing Mutsumix's page I got to see that there will be another Uchiha Matsuri on May ;o; !!!! I-- Last year I totally missed that and I couldn't get the books that I longed for (like this one, featuring Sasuke/chibi!Itachi ♥ or all the Shiokagen goodies ;_;)-- SO THIS TIME I SHOULD COME WITH AN ADEQUATE STRATEGY AND EVERYTHING Dx ! *plots*
Also, my favouritest Kuroshitsuji circle, Kurimonakaya, is hosting a Shinigami porn anthology and ASAFSAFDHSDFHJ--MUST HAVE IT ;o;
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Oh, guys ;_; ...

1) So, on August 15 I went to the summer festival here dedicated to Virgin Mary-- I was wearing my yukata (everyone was shocked to see me dressed up like that and I couldn't escape some sarcastic comments, but at least nobody made fun of me and a guy selling crepes showered me with compliments about how awesome and pretty I was --And that was probably the most embarassing part XDD) and I took a few pictures of the place and at a certain point, when I was taking picture of a Porchetta stand, MY CAMERA FELL OUT OF MY HANDS AND CRASHED D': --Honestly, I'm still shocked about this. Now I have to buy a new camera T____T --And I didn't even manage to take a picture of myself in the streets in an abuse of folklore ;____;
Well, the son of the friend who came with me took a few pictures of me in yukata, but we were in their home during dinner with their relatives (ANOTHER MOST EMBARASSING MOMENT)-- Unfortunately both of them are technologically impaired XD, so they can't send them to me, but as soon as I'll teach them some stuff I could probably be able to share at least those, hopefully with what is inside the memory card of my dead camera ;_; *mourns*

2) The above friend, knowing that I hate communists and I love homosexuals, borrowed me "Before the Night falls" by Reinaldo Arenas.
It's a really wonderful book, bitter, fun, cruel, but never pathetic. I'm just surprised to see how much gay sex was available in Cuba even during Castro's dictatorship XD
My friend told me that there's a movie about it too, so we're going to rent and watch that together :D I really look forward to it, also if I don't know how all those happy fucking will be rendered on screen XD
--Also, in a fit literature libido, I bought "Fear and Trembling", "The Character of Rain" (...) and "Tokyo Fiancée" (...Seriously, who came with these terrible titles XDD ?!) by Amelie Nothomb, one of my favourite writers.
I bought them in English, 'cause I couldn't find the Italian editions on BookDepository, but I'm quite glad: I spent around 18 euros for all of them, when the average price in Italy would be something like 35 euros >_> --And then people call me "dishonest" 'cause I read books for free at Feltrinelli >_>;
..Please note that I owned "The Character of Rain" "The Metaphisics of Pipes" already, but I borrowed to someone and it got lost ;___;

3) In these days I went into huge fights with everyone D: It's obviously my problem, but recently I find everyone stupid, irritating and worth my rage.
I'm probably just ovulating, but the only result I got was halfing my Facebook friendlist... I feel bitter, but also relieved. --Tastes a bit like "Justice", yanno.

4) When browsing pixiv I stumbled on a porny picture of Haruka and Natsuki from Uta☆Pri and I FELT LIKE THROWING UP.
Recently I'm also in a rabid shipper mode. I'm sorry, it's the worst kind of fujoshi and I know it, but as I got more and more amused by some pairings I can't really stand anything different D':
--Natsuki/Sho for ever >o< !!

5) Apparently Fei from Sacred Seven is not a cute shota, but a cute loli. I want to assume that the subbers can't just translate but it's not very likely and so I HATE THE WORLD.
Well, probably it's weirder to think that he was a boy instead of a girl and be so SURE about it as I was XD Pico, DAMN YOU!

6) Speaking of traps, I finally finished this:
--And click here to see my new half-assed -but effective- way of colouring stuff :D )

And that's all for now ;_;
See you when ovulation isn't turning me into a complete douche or as soon as I'm getting hold of a new (cheap) camera T_T ...


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