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Long story short, I "met" on Facebook some of the "dollers" that I used to pixel around with AEONS AGO thanks to Elychan and this deviation-- We talked about the old times, got all fired up (despite our age, LOL) and decided to do a "doll collaboration" like that :D --This time the theme is The Games of Thrones-- I picked Yara, so to keep a familiar face for those who don't read the book and--
It took me over three hours to come with something decent x'D !!

Ah, for the sake of the good ol' netiquette-- This is the base that we're using :D
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--I'm finally done with the Greyjoy goodness XD

The whole pack is available over pixiv right now, I'm about to post bits of it over my DevArt and y!Gallery accounts now (or whenever y!G will me available, that bitch >_<#) :D
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I'm trying to get more artistically active, so I decided to sketch about one of my most recent favourite YAOI pairings, Euron/Victarion Greyjoy from Game of Thrones A Song of Ice and Fire:
I love them ;_; But the only ffic that I can find about them contemplates horrible "Character death" T_T; Can't be helped, I guess-- Ouch, it reminds me of my old Uchihacest days, when all I could find was terrible sadomaso stuff involving torture and cutting x'DDD ...Too bad that mister Martin is not Kishomoto-san XD

I'm about to colour another piece, then I'll probably sketch more Greyjoy goodness--
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Valar Morghulis, my readers!
I was supposed to make this post a while ago, right after the third season of The Game of Thrones was over, but some stuff (like me getting hold of a copy of A Feast for Crows XD) happened and I'm posting about it only now--
Of course, after all this time and all the things I spoiled myself with thanks to the book and its wikia, and obviously since EVERYONE IS TALKING ABOUT IT, this won't be a summary or a proper review of the book, but a just brainstorming made of fangirlness and vague thoughts in a random order--
Why I hate the Lannisters, my favourite characters, the Greyjoys are hot (and wet!) and as Daenerys starts to feel like 'Xena', Arya feels like 'Nikita'-- but a kind of PITIFUL Nikita, since she's a Stark XD )

And well, this short delirium is over XD
See you again for a more proper post next time XD


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