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Yesterday has been a very full day of otaku activities for your Dae XD
First of all, I attended with some friends a Maid Cafe event dedicated to Sailor Moon, the Eternal Senshi, and next we went to a comic shop to celebrate the Batman Day... The guys of Gotham Shadows were doing their usual cosplay stuff! Amazing!
More pics under the cut! )
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Ok, I've been so busy in these past days that I don't even-- I post this now, so late it's almost a crime, but it's a matter of now or never!

So, on Sunday 6, I attended my second day of Romics, the one dedicated to my friends meeting and cosplay.
--From the pic above you can tell why I hate Sundays...


And, well, this is all :Q
...See you again on October XD
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--I wasn't supposed to attend this convention, but since a co-worker of mine bought some Catwoman costume and never managed to wear it properly, I suggested to go there and-- I had to go with her XD
So I dusted off my Scarecrow mask and offered her my arm!
I was quite wary about it, but I'm glad that I managed to buy some nice stuff and met some nice people :DDD I also had lots of fun with my co-worker and her boyfriend!
Now, let's get to the pictures and stuff! )

I have so many other reports to do (I visited quite a few exhibitions in Rome!), and manga to talk about (I finally bought All Rounder Meguru vol.8 and the first Gundam - The Origins databook---I mean guys, there's a WHOLE PAGE about Garma's hair and the hot oyaji from Zeon, I gotta share such things!!!) but I'm dealing with some family issues and I can find a minute to work on them ;_; I hope things will get better soon..!
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First of all, let me say how much I love Wang Qi (or Ouki, if you prefer the Japanese reading) from Kingdom:
I look forward to his deal with Liao, also if probably my fujoshi fantasies will be crushed by turning him into a woman. I'm used to this anime by now, taking my cute, mysterious bishie and turning them into women T_T;
Also, CURSE GOOGLE SEARCH, and the way it spoils me stuff when I look for images ToT;

A few days ago I received the last t-shirt that I ordered, an official one from superherostuff.com :D
I love this vintage stuff <3 --The only bad thing is that I wanted it in purple-- There was only in black left T_T;

And speaking of t-shirts, here I am, recicling the idea that I got for the Nobu yukata on t-shirt:
I forgot how BOTHERING it was, to paint all that flat shit >_>; *complains at how little handy it is!*
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After weeks of unproductivity I finally let my bat-muses fly happily <3
The anatomy looks really weird, but it's a good beginning, I like to think T_T;
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--Ok, you know what? Today Romics was over, I took over 100 pictures of cosplays of AWESOME but-- I'm sleepy and I want to go to bed, so just enjoy the pictures of MY OWN shit XD
My Cosplay - Scarecrow (Batman Begins) )
--And a little present for M3n747∼ )


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