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I'm taking a few commissions and for now I'm taking care of Truhania's batch XD
He commissioned me a CESTVS pic (among others XD) and I'm having fun with it:
'Know your place, SLAVE' )
It's always fun to draw Cestus, but sure I love it when I have to portray him during some fight *_*
Here he's dealing with Lusca and his specialty.
--I hate Lusca to guts, but I must admit that he's quite cute >_>; ..!

Damn, looking at the pic now, I want to draw Lusca squeezing Cestus' butt >_>; ...Why I have to notice such things after I'm DONE with the inking >_<# !!!
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I posted an article about Cestvs for the Obscure Fandom section of my website, and the report of Jojo's Bar with TONES of pictures :D

Tomorrow I wanna write about the Zeon-themed bars of Nagoya, wish me luck XD
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--Sorry for late, but I was distracted by Fate/Zero (;___;!!!) and Kuroko (*___*!!!) new episodes...
Anyway, finally the reviews of the last volumes (of the first part!) of this adorable series about grappling during Roman ages :D

Where diplomatic strategies, Agrippina's shenanigans and smartass conspiracies, all end in tragedy! )

--And here ends the first part of this series >3
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First of all I decided to resume that yuri project that I told you a while ago--!
Reading that book about Tamara de Lempicka that I told you about yesterday really refreshed my inspiration; I decided to buy another book to get more details about her private life and her relationship with Rafaela, it looks like the kind of passionate, utilitaristic, distracting and bittersweet stuff that I like... Let's see if I can get something interesting out of it!

...Speaking of The Queen of Modern, I'm a bit bothered by the fact that there's lots of FRENCH QUOTES WITHOUT TRANSLATIONS.
I'm quite pissed at this kind of fake "intellectualism" that concerns art. I wanna UNDERSTAND what's written on this damn book, not feeling raffiné just because I'm reading stuff written in French!

...Mmmh... Should I give up and buy The Last Nude too ;_; ..? But I don't want Avery's vision to "stain" mine T_T;; !!


Then, I bought new mangas: the long waited first (HUGE) volume of Kagemaru Den, or what in Japan is called "Ninja Bugeicho Kagemaruden" (忍者武芸帳影丸伝), and the first volume of the new series of Cestvs, or what in Japan is called "Kendou Shitouden Cestvs" (拳奴死闘伝セスタス)...
Some quick impressions on both comics under the cut! )


--And I bought the new fabric for my next Romics cosplay :DDD
The white one is for my Kuranosuke's costume-- I wanna remake it because the fabric that I picked that time sucked a big one-- This one is much cuter and sturdier <3 !

--And that's all for now, now I'm off to dinner!
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Today I bought the first volume of the new series of Cestvs (Kento Ankokuden Cestvs, Cestus - The Legend of Boxing in the Dark Ages, Cestus, 拳闘暗黒伝セスタス --Again, for Google XD) and-- I remembered that I'm still stuck to volume 9 for the summaries XD RIDICULOUS!

So, today I wanna try to take care of this task, and finish to summarize to you guys the last volumes of the first series! (I even downloaded the RAW volumes to show you proper pictures-- BE GRATEFUL!)
Let's start with the events happening in these next three volumes:
Click here to read about the African boxer Zora and the beautiful goddess of Pompeii--! )

And that's all! See you again in a bit for the next volumes summaries after another little manga intermission ;D!
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Aaah, so many things to talk about... But I forgot almost everything, ahah XD

First of all, Area no Kishi:
It's so depressing, there's no doujin about this series, and even pixiv is quite empty T_T

Then, did you check Naruto ;o; ?! I'm in awe, in AWE! are we going to get more ItaSasu moments..? I bet that Kishimoto is just shitting us, I guess that in next chapter Itachi will go to face Kabuto as Sasuke goes to Naruto ^_^;
I was happy to see more Karin (LOL, WTF? I hope that the whole "I still like Sasuke, so coool!" thing was part of her act ^_^;) and Suigetsu, ahah <3 Aww, Suigetsu, you should just admit that you want to break Sasuke/Karin because you like pink-haired cuties XD <3
Anyway-- Yeah, I don't want another fight between Sasuke and Itachi é_è ...

Also, a few days ago I managed to buy my "real life" comics :3
CESTVS vol.15 )

And to end this post, the news said that bad weather is coming again T_T The cold is hailing from North Europe, now... NUOOOOOO T___T;; !!
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Today's episode of Area no Kishi made me cry a little ;_;
But most importantly, in next episode Kakeru is going to enroll to Enoshima High and he's going to meet ARAKI DSSDSDFDGCV JV J!!!!
AGH, I can't wait. I was already squeeing all over the previews XD

--Next episode is going to be very useful, 'cause I can't really remember why Araki left the football team-- I think that it was something more than his alimentary disorders..? I DON'T REMEMBER, LOL.

On a WTF?!! note, do you remember my Cestus summaries..? I got a bit discouraged about them 'cause meanwhile the release of volume 15 got delayed since for ever-- But a few days ago, while checking Panini's website, I got to see that my long-waited volume 15 was released 2 YEARS AGO?!!
I instant ordered it from my comic-shopper, let's hope that it'll find its way to my hands soon!
So, while waiting for it I decided to resume the summaries to let you know about this delicious series about pankration <3
Speaking of Cestus, I also got to know that the first book of the new series (拳奴死闘伝セスタス) is going to be released on April. SSGFDGJ, I CAN'T WAIT ;_;
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Since I took so long to summarize the next volumes of Cestvs (this is for Google: CESTUS, CESTVS, 拳闘暗黒伝セスタス, THE LEGEND OF BOXING IN THE DARK AGES) I decided to talk about more than the usual two volumes per time :3 --And so many things happen here-- What a bad choice for a multiple release @_@ ... Please don't pay attention to probable errors, I'm writing this in a rush >3> I just hope it'll be understandable enough o_o

Read more... )

Read more... )

Ok, see you next time :D
In the next volumes we'll get to see Zora's first match, Lusca being even more patethic and-- Are you ready to see the glorious city of FAPPompeii ;D ?
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Ok guys, more Cestvs summaries :3
These volumes are FILLED with events, so they're going to be quite long and image heavy ;_;

Read more... )

Ok, goodnight XD
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Oh my, I'm procrastinating these since I got to know about the series!

--It must be a bamboo sword! )

As I post this I'm also working on some pornish pics-- But I'll probably focus on them tomorrow, tonight I wanna try to finish the most of these...

In the previews you spotted a picture about Takemitsu Zamurai, a series that I'm actually reading happily.
It's the story of the mysterious ronin Souichirou, who get to live in an Edo tenement.
The plot revolves about Sou's daily routine, the secrets about his mysterious past and how he deals with the neighboorhood, bringing bits of exceptionality with his inspiring imagination and fearful sword skills... Ah, did I say that his sword is made of bamboo >3> ?
At first you may be unimpressed by the peculiar art-style, but trust me, it's pure genius.
You can read it online here, or poke at the scanlating group.

On a side note, on this site I found some Kichiku Megane doujinshi that I MUST HAVE.
--I guess that the first thing that I'll have to do in the new year will be opening commissions >_> ...MUST... BUY... DELICIOUS... DOUJINSHI--!
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Here I am, bringing the promised summaries (with pictures, of course)!
I don't think the most of you will care, but whatever! Hopefully some fan of the series could gain some more infos while looking for it on Google XD Let's just hope this will ever jump on Google's frontpage in the first place >3>

Anyway, I already bothered you about this series here, so I'll skip all the introductions and stuff, and immediately jump on vol.2 and 3's summaries.

Just some notes before getting ready:
  • I'm using the terms "boxing" and "grappling" to make you understand what I'm talking about, but remember that here we're talking about the ancestors of these sports, and the rules, as their proper names ("Pugilism", "Pancrates" or "Greco-roman wrestling"...), were pretty different from today's.
  • Back then (this manga was first published in Italy in 1999) Italian editors had the bad habit to "reflect" the original pages to make manga readable from left to right... So keep in mind that these pictures are specular to the originals ^_^;

Read more... )

*anf anf*

..And that's it.
See you soon for more.
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;o; !!!

This evening the pack with my Cestus books arrived safe and sound!

The first time I heard about this manga was from [livejournal.com profile] lord_herve... We share the love for fighting manga series, so we just happened to talk about it...
Recently the series has been scanlated by The Wild Fang Project and I finally had a chance to read it.
Obviously I got immediately hooked. *hopeless*
The series is licensed in Italy since TEN YEARS AGO, so it's available, but the first volumes are considered antiquary pieces, and they can be quite expensive (around 10 euros each)... Fortunately I found on ebay a guy who was selling the whole collection at a reasonable price... The postal fees kinda killed me, but I got the pack in record time!

So-- A brief summary with pics and characters introduction :D )

I'm pretty hyped by this series so I think that I'm going to make summaries of the next volumes, also if probably just [livejournal.com profile] lord_herve is going to read them XD
--Now I'm off to read! *neglects art duties*


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