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...Sorry for late ._.
Anyway, enters Kouyo! Please, check the Author Comment on the new page 'cause I need suggestions for Kouyo's dialect rendition!
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--I'm a bit ashamed D: The page was ready since forever, but apparently I got addicted to doing nothing and I let it root for a week ._.;
But now updates are going to be regular again, so look forward to it >o< !!
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...Sorry, I was kinda sick yesterday and I couldn't update you about it ;3;
Also, you can read the first answers to the ASK THE SHARKS! event >o< !
Enjoy, and feel free to ask your questions here >o< !
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Sorry for late!
Got caught up in laziness >_>;
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A..A belated update, sorry ;_;
But, at least I finally upped the characters page :D I look forward to your opinions :D !
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PS: I never cursed in my life as I did during today's match ^_^; LOL SPORTMANSHIP!


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