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I finally managed to finish the face-up (haircut included!) of my custom 1/6 doll of Char Aznable :D
Under the cut for making-of and further pics! )

Now there's clothes left to do--
daeva_neesan: (I'm not a doll --I'm an action figure!)
So, yesterday night I decided to start working on the faces of my cuties...

Here's a quick, painless update to show you my progresses: in the end I decided to sand their heads to remove the bits that bothered me (= Char's lips and Garma's nose):

UGH, I wanna draw their faces already, but there is lots of boring stuff to do first T_T; !!! )
daeva_neesan: (I'm not a doll --I'm an action figure!)
I was just done with my first gunpla, and this afternoon the postman delivered me the stuff for my OOAK dolls (shopping courtesy of a Teap) x'D
...Whatta timing!

Under the cut for bodies and heads reviews, comparisons and pics! )

All in all I'm pretty satisfied with the purchase, but even if I'd like to work on them immediately, for now I'll make 'em rest on a shelf as I take care of other business∼ But you guys, by all means, look forward to what I'm going to do to these boys :D !


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