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Fufufu ♥

Expect a full review and summary once I'm done reading :DD
UGH, to have this coming when I'm busy with Tra i Fiori updates, on a Thursday night when TV is filled with nice TV series, sure it's kinda bad luck!
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My friends!
If you think that I didn't update this blog and neglected my anime duties because I was busy drawing my upcoming booklets-- YOU'RE WRONG!
I just decided to make a fangirly website about Oda Nobunaga while I was categorizing the pictures of my NobuTour, because, seriously, my ego and devotion tell me to give it more focus than a few uploads on Facebook with pitiful descriptions.
I'm still writing and compiling all the stuff, but in the next days the website should be online in its entirety... Look forward to it!

Also, all this working on Nobunaga's website will probably inspire me to write more AND MORE about him in these pages, posts that I'm going to use on the website anyway-- Please bear with it (expect some in the next hours, since I have all the weekend off work).

Then, what else...
Oh, yeah.
As you probably saw on Facebook (you did, RIGHT?), I can't seem to focus on a cool design for the protagonist of my Sci-Fi comiclet that I'd like to bring to next year's YaYCon...

And also, as the euro will get a bit healthier I'm planning to buy this Uncensored Picture of Dorian Gray :D It should be the same version of this uber-expensive book, but in a cheaper text-only format.
--Thank God these Harvard scholars showed some sense!
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So, I finally managed to put on paper the visuals for Dorian and Alan, protagonists of my next fanbook dedicated to Wilde's The Portrait of Dorian Gray ^_^
Under the cut for characters explanations & a short comic∼! )

So, what do you think about it :o ?
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I'm not so sure you missed me (those of you you have Facebook were probably delighted by my almost daily movies posts and ranting about the weather), but here I am to bother you again ;D
In this hiatus from my usual activity (webcomics and other crap) I spent the most of my time watching really weird movies on streaming instead of working on my cosplay ._.;
Anyway, this experience taught me some serious things that I need to share.

I'd mostly like to thank the world of cinema for two reasons:
Björn Andrésen playing Tadzio in Morte a Venezia (aka Death in Venice in the USA).
During the movie you could hear me shouting "DORIAN!! DORIAN!!" all over the place XD

Helmut Berger ♥ singing "Kinder, heut' abend, da such' ich mir was aus" in Götterdämmerung (aka The Damned in the USA).
Another few words over 'Götterdämmerung' since this movie left me IN AWE. )

This said, I must say that I'm very bitter about my recent doujinshi selling activity :/
I have lots of copies left unsold of both Give Bison! and This time it's for ever! and apparently nobody really want to buy them :/
Well, go ahead and keep buying Japanese crap over ebay for 30 dollars a booklet if it makes you happy.
As for me, I decided that I'm not going to make doujinshi based on such anime fandom anymore. I can't really allow myself to waste money this way, also if they are founded by my commissions... Or maybe I'll do as others do, and accept pre-orders before printing anything, this way I'd have the required money for the printing and no left-overs.
Anyway, my next projects are original thinglets, as I told you time ago.
First, a doujinshi inspired by The Portrait of Dorian Gray, focusing on the relationship between Dorian and Alan :DDD Speaking of Tadzio, I guess that for the cover art I'll just rip this picture off x'DD *shameless*
The second project is a soft-erotic artbook featuring pretty boys and shibari. I need to collect a good amount of ref pics and get in a good enough mood to start playing around with the concept, then I'll see :D
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Sorry for the monotony of my recent posts, but yesterday I finally managed to watch Dorian Gray (2009) movie and I felt the need to write my disappointment here.
As I thought, the movie was terrible. I think that the meaning of the whole book was destroyed, and that the scriptwriters did their best to turn a subtly symbolic novel into the cheap misadventures of some commoners....

If "art mirrors the spectator", as Wilde says in his preface to the 1891 edition of the book, this part where the director suggested the portrait's tears for Dorian's conduct was definitely the best part of the movie.

Since discussing the main themes of the book would be too tedious and probably too difficult for me to express in English, I'll take it easy and focus on each character to show you how they were senselessly raped by a horrifying script... )

All in all, one could sum this movie with a sarcastic "Leave that poor painting alone".
It's the only honest thing in the whole book!
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--Dorian wants to show you something cool!!

--I'm seriously considering to bring Dorian Gray-based doujinshi next year to YaYCon... And hopefully that Tamara de Lempicka yuri thing (that as time passed by it was resized in lenght and intensity D:), too!


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