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Ok, I've been so busy in these past days that I don't even-- I post this now, so late it's almost a crime, but it's a matter of now or never!

So, on Sunday 6, I attended my second day of Romics, the one dedicated to my friends meeting and cosplay.
--From the pic above you can tell why I hate Sundays...


And, well, this is all :Q
...See you again on October XD
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Do you know? I really did my best to ignore this Tsugaru/Psyche thing from the Durarara! fanon, but I happend to read a doujinshi about them and ASAFZAFI'M ADDICTED.
See the whole thing @DeviantART
---Why can't I draw cute faces D: ?

I expecially love when they got to meet their "real identities", and honest smex happens XD
Ugh, my favourite DRRR! circle produced some-- NOW I HAVE TO GET THEM ;_;
Assault Beer too-- *FAPFAPFAP--*

Also, ALSO!
Some days ago I received an ItaSasu gashapon from [livejournal.com profile] sookybabi for my birthday ;o;
I-IT'S SO CUTE, in a classic ItaSasu way XDD --Nothing is more heartwarming than two brothers trying to kick each other's ass, don't you think XDD ?

--This gashapon made me also realize that I seriously need to clean up my figures D: ...And that I have to sell off the most of them, 'cause I'm getting kinda sick of these cuties grabbing all this dust-- Probably in the next days I'll start a "Spring Cleaning" sale of gashapon, figures and artbooks :/ ...
Probably I should try to sell them on Ebay..?

These last weeks pretty much sucked ;_; I also neglected my webcomics 'cause I was in a total art-slump (and it's not like right now I feel better, but at least now I have that "urge to draw" that I totaly missed recently)... Tomorrow I'll try to catch up with Verflucht (to stop like that right when I promised the smex, how cruel of me XD), and hopefully I'll do the same with Sameyome on Friday... Also, [livejournal.com profile] shade5005, I didn't forget about you ;_;

I SERIOUSLY NEED TO DRAW MORE. I even dropped all my doujinshi projects T_T --!!
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So, today I managed to watch the second special of Durarara!...
It pretty much amused me :D

Basically it was an episode focused on Kasuka, the boy is the protagonist of a special TV program where he had to report the cutest couple of Ikebukuro, interviewing people and usual idol's crappy things.
Kasuka is a pretty versatile actor XDD --This said, the result of the episode's question was easily answered, in my opinion:

Pffft, poor Shizuo can't escape from Shizaya XDD (still better Izazuo, in my opinion D:)

Now, if they could talk to each other a bit more >_>; ...

My devotion is absolute.

This special was actually pretty brotherly love-oriented, though.
Besides delicious Kasuka/Shizuo, we got Idiotic Seiji and his sis, and the incest-y kissie between Izaya's little sisters:

Ah, why we can't get more brothers kissing like this, instead ;_; ..?
There's no reason, of course.
So, here's Shizuo/Kasuka on Izaya's sis scene, instead! )
Mhhhh ♥
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A meme, as usually grabbed from [livejournal.com profile] ceasefire; I made this with a sincere hope: to see more goodies about these pairings ;_; And also, how bad it is that I lost my PIXIV access data Dx --?
1- Pick as many ships as you like and post pictures for all of them (ships are not necessarily in any order).
2- Members of your flist reply and ask you questions about said ships, for certain bits of headcanon, etc. Basically anything.
3- Or, they can also just squee.
4- Share more shit about them! (Dae's tiny addition)
--And here you go :3 )

Mhhh, that's all for now D: ..?
All the pictures come from Zerochan ;_;


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