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So, I was making some random shopping at the local Auchan, and while browsing absentmindedly along the books section, I stumbled upon this:
More under the cut! )

There are a few errors but the book is pretty nice, I'm really happy that I got to find it XD ♥ !
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So, I'm just back from a short trip to Florence, where I went to visit the Stibbert Museum, a little gem dedicated to armours and weaponry and all the other little fixations of Frederick Stibbert :D
Under the cut for my report and pics :D )

And, well, this is all :D
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Returning from these 4 days of Romics, I'm here to share my experience this year, a bit different from the usual as I happened to assist in the gunpla section of Toys Hunter stand :D
A collaboration with the usual GIC, I was there with other members of the club to talk about Gundam and rec some cool kits to the people passing by and checking out the gunpla :3

As usual, under the cut for more and pics! )
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Yesterday has been a very full day of otaku activities for your Dae XD
First of all, I attended with some friends a Maid Cafe event dedicated to Sailor Moon, the Eternal Senshi, and next we went to a comic shop to celebrate the Batman Day... The guys of Gotham Shadows were doing their usual cosplay stuff! Amazing!
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I spent this summer visiting some cool exhibitions set in historical libraries dating the Baroque period (XVII century).
As I compiled articles dedicated to the exhibitions for my Rome Blog, here's the practical index where you can check all of them from a single page ;D
--In brackets is the theme of the exhibition :3 !
Biblioteca Alessandrina ("La Sapienza" of Borromini)
Biblioteca di Archeologia e Storia dell'Arte (Vittoria Colonna and Michelangelo)
Biblioteca Casanatense (Lands and Flavours from the World in the Ages of Exploration)
Biblioteca Vallicelliana (Saint Filippo Neri)

The only one that I yet have to manage to visit is the Biblioteca Hertziana! That place is more difficult to access than the Pentagon XD !
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Ok guys, I finally found the courage to go through the thousand pics that I took to present you this joyful report on my (first) visit to the Expo 2015 of Milan!
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I spent the past three days in Brescia to meet with my dear friend Barbara and to visit the Expo of Milan--
--Here's a short report about my tour of the city, obviously filled with pictures! )
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Awwww, yesterday night I've been up to see the Opening Ceremony of the Expo 2015 :D
It's been a rollercoaster, but I'm glad that in the end we managed to finish everything per time T^T/
In a few minutes the Expo will start officially, I hope that the idiots of the so-called "antagonist movements" will be adequately abused by the police (expecially those coming from Germany and France) D: !

Anyway, as I told you I watched the whole thing on TV, 'cause I'm really excited and curious about it, and assuming that I won't manage to visit 'cause work will kill me, at least I wanted to check the thing on TV XD
I must say that I liked the design of the stage mirroring the look of the Duomo!
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Ok, I'm finally up to share my last adventure in the mysterious lands of Italy XD This time I'll entertain you with a quick report on my trip to Sicily!
For this post I'll just focus on the touristic spots, look forward to the next one for food ^^ )

--Well then, baciamo le mani!
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Yes, I presented myself a short trip to the hostile lands of the North! x'D
As Milan is the city of fashion, here I am in front of the Gucci store! --Mostly because it's the only picture with my deformed face in... )

--And here ends the chronicle of my (first ;D) adventures in Milan ^^ !
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...By now you should know that I'm a fan of maples and their red leaves, right XD ?

I'm dusting off some old stuff to talk about something that I learned about them recently.
Mimicking a post about hanami I was looking forward to Autumn for a post about momijigari for my Rome's blog-- Unfortunately for a series of troubles I couldn't check the spots that I wished and I couldn't gain enough material for a proper report.
The only maple that I managed to visit was the one of my friend Antonio, who's sporting one in his karesansui garden in Garbatella... I'm sharing the pictures that I took by then:

During my researches though, I had some difficulties to find locations featuring maples, expecially those that produce a red foliage-- Investigating further, I got to know that it's because of some ancient Greek legend.

Deimos and Phobos, two deities associated with the terror and fear of war, were the twin sons of Ares and Aphrodite.
They used to accompany their father during his raids on his chariot, causing panic, together with their aunts, Enyo and Eris, associated with war and strife respectively.
It's said that Deimos and Phobos were usually asleep, and they woke up once they saw the red of blood.
As maples assume a sharp red foliage in autumn, it's said that the tree has an unlucky vibe, as it could awake the two brothers from their slumber.
There's always something charming about Greek mythology, isn't there?
--But for this association of the red leaves of the maples with blood, there's very little of them in Rome D:

I almost forgot before starting to write this post, but I saved a leaf from Antonio's tree to use it as a bookmark, according to those fancy traditions of sort--
--I guess it's time to go back and try to finish to read that damn booklet then, LOL XD
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So, this year I manage to partake into this common Japanese celebration that consist in witnessing the first sunrise of the year as a good omen for the upcoming travel around the Sun.

It's called "初日", "Hatsuhi", and it literally means "First Sun".
As today I have an afternoon shift, I'm home alone and on Winter the sun rises at a decent hour, I could allow myself to such an extravagance XD

So, I woke up around 0645, peed, put something warm on top of my pijamas, took the car and reached a close-by nice spot which wasn't covered by the airport.

This is the skyline at 0705 :D

Here it was around 0715:

Finally some red at the horizon!!
It was around 0725:

0735 :D

0740! Eeeh, how niiice!!

I was staying into my car 'til now XD As the sun was properly rising, I got out of it to give it a clear cheer! This was taken around 0745 :D

It was 0750 by then and it was starting to get freaking cold, so I took this last picture and got back in my car to reach home XD

Probably it was just a silly superstition, but looking at the sun of the new year rising up in the sky despite all the shit, energized me and made me wanted to be a little more daring, just like the sun and its daily, strong-headed sunrises :D
I hope that these pictures gave you the same feeling!!

Happy new year, everyone ^o^ !!
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...In case you're wondering about my absence, yeah, I've been to Japan again!
This time I decided to go by myself and follow a personal itinerary around all the things that I fancy about Japan, so expect posts about Japanese sceneries, ekiben, trains, Gundam, festivals and of course my beloved Nobunaga >D

--Now it's definitely bed time. *collapses*
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Today I managed to attend a conference dedicated to the world of yokai and Japanese monsters/supernatural issues!
The conference introduced the book of this young Italian scholar, Marta Fanasca, dedicated to the symbology and sociology behind the development of Japanese "unknown". It's incredible how much one can learn about a civilization by taking into consideration its folklore!
Here's a picture of the author and her book, and the two professors of Oriental Studies of "Sapienza" University, that followed Marta through her academic career and were there to give their contribution to the discussion (it mostly ended with the professor of Japanese and Chinese literature talking about his adventures with ghosts in his childhood LOL).

The location for the conference was the garden of the restaurant/gallery Doozo, in Rome. It was very cute, but it was also hot and the place was filled with mosquitoes D': I had one of those smoky mosquitoes repellent burning besides me, I wasn't touched by the mosquitoes but I was almost getting intoxicated myself D': *coughs*
--The place was quite crowded! It was nice to see so much interest about the subject :D

Under the cut for the contents of the discussion! )

All in all it was a really interesting discussion! I was pleased and motivated <3
...Now I just need to find that book so to buy it >3> !
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How long, my friends∼!

Today I visited again the Institute of Japanese Culture in Rome, since I finally managed to reserve a visit to its Japanese garden by Ken Nakajima ToT; !

I'm going to make an extensive article about it on my Rome's blog when I'll have the chance to visit the other garden of Nakajima in Rome, the one at the Orto Botanico.

Once there, I also managed to buy a booklet that explains the traditional festivals in Japan and how they originated, inspired by the early exhibition of koi and other references to the Boy's Day (now "Children's Day") at the entrance of the institute...
I feel really guilty that I missed the dolls exhibition on Hinamatsuri T_T
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So, yesterday I went with my cousing to check this wonderful exhibition dedicated to Sir Lawrence Alma Tadema and his fellow Preraphaelites and Aesthetists!
The exhibition was set in the adorable Bramante's cloister, by the church of Saint Mary of Peace-- The problematic thing of the location is that it's squeezed into a lots of tiny roads so we got lost. )
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Yesterday, profitting of an unfortunate misunderstanding where Babi ditched me in the park of Villa Borghese, I decided to give a sense to my trip and take a touristic walk in Rome, as an excuse to gain material for a sort of "touristic blog" about this city that hopefully I could launch in the next days.
I'm probably being narrow-minded and pigheaded, but to me there will never be a city more beautiful than Rome.
I may understand that many persons would never get used to its sempiternal chaos, the way its citizens make fun of you, the WTFness of public transportations or the gipsy pickpocketers at the train stations, but let's be honest: walk around here and you'll always feel like you're part of a movie.
At a certain point you'll think "Is it possible to have all this beauty in just one spot?" and hopefully you'll forgive all the shit that you had to go through before you realized it--
Under the cut for bits of Villa Borghese, lunch at the Jewish Ghetto and MOAR Trastevere! )

And, well, that's all ^_^
I hoped that this tiny post charmed you at least a little bit!
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Oooh, now that I'm finally done with the commission duties I can finally find some time to deal with my stuff :3 !
Today I've been (relatively) productive.

First of all, I finally found the time to "refresh" my website.
--But the link image is always the same LOL

New layout (to match this blog's, which I adore ♥ ) and I organized some contents differently.
You must check the otaku reports and obscure fandoms pages :3 !!
My Rei's Collection page is still under construction, I must find the mental strenght to take proper pictures of all my figures and I'm not very motivated XD;
...But you make sure to visit everything, there are small changes and updates almost in every page, and I'd like to hear your opinions :3

On the other side, I finally took care of my "badass shelf", that is now turned into "the shelf of Samurai/Ninjas and Gundam" XD
It was getting a mess again, so I tried to turn it nicer and organize the space better with the additions of some self-made pedestals and bases:
--It's still a mess, but at least now everything has its visibility... I tried to leave some room for the upcoming fruits of my shopping-- But to be honest I don't know if they'll ever fit in there T_T;

Tomorrow I'll work on SameMuko's update, my dolls and if the light will be ok I wanna try to start taking pictures of my Reis :3 !
--Aaah, so many things to do >_>; !
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Good morning guys!
This time I'll tell you about the floods here where I live!
As you may have heard there's been some intense mess in Rome, but fortunately not as severe as in other locations (see Tuscany, Sardinia a while ago, or the cities of Liguria)... Today is still raining here, and as my house is relatively safe, some of my neighbours (those who live in a brand-new residence of terraced houses) are in deep shit quite literally-- Their sewage system collapsed. Some of them don't have electricity either!

Under the cut for pictures and such! )

And that's all.
As you see the situation is pretty troublesome, but still manageable, at least in my place. --SO DON'T WORRY FOR ME x'D
--Now since the winter has been so messy, I hope that this year's spring will be a decent one >_>#
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So, yesterday, profitting of the last day of sun 'til the end of the month (the so-called "The Days of the Blackbird" are coming ;_; !!), and most importantly, profitting of the free access to a majestic exhibition in Rome dedicated to Octavianus Augustus and the periodic Japanese market, I decided to go ahead and getting myself ready for an evening trip to my favourite city ^^
under the cut for the whole thing! )

And this is the end of a wonderful night in Rome :D
--Now I'm back to my everyday life T_T; *works on both The Groom of the Shark update and on commissions at the same time*

Aaah! Sic transit Gloria Mundi, my friends..!


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