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Time for a legit Figure post!
Please, realize that this post is going to be PAINFULLY image heavy.

First! A few days ago I finally managed to buy my cute little (well, not so little--) glass showcase from IKEA for the joy of my cute figures!
You can see under the cut how I gracefully arranged all of them. )

This said, this morning I also received the Baki figure that Truhania from Boxers&Rice presented me for Christmas!
He's so nice T_T; Not only he requests lots of commissions everytime, but he also needed to present me this cute little jewel-- T_T;

More shots under the cut! )--Isn't it plain adorable ;_; ..?

Then, all this talking about Reis and figures made me want to compose a tiny wishlist of all the things that I'd like to acquire in the next future (don't worry, there's still space in the showcase >D)--
Under the cut for Dae's Figure Wishlist∼ )

--And now I'm off to read more Crows∼!
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--Remember about the Christmas Meme ù_u !

I'm working on a few commissions for Truhania of Boxer and Rice, and besides the usual pletora of Gohan/Trunks, here's a Baki commission that I'm having lots of fun working on :D
It's Pickle/Baki ;3; !!
We finally managed to pair Baki with someone from his own series and-- He's the uke too XD <3
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LOL, guys.
So, my mother and my grandmother left home for a week and they moved to our hillbilly relatives as an attempt to avoid Minos (apparently those who came with these names are the people FROM THE INTERNET. The news on TV confirmed it XD) and take some rest; consequently, me and my father have to live together.
LOL, WE'RE EATING NOTHING BUT LEFTOVERS XD But I'm surprised to see my dad taking care of most of the housework-- Your Dae here has the only duties of cleaning up the bathrooms (and other minor cleaning activities) and cleaning the table after meals. It's a nice deal, I guess XD
Today I enquired my dad about how he managed to make his bed (double beds are a pain to make!) and he told me to not worry, 'cause he's just sleeping on top of it so to not deal with the issue.
Thanks God it's one of the hottest summer x'D !

--Did you guys read the last chapter of Naruto?! AASSDSDF, WHAT IS WITH THIS EPICNESS?!!!
I mean, I'm still a bit shocked to see Orochimaru around, but I like this new formed 4-people team XDD
For some reason, I was amused by Suigetsu's reaction once he saw Orochimaru XD and I was glad to see Kabuto back to his bishie antics... I'm probably the only one in the world left, but I still like Kabuto, and I want him to be happy, be it with his master or with his bro ._.
I mean, Orochimaru/Kabuto was my first Naruto OTP, before I was revealed the GLORY of Itachi and Uchihacest ._.; !

Also, as you know I'm a fan of the series Grappler Baki. It's a bit weird at first, but once you get used to the weird anatomy and character design it's very enjoyable.
Anyway, recently I started to read the manga, since apparently some groups decided to scanlate the first series decently, and at a decent pace.
I felt like sketching a little something, then! )

Speaking of further otaku activities, yes, I GAVE UP and I added NOBUNA NO YABOU to my watching list T_T; !!
I watched the first episode and it looked pretty decent: the plot has a similar approach to Sengoku Otome and the design is as nice as Sengoku Paradise; yeah, I have to deal with a lot of moe girls and eyes as big as a human skull, but I can deal with it for now... Even the male protagonist is ok for now-- BUT I'M DEFINITELY GOING TO DROP IT ONCE STUPID PROTAGONIST/NOBUNA ROMANCE WILL HAPPEN >_< !!!
For now, I really liked the idea of Saito Dousan adopting Nobuna as his daughter ;o; (also if I really wanted to see a male version of Nouhime ._.; ...) --I REALLY LIKE DOUSAN! --But I lolled at Nobuna calling him "Viper" XDDD That was supposed to be an offensive nickname, yanno XDD ?!
Ah, also, I fapped over the fact that a cute Maeda Toshiie is included ;o; !!! Ok, she's a loli and the tiger outfit makes no sense (maybe a reference to the kabukimono dressing style?!), but I'm happy to see some recognition for this samurai (his rendition in Sengoku Basara anime sucked a big one, for example =_=;) <3 !!! He's one of my favourites in the Nobunaga's crew XDD
--I hope that this anime will be worth my time! basically, just hope that it won't suck as much as that pitiful Sengoku Collection, even if I already spotted some dangerous similarities (lots of lolis and Nobuna is a brat-- I WANT A BIG-BOOBED NOBUNAGA AS IN SENGOKU OTOME >_<) ;_; ..!

Also, I'm really enjoying Kingdom o_o I can't believe that many otaku bloggers dropped it after the first episode because of the (annoying) CG!
I also noticed that the CG is getting less and less usage-- BUT I DON'T CARE ABOUT THE CG, THIS SERIES IS FUCKING EPIC ;o; !!!!

Oh, and that's all for now! See you next time with further exciting updates from Dae's life!
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--Just sorting out some Kuroko fanart featuring my favourite boys from the series :D Here's the detail of adorable Aomine ♥

Also, I can't wait anymore T_T; I want chapter 166 out already T_T; !
--On the other hand, I'm grateful that ComeBack Scans decided to revive Kongou Bancho ;o; <3 This series is just full of adorable characters T_T; !!!
--I also added Scarface to my reading list :D I just love Kaoru-kun ;_; <3 !!! Keisuke Itagaki really is a charming storyteller ^_^ !!
...I want this shit, ahah XD
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Finally, the last part ^_^;

This is about coloring. It's not the ultimate tutorial about CG coloring but it shows how do I get certain results and obviously you can use it as a reference to develop your own style.

For this tutorial I'm going to use ADOBE Photoshop 7.0.
Every program that supports layers and multiplying would do, but I personally prefer Photoshop 'cause its brushes are really pretty and easy to use and edit.

Read more... )

And that's it ^_^
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Here I come with the second part of the making of/tutorial :3

This time I'll tell you about inking.
I'm not particularly good at inking (and I hate it >_>), but I have some tips that you may find interesting :3

My weapon of choice for this part of the tutorial is my STAEDTLER Pigment Liner size 0.3

Read more... )

Now run to next step-- Coloring.
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--I'm checking my work's schedule. Today I was supposed to work for 9 hours. And it's raining.

Anyway, since this morning I feel a little better and I feel kinda guilty 'cause yesterday I went to sleep at 22.00, I decided to work on another commission :D
I'm taking my time 'cause I'm really enjoying drawing it ^_^
So I thought that it would be nice to share with you some kind of drawing tutorial :D
Well, it's mostly a step-by-step making of more than a real tutorial, but I tried to add some tips while showing the various steps... I hope you'll find it interesting ^_^

I'm using my STAEDTLER Noris pencil (2H-4 degree) here ^_^

Mhhhh, muscles... )

And that's all :D
It's pretty, but also overflowing with details... In the next part we'll ink it, so to emphasize the most important parts ;D !
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Ah, how I love this series <3<3
It's months since I wanna draw something about this wonderful series :D TODAY I forced myself to have some practice...Expecially about all those weird muscles (seriously, using that anime as a reference to have an organic vision of human musculature is almost masochism >_>;)-- But let's go with the pics ^_^

The Strongest is the Beautiful--! )

Pimpin' moment:
The series is licensed in the USA, so not online streaming is available.
Anyway, you can download the whole thing (both TV series) from TorrentReactor ^^ The TV series covers the storyline of the first manga series (Grappler Baki) of 42 volumes.
As for the manga (licensed in the USA too), only the volumes of the second manga series (New Grappler Baki, 31 volumes) are available on OneManga :3


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