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2017-06-14 10:05 pm

Back from Japan--

--Still in the middle of compiling reports D'x

First, culinary intermission! )

Aaaand here are the links to my otaku reports, appropriately compiled with pictures and the like over my website!
Gundam Square (Osaka)
Karasuno Fair in J-WORLD (Tokyo)
Sengoku Buyoden (Tokyo)
Gundam Bar SIDE 3 (Nagoya)

Now there's just the stuff over Uesama Dango left... Ugh!
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2017-01-01 11:05 pm

So?! What's up?

Ok, guys, I'm doing my best trying to start the new year following all the required traditions-- So I hope that this year I'll manage to keep myself creatively busy as in these past two days XD
Above you can see what I managed to see of the first sun of the year XD I was at work early in the morning today, but unfortunately my job doesn't allow me to go around to check for good omens in the weather!

On top of it, I realized that my current cellphone is too old for the drivers of my PC so-- I took a picture of the picture XD Let's see this as my determination to work harder that usual to solve potential problems, as 2017 is the year of my Chinese Zodiac and I'm assumed to pay extra attention XD
More excting activities under the cut! )

And well, that's all XD Whenever I'll feel lazy again I'll take a peek at this post and force my brain to get into action-- So, see you later, and let's hope that this will be a nice, productive year!
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2016-02-22 09:13 pm
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I opened a website dedicated to Gundam, LOL

It's in Italian and it's dedicated to the Alternative Universes only, but give it a look and let me know :D

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2016-02-07 03:37 pm

Another reason to love Iron-blooded Orphans--

Oh, no, please, go ahead ♥_♥

It's a great series as it is, but these eyecandies are the icing on the cake *ç*
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2015-12-23 07:54 pm
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2015-11-04 10:47 pm

A quick Report of LuccaComics 2015 :D

--I can find a moment to talk about the adventure of the recent LuccaComics&Games only now XD

Under the cut for Usamaru Furuya, JoJo and cosplay pics! )

--And now I'm off to catch all the anime episodes that I left behind-- AAARGH D'x !
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2015-10-05 11:57 pm

A different Romics--

Returning from these 4 days of Romics, I'm here to share my experience this year, a bit different from the usual as I happened to assist in the gunpla section of Toys Hunter stand :D
A collaboration with the usual GIC, I was there with other members of the club to talk about Gundam and rec some cool kits to the people passing by and checking out the gunpla :3

As usual, under the cut for more and pics! )
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2015-04-15 08:03 pm

Cosplay Developments! Kycilia Mk II!

So, as you may imagine, the past weekend I attended Romics as usual-- I was supposed to have some strategic shopping and enjoy some events but NO, I just met with my GIC friends for some promotional cosplay of sort-- It's been fun, as we got to meet lots of new Gundam fans and take idiotic pictures, but I missed my otaku activities T^T Yeah, cosplaying can be quite a bother-- But as it's the main feature of my con attendance, I'll just bother you about how I fixed my "old" costume into a fancier one!
As you know, Kycilia Zabi is my favourite female character of the series, if possible, my favourite female character of the whole saga, all the AU, spin-offs and alternative timelines involved-- )
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2015-03-17 02:36 pm

The High-Mobility Types

Here I am, talking again about my cute Zakus!
Here above you can see the R-types of my collection in all their glory.
This kit is available in HG scale only for the custom version, or those piloted by the aces of Zeon. )
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2015-02-14 04:36 pm

How I Learned to Stop Worrying and Love the Zakus

Hello, everyone!
This is a short post to tell you that I opened a new page on my website dedicated to my Zaku collection and to confess you why I love them so much... )

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2015-01-16 10:04 pm

Unboxing Gundam Girls :3

This morning I received some of the first fruits of my Christmas Bonus, LOL.
I posted an "unboxing" article about them on my MFC blog ;D

--I also managed to organize the library in my room better, also if I saved lots of space and now it looks tragically empty ;o; ...Oh, well, the point was to get more room for my books and comics in the first place XD
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2015-01-14 09:19 pm

Winter Anime Season! First Impressions! + Saint Seiya movie∼

My to-watch list is still missing the first OVA of Shingeki no Kyojin: Kuinaki Sentaku, but 'til the "official" releases would be out I guess that there's a very little chance to see them subbed soon :/
So I'm about to talk about the first episodes of the anime that I just watched! )

Also, yesterday I went to see the last movie of Saint Seiya, Legend of Sanctuary!
To be honest, I wasn't really looking forward to it-- )

Also, I want to say that I'm doing my homeworks: I decided to retrieve all the stuff that I dropped and ignored and watch all the Gundam series that my otaku curriculum is lacking-- Right now I'm marathoning through Gundam Wing-- Wish me luck!
Stupid, stupid Sechs!!
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2014-11-02 11:12 am
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So, my internet decided to screw itself.
Until the magic maintenance will take care of it, my posts won't be as frequent and organized as I planned T_T

...Anyway, Friday I went to LuccaComics because my friends from the IGB and GIC set up some interesting stuff to celebrate the 35th anniversary of Gundam :D
That's it, a 1/8 scale RX-78-2 and its cockpit! )

--I don't know if the cockpit will resist 4 days straight of convention, though XD When I was there I helped around as staff, it's been very fun!
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2014-04-11 04:00 pm

Romics 2014 (Spring Edition) Report - Day #2 (belated D': )

Ok, I've been so busy in these past days that I don't even-- I post this now, so late it's almost a crime, but it's a matter of now or never!

So, on Sunday 6, I attended my second day of Romics, the one dedicated to my friends meeting and cosplay.
--From the pic above you can tell why I hate Sundays...


And, well, this is all :Q
...See you again on October XD
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2014-03-03 04:36 pm

Gundam Exhibition @MuFant

So, a few days ago I've been to the first event of the Italian Gundam Club to celebrate the 35 years of Gundam.
--To be honest, I could stay for so little that I didn't manage to attend any discussion or even check the exhibition properly...But let's go in order. )

For the making of this post I have to thank my fellow gundamaniac (and Zeon follower XD) Emiliano, who kindly let me use the pictures that he took at the exhibition.
You can check the rest of the pictures on his account!
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2014-02-11 04:29 pm
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Char Custom Doll, ready to launch!

I finally managed to finish the face-up (haircut included!) of my custom 1/6 doll of Char Aznable :D
Under the cut for making-of and further pics! )

Now there's clothes left to do--
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2014-01-16 05:33 pm
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I was just done with my first gunpla, and this afternoon the postman delivered me the stuff for my OOAK dolls (shopping courtesy of a Teap) x'D
...Whatta timing!

Under the cut for bodies and heads reviews, comparisons and pics! )

All in all I'm pretty satisfied with the purchase, but even if I'd like to work on them immediately, for now I'll make 'em rest on a shelf as I take care of other business∼ But you guys, by all means, look forward to what I'm going to do to these boys :D !
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2014-01-15 11:20 pm
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Ops-- Gunpla Adventures pt.IV!

Damn, I almost forgot to update this, taken aback as I was with Tra i Fiori's shortie x'D ...Fortunately updating my DevArt account reminded me of this!

My friends, faithful readers, I'm happy to say that yesterday I finished my first gunpla kit, a Zaku II FS (Garma Zabi Custom)!
--Here he is in all its perplexity after my shabby (but passionate!) job... OMG, I LOVE IT x'DDDDDDDDDD ♥

Under the cut for my last tasks on the kit and details! )

Now that this report is over I'm fully aware of how vague it's been XD
Thank you for keeping up with me in these days x'D !
And see you again for Char's Zaku ♥
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2014-01-13 11:53 pm
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Gunpla Adventures pt.III

Sorry if I'm being monothematic, but besides working on webcomics updates, waiting for the payment of commissions and adding Buddy Complex to my watchlist, I didn't do much XD

So here are gunpla updates!
Today my fingers were still hurting, so I decided to protect my cute fingertips like this:
Aww, who's going to offer me a job as a princess..? )