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I know that the talk of a proper fujoshi blog like mine is should be the deliciousness of the relationship of Reisi/Mikoto (not sure who tops, for now I'll go with Reisi as the seme 'cause I like the autoritative kind on top รน_u) and Fushimi/Misaki (no doubt about who tops here XD) from K, but instyead I'd prefer to focus on this:


Oh GOD, so cute, HE'S SO CUTEEE!!! Can't wait for the next chaptersASAADFSF!!

...In case you need some explanation (as I guess you would), Meo is a Thai boy working as a waiter in a Thai restaurant that offers Muay-Thai matches as an entertainment that Minoru got to meet in said restaurant, as he was investigating Muay-Thai for his upcoming match.
Well, long story short, Minoru wants to fight some Muay-Thai fighter, and Meo was chosen as his opponent. Despite being a kid, he kicked Minoru's ass throughtly, and in the end Minoru will ask the boy to train him and he'll be asked by Meo to bring him to a date in return∼ It'll end up that the date will be some concert of some idol, but that was enough to let my fujoshiness run wild, yanno XD ?
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Today was my day off ;_;
I finished to sketch the doujinshi and I sketched some pics... I was supposed to work on my webcomics but I FAILED ;_;

So, months ago I opened a Group over DEVART dedicated to the protagonists of fighting series, and of course OCs are welcome too.
Recently it became a sort of trashbin for artworks featturing chicks punching each other in their boobs :/ I'm not amused.
I'm a fan of hentai, and I like some ecchi now and then, but I'm pretty disgusted by the way some persons got a hard-on watching girls fight. And it's not nice fighting, it's obviously some porn-service.
When I was into wrestling I was extremely bothered by that "Diva" phenomenon; I'm not the kind of person who has random feminist resurgences about every single masculine fetishism, or thinks that showing a butt or boobs is somehow lesive of female dignity, but these kind of things really bother me, probably because they're not offending only women but also the dignity of the sport itself, by turning it into some kind of grotesque strip-tease.

So, besides some Mutou in his karategi hotness, I decided to draw some (adorable) female characters from one of my favourite sport series about fighting, All-Rounder Meguru ^_^
An unleashed dog and some serious submitting! )
--Dealing with the poses was pretty bothering XD
The boys's come straight from the manga, but for Maria and Maki I used this ref pic :3
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--I'm talking about Karate Shoukoushi Kohinata Minoru's:

I mean, Beck is already weird enough, but fudgin' NANA D': ?!!
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Excuse me, but it's time for me to focus on my to-do list; I got such a huge leave from work and I didn't profit of it D: I must make up with the wasted time ASAP!
Today I gathered around all the post-its with bunnies and inspirational thinglets that I left behind during this year, and I (diligently) compiled this list:

Characters Sheet - The Bride of the Shark
• Characters Sheet - Sengoku Gakuen
Websites Updates - [Tamashii no refrain] Rei profiles
• Websites Updates - [Fire&Blood] Uchiha pairings
Comic - [Naruto] Sasuke in Akatsuki
Comic - [AstroBoy x BlackJack] Rock's pendant
• Comic - [Black Jack] Kitty!Kuroo 4koma
• Doujinshi - [Boku no Pico Series] Tamotsu/Coco
• Doujinshi - [Boku no Pico Series] Tamotsu/Chico/Pico (--Yes, I feel sorry for the "old man" pervert!)
Fan Art - [One Outs] Kojima/Tokuchi*
Fan Art - [Code Geass] Schneizel/Kanon
Fan Art - [Code Geass] Lelouch/Rolo
Fan Art - [Karate Shoukoushi Kohinata Minoru] Mutou/Minoru*
• Fan Art - [Karate Shoukoushi Kohinata Minoru] Minoru/Meo
Fan Art - [Kamui Gaiden] movie!Kamui
Fan Art - [Kichiku Megane] Okuma/Midou porn*
• Fan Art - [Naruto] Madara/Yagura
• Fan Art - [Naruto] Raikage lovin'
• Fan Art - [Naruto] realistic!Madara/Izuna
Fan Art - [Sengoku Musou] SW3!Nobunaga/Ranmaru
Fan Art - [Kakugo no Susume] Armoir lovin' + chibi pic NEW!
• Fan Art - [Junjou Romantica] Usamicest (--Still wondering if Haru/Aki or Fuyu/Haru ..Eventually both :D)
Fan Art - [Junjou Romantica] Miyagi/Shinobu
• Fan Art - [Fukumoto Series] Fukumoto Characters
Meme - Shota Meme
• Meme - Cute Kiss Meme + Sexy Kiss Meme
• Meme - Ecchi Expressions Meme - Itachi

So in these days I'll focus on it only, possibly in chronological order.
Sorry f-list, but you'll see this popping up in your updates as soon as I'll finish working on something (with links to the finished products to let you see ♥) ...Will I ever finish this within the new year's arrival?
--And now I have to update my personal blog with Evangelion and Pluto boring commentaries!

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