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--Today my webcomic Tra i Fiori came to an end.
It's been fun and bothering, and I can finally let out a sigh of relief.
It's finally done, it's completed, I can close this book and put it in my library. Now I can finally relax.

--Before I start working on the end of The Groom of the Shark, doh >_<; !
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--Of course! Go figure if I can manage to follow a schedule every now and then XD

Anyway, yesterday I started to sort out things, I came up with a "storyboard" for Tra i Fiori and its conclusion.
Feel free to take a peek at how my mind works x'DD

I saw that it'll take me 13+1 pages (the "1" is just a tiny extra "Thanks" page) to finish the story.
And I decided that I want to end it within this month.

So expect multiple pages updates in the next days. I'm going to start tomorrow with 4 pages 'til I'll be done. *determination*

Once I'll be done with Fiori, March is going to be The Groom of the Shark's month: in fact the second part of the sharky sequel will come to an end within this month.

The spring season will see the start of Hana no Ka wa tsugu (that will be shortened as HanaKa... I can tell you this already XD), which is going to be a very short comic, that hopefully I can take care of during the whole month without further stress.
The protagonists of this tiny sequel of Sakura Mishouzo are going to be Mitsubachi (that now goes by the name Hachida Mitsuhiko) and Oda Nobutada, the son of the famous general Oda Nobunaga.

Outsuke-dono, another short story about the youth of Nobunaga through the eyes of his young retainer Maeda Toshiie, will see light on May, as I anticipated, if not earlier, once I'll be done with HanaKa.

...And let's see if I can follow this shit. One step at time, let's start to get rid of these fucking bunnies.
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So, today I went on and took care of the final character designs of the Tra i Fiori's shortie that I was talking about yesterday :D

Under the cut for Etruscan fairies and cute robins! )

Look forward to this story, 'cause it's going to be both smexy and educative!
..And now let's upload the new page of Tra i Fiori x'D
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Here I aaaam!

Since the new year is always an excuse for resolutions, I decided that it's time for me to sit down and start to plan out things, in the remote possibility that I'd focus my creativity properly for once... But also as a chance for some kind of "road map" of 2014!
As you can see, this year I wanna focus on original projects, most of them deriving from my webcomics.

① TRA I FIORI 'Capitolo di Viterbo' )
② 花の香は撞く ('Hana no Ka wa tsugu' = 'The flowers' fragrance ringing') )
③? 大うつけ殿 ('Outsuke-dono' = 'Lord Fool') )
④ La Belle Époque )

And this is all for now :3
There are other projects and ideas that are still floating in my mind, see the never aborted projects on Tamara de Lempicka and Dorian Gray, or those Nazis whose story I'll have to tell someday, and what about that Sci-Fi thing which only thing defined was its title..? Well, for now I'd like to focus on the titles that really revamp my inspiration :3

...Anyway, I'll keep you updated XD
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I got a new packlet from Japan <3
--Weird stuff, as usual XD
You can read about its lovely contents here!

Also ;_; I got struck by some weird stomachache this afternoon (and terrible heat! What the fuck?! I want my rain back ;_; !!!), so no strenght to work on the new pages of Tra i Fiori T_T
So I'm going to update it tomorrow, look forward to it! We're entering the final act, and it's he dawn of an EPIC clash :D !
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I decided to open cheap and simple commissions for a limited time (maybe for 2 months, or 'til I reach 10 slots, dunno!), so if you want something from me you may try it ^_^ !

Here are the samples and prices, for further infos you may want to check the pics' descriptions!
The boys are from my webcomic Tra i Fiori, so cute, I love this concept, I may try and draw everyone ♥

SAKURA MOCHI - 6 euros Commission Sample by ~daevakun on deviantART

MOMIJI MANJU e CAFFE' - 10 euros Commission Sample by ~daevakun on deviantART

If you are interested or want to enquire about something feel free to use comments or PMs, I'll reply you promptly!
...And now I'm off to work on The Groom of the Shark new pages >_< !
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GUYYYYYS..! In these days of artistic slump and inactivity I realized that I don't care very much about what I do. I could blame it on other people's lack of interest in what I do, but I don't feel like blaming others for my failures-- As it's true that I need some kind of "audience" when I'm planning to print a new comic or attend a convention with a stand, it's also true that I never really ask for all this pressure over me, or fighting against my "artistic needs" while struggling against a deadline that I decided myself.
I mean, what the fuck? If I wanted to deal with this crap I would have studied to become a comic-maker in the first place.
So I guess that I'll say that all my comics projects are dropped, I won't attend YayCon, Steampact or whatsover and I'll live my artistic life as the lazy artist that everyone thinks I am.
I'm sad to see that they are right after all, but despite my hot-blooded personality (I'm starting to doubt about it) I guess that flogging against a dead horse is not my style.

Well, I guess that I'm not skilled enough to go solo, after all.

This said, my last duty for the "world of printed paper" will be releasing some extras to go with the purchase of my last doujinshi, GIVE BISON! (Tiger&Bunny, uke!Antonio) and This time, it's for ever! (Naruto, Uchihacest)... It's something that I don't really want to do, but I need to sell this stuff and selling them for cheaper as people usually do in this case is not an option for me. For fuck sake, I'm sick of wasting my money :/ It's true that I gained those through commissions, but it's not as if money and my work are so worthless for me to lower their value.
Anyway, I hope that those porny bits that I'll be working on will be enough a promotion T_T;
I'll keep you updated about that!

Also, since I'm quite pissed off and unmotivated (but I can always blame that on my period-- Which is also coming late--) I didn't work on the second part of The Groom of the Shark at all! Expect updates the next week, though.
Tra i Fiori will be updated regularly tomorrow!

...When I'll be in the mood, I'll share my excited thoughts on the last chapter of Naruto.
Please don't comment about it here, you won't get a response since right now I'm not really in a "joyous fangirl mode" >_>
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I wish everyone who watches and supports me a great Christmas and a Happy New Year :D
Be good, and make sure to start the upcoming 12 months the best way <3 !!!

Season Greeting 2012 by ~daevakun on deviantART

To give you a reason to be happy (I hope XD), I'll post a double update of both my webcomics during Christmas time :D

Here's the update schedule:
24th - Update of SameMuko
25th - Update of both Fiori and SameMuko
26th - Update of Fiori

Look forward to it, and again, SEASONAL GREETINGS ;D !
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I decided that for my next trip to Japan (something that I'll do on 2014 probably, I need a year to recover from the body damage received from two short trips to Japan in a year x'D) I'll visit Kyoto, and I'd like to do that with an original yukata, obviously Nobunaga inspired...

...I got this idea from a random girl that I spotted at Gifu during the Nobunaga Matsuri this year. She was wearing a dark red yukata and a tiger-patterned obi, obviously a tribute to Nobunaga style :D --I was obviouslytaken by a blast of jealousy! I wanted to go around to celebrate Nobunaga in yukata too ;_; !!

So, here's the project, for which I used this tutorial :D

At first I wanted to go with a furisode, 'cause I love the long sleeves *_* But since that's a formal attire and I'd need a huge obi to tie in an absurd way, I decided to go with a kosode, the classic pattern used for nowadays yukata.

I'm completely crazy over the tiger-patterned fabric *_* I hope to find it at a reasonable price, expecially since I'll need a lot for the obi, too!

I also considered some options for a decoration--

The artwork on the back would be losely based on this stunning print featuring Ranmaru protecting Nobunaga at Honnoji (ignore what the page says XD)-- But I think that I'll opt for version #2... What do you think?
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Plato by ~daevakun on deviantART

--I confess you-- I just want to take this chance for another trip to Amsterdam (I love that place ♥ Even if the weather is horrible and the food disturbs me XD), but since I'll be there, I assume that I can attend YaYCon too-- EVERYONE IS SO KIND TO ME THERE T_T; ! The fact is, I have to bring something, otherwise my presence there would be pointless, right XD ? So for now I'm focusing on this experimental self-printed booklet and a few freebies--
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My friends, today I finally received my 6dollarshirts.com t-shirts!

They took almost a month to arrive, but that's no problem ;_; I heard all kind of dreadful stories about these guys, so I'm just grateful that I have my t-shirts and that the order is complete and right ;o; !
As a honest reviewer, let me say that the t-shirts sure are LOW quality. The fabric of the pink one is so thin that it's almost transparent --But I guess that that's expected, I just paid 18 dollars for all of them, I don't think that I can't pretend too much XD
I hope hat they'll survive a few washing decently, though-- I really love them (expecially the Poe's one!), so it'd be a pity to lose them too soon ;_;

This said, yesterday I sketched some of my Dorian Gray book, I posted some previews over Facebook and-- Well, I'm really sorry to admit it, but I'm quite unpopular, as a comic artist.
I mean, I knew it already, seeing how many doujinshi leftovers I have in my room, but when I see that other artists have people poking them when they delay the release of a page of their webcomic or got a thousand "Likes" over pointless, whiny posts I seriously wonder if what I do has some importance in this "scene".
I know that it's not classy, but I'm quite ENVIOUS of these people, even if I know that they are quite more skilled than me, even if I know that "envy" is an unbecoming feeling that doesn't suit me and my proud nature. But that's it. No matter how lovely these people are and how much I love them and their work, deep inside of me I ENVY them and I see them as RIVALS to ANNIHILATE.
This can be quite constructive and ispirational, to say the truth, but-- What's the point on working hard on something if your passion and hard work is not recognized..?

I wanted to take a batch of commissions on December to fund the printing of a few books (the Dorian Gray thingie and an artbook, and I was thinking of resuming the work on Verflucht to propose it to some publishers), but well, maybe this year I should just chill out and enjoy the Christmas season instead of getting overworked for something that none is interested in :/

--I'm sorry to let you read me bitching about popularity like a pathetic teenager, but as much I do what I do for fun, the sake of sharing and to refine my skills, I mostly do that for THE GLORY.
If I can't have my glory, assuming that I don't gain any money, what's the point of it..?

Damn, this whole year sucked. I hope that it'll be over soon >_>;
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So, Tra i Fiori finally reached 500+ fans over Smackjeeves...
I decided to make a wallpaper to celebrate-- Even if nobody asked for it ._.
I'll upload it tomorrow for download, together with the next update :3

As I drew this, I kept getting "flower bunnies"... I think that I'll probably draw more of these "fairies", even if they won't show in the comic :0
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My friends!
If you think that I didn't update this blog and neglected my anime duties because I was busy drawing my upcoming booklets-- YOU'RE WRONG!
I just decided to make a fangirly website about Oda Nobunaga while I was categorizing the pictures of my NobuTour, because, seriously, my ego and devotion tell me to give it more focus than a few uploads on Facebook with pitiful descriptions.
I'm still writing and compiling all the stuff, but in the next days the website should be online in its entirety... Look forward to it!

Also, all this working on Nobunaga's website will probably inspire me to write more AND MORE about him in these pages, posts that I'm going to use on the website anyway-- Please bear with it (expect some in the next hours, since I have all the weekend off work).

Then, what else...
Oh, yeah.
As you probably saw on Facebook (you did, RIGHT?), I can't seem to focus on a cool design for the protagonist of my Sci-Fi comiclet that I'd like to bring to next year's YaYCon...

And also, as the euro will get a bit healthier I'm planning to buy this Uncensored Picture of Dorian Gray :D It should be the same version of this uber-expensive book, but in a cheaper text-only format.
--Thank God these Harvard scholars showed some sense!
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--So, the things that I have to draw now...

1) T&B and Naruto papers for my doujinshi promotion
2) Dorian Gray fanbook
3) Sci-Fi copybook for YaYCon
4 ?) Artbook

--Since on December I should start the commissions to fund the printing of this stuff... I can talk about some sort of artistic NaNoWriMo XD ?!
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...Now what's left is adding some contents ;_;
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1. I'm not going to post about webcomics update over here anymore.
I'll use the "original stuff updates" tag only if there's something new on the publishing department or to let you know about delays on the releases or special event stuff.
In case you don't know yet,
THE GROOM OF THE SHARK-> is released on MONDAY (yes, yesterday!)
TRA I FIORI-> is released on WEDNESDAY (yes, tomorrow!)

2. I must confess you that I got kinda bored by drawing YAOI and BL-- My next webcomic will probably be a shonen, even if it'll means that I'll have to improve my skills drastically ._.

3. I really look forward to the upcoming Jojo's exhibition in Florence! I'm definitely going there∼!
I just hope that the dates will be released asap, so I can start organizing myself for the trip ♥

4. Yesterday I was watching a TV show about art and design, and Blakes Hotels were mentioned... I think that I wanna go to London just to stay there ;o;
I was checking out the prices for a reservation, and I noticed that the prices for January are kinda approachable-- But the thought of going to London on January-- UGH.

5. I was checking out the Gundam Cafe updates and OMGASASDASF, they made a Mineva's custom menu ;o; !!! S-SO CUTE!!
Also, Kycilia's menu is a brand new item too! Flavoured sausages?! I WANNA EAT THAT!! (also if I think that using "sausages" for a female character is-- not very elegant XDD?)
--Stupid Tokyo, why do you give me reasons to come to your rainy self every time T_T; ?!

6. I read over a forum that my beloved (but dropped) Kaze to Ki no Uta was inspired by a French movie of the 60s, Les Amitiés Particulières ("Peculiar friendships").
As this info amused me to no end, it's time for more suffering! --The video is no longer available but in French language T_T;
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#1 - Don't expect webcomics updates in a while. Right now I'm busy with cosplay and in the next days I'll be busy with the Dorian fanbook thingie. Before I settle with these projects, I can't really focus on webcomics!
I'll try to resume them as soon as I can though, so don't worry, I'm not going to drop them ^_^;

#2 - I went to watch Prometheus. I must be honest, I ENJOYED IT. )

#3 Summer Anime season ended!
The "cover" of this bit of post is dedicated to Gundam AGE (score: 8). It's a series that I really enjoyed, managed to keep me entertained, and I was glad to see that the last episode was not SO HORRIFYING compared to the previous one. Zera is alive ;_; ! Since we're not showed what happens right after the battle against La Gramis, I decided that io brought Zera-chin home and "trained" him to feelings. If you know what I mean >D
Now onto the other series :D
TSURITAMA - score:8 )
KUROKO NO BASKET - score:9 )
PHI BRAIN 2 - score:7 )

#4 And what about Fall Anime Season :DD ?
You can get the chart of the upcoming series here :D
As far as your Dae is concerned, I'm definitely going to follow Litchi de Hikari Club (also if I'm wary of the humorous format-- I mean, there are lots of idiots in the fandom already, not sure if we need more thanks to some 1-minute crack T_T;), Jojo's Bizarre Adventures (it was about time for a proper anime about Araki's epic!), Bakuman 3 (for the sake of completion XD) and Magi (I saw a lot of orn doujinshi around, I'm too lazy to check the manga, so I'll try to watch the anime for now!)... I'm also contemplating to give a chance to Psycho-Pass and K, they look like stuff that I may enjoy :3
What about you guys :D ?
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...Sorry for late ._.
Anyway, enters Kouyo! Please, check the Author Comment on the new page 'cause I need suggestions for Kouyo's dialect rendition!


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