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New volume of Exoskull Zero, new character revealed!
This time it's the turn of Exoskull Raiden--! )

Aaah, only one volume left! It's going to be released on May... Can't wait for it T^T !!
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I was taking a peek at the upcoming anime for Spring and damn, it looks like I'll be quite busy next season XD !
--What about you guys :D ?
Personally, I'm really looking forward to Sailor Moon (OUTER SENSHI!! KYAAAAH!!), JoJo, Shingeki no Kyojin and surprisingly Kagewani too, but I'm quite intrigued by many other titles on the list :D
Surely, this time I'm not going to waste my time with those shitty food anime like Pan de Peace D: I'm still digesting the uselessness which were Koufuku Graffiti and Sushi Police (which is plainly OUTRAGEOUS XD)--
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It's in Italian and it's dedicated to the Alternative Universes only, but give it a look and let me know :D

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Sorry for the late delivery on my Winter Watch-list for this year, but I preferred to skip the formalities and jump to the pulp of the matter, talking when the first impressions of my picked anime are both fresh and mature at the same time!

Withouth further ado, here's the new animes that I added to my watchlist with the new season:

Under the cut for my first impression! )

And that's all from your Dae!
--What about you guys :D ?
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My friends!
Today I got to buy the 5th volume of Exoskull Zero, that as you know, it's been released in Italy for my infinite joy.
I was looking forward to this volume because, if you remember, this was the one that featured the return of Harara into the story (Exoskull Zero is a sequel of Kakugo no Susume [aka Apocalypse Zero in the USA])!

All the truth about Harara in this sequel under the cut! )
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--I can find a moment to talk about the adventure of the recent LuccaComics&Games only now XD

Under the cut for Usamaru Furuya, JoJo and cosplay pics! )

--And now I'm off to catch all the anime episodes that I left behind-- AAARGH D'x !
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Sorry for late guys, it's such a frantic time that I merely have the time to update you ToT !!

Anyway, the list of the anime that I'm watching right now:
What about your picks?
Under the cut for my quick firt impressions! )

--And what about you, guys :D ?
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Returning from these 4 days of Romics, I'm here to share my experience this year, a bit different from the usual as I happened to assist in the gunpla section of Toys Hunter stand :D
A collaboration with the usual GIC, I was there with other members of the club to talk about Gundam and rec some cool kits to the people passing by and checking out the gunpla :3

As usual, under the cut for more and pics! )
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Yesterday has been a very full day of otaku activities for your Dae XD
First of all, I attended with some friends a Maid Cafe event dedicated to Sailor Moon, the Eternal Senshi, and next we went to a comic shop to celebrate the Batman Day... The guys of Gotham Shadows were doing their usual cosplay stuff! Amazing!
More pics under the cut! )
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--How is your summer going? Here over Europe we're facing one of those terrible heatstrokes from Africa... This year, though, it looks like it's the Northern countries who are dealing with the worst temperatures, but here in Italy, or at least, here in Rome and its suburbs, your Dae is tortured by humidity, feeling as if she's breathing straight from a hair dryer T^T
I look forward to the upcoming storms, even if it means getting flooded like usual. At least one can breath during a downpour!!

Little comfort comes from the anime season.
Summer anime seasons tend to be quite pitiful, and this year is no exception, so this is the situation of my current watching list:
Out of the various series that I took into consideration, only two were spared from my insults, Ranpo Kitan and Aoharu x Kikanjuu. I hope that Ranpo won't disappoint me like "UN-GO", another series inspired by the works of a popular Japanese writer-- But from the first episodes, despite some main characters that I can barely stomach (read: Kobayashi), I felt as if I'll probably see something that will remind me of the awesomeness of "Mouryo no Hako"... As for Aoharu, at first it looked like some silly shonen-ai series, but when I realized that Tsubasa was actually a girl and that she's pretty awesome, I got intrigued XD The theme of the series is soft-air and survival games, it may be interesting, so I decided to give it a try! The first episode was quite fun!
A little note on my "leftovers" from the previous season: Ore Monogatari!! is probably my favourite series of the lot XD I wasn't expecting it to be so fun and entertaining! And please note the second chance that I'm giving to Gundam Seed: I dropped it after 12 episodes at first, but now a group of fans are *dubbing* it in Italian, so I decided to rewatch it-- The releases are quite slow (for obvious reasons!), so I have the time to "digest" them XD We'll see what happens--

Well, see you when the temperatures will get back to normal! It's just a bother to stay in front of the PC, now D'x !
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It's been a while that I wanted to read this beautiful manga of Fuyumi Soryo dedicated to the figure of Cesare Borgia, and finally I managed to buy the whole complete thing :D
Under the cut for pretty boys and not XD )
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So, as you may imagine, the past weekend I attended Romics as usual-- I was supposed to have some strategic shopping and enjoy some events but NO, I just met with my GIC friends for some promotional cosplay of sort-- It's been fun, as we got to meet lots of new Gundam fans and take idiotic pictures, but I missed my otaku activities T^T Yeah, cosplaying can be quite a bother-- But as it's the main feature of my con attendance, I'll just bother you about how I fixed my "old" costume into a fancier one!
As you know, Kycilia Zabi is my favourite female character of the series, if possible, my favourite female character of the whole saga, all the AU, spin-offs and alternative timelines involved-- )
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The weather is getting mild, cute daisies are popping up on every bit of grass, the need to take naps after lunch increases-- SPRING IS IN THE AIR, and so is the new Spring Anime Season!

What are you going to watch? Here are my picks for this year:
Puny list, uh..? Well, this season shows itself as quite shitty.

Some series that I'll check, but I'm not sure if I'll follow, are Ore Monogatari!! and Eikoku Ikke, Nihon o Taberu. This last one intrigues me to no end, but I'm afraid it'll be one of those "OMG, Japanese food is the best in the world!!" featuring Wapaneses (Englishmen on top of it!!) and I don't think that I can stomach something like this (considering the past episode about pizza on Koufuku Graffiti x'DD What was that?!)...
I'm also intrigued by Arslan Senki but who knows-- I'm not in the mood for pseudo-historical/fantasy stuff, but I need some honest action series...

We'll see!
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Here I am, talking again about my cute Zakus!
Here above you can see the R-types of my collection in all their glory.
This kit is available in HG scale only for the custom version, or those piloted by the aces of Zeon. )
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Oooh, this morning I got to buy myself some Katsura's goodies:
Under the cut for Zetman fangirling! )

Gah, I need doujinshi, like, NOW ♥
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A few days ago I went with my parents on a short trip to Sicily (reports coming as soon as I find the mental strenght to go through all the pictures that I took x'D), and when I got back I had a ton of anime to catch up with OTL
As I'm taking care of some of them right now, I can't help to notice that all my favourite boys are crying D': !!!
Also, I'm doomed to love the "green" characters or what XD ? It's since the times of Sailor Moon, with Makoto being my favourite!
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Hello, everyone!
This is a short post to tell you that I opened a new page on my website dedicated to my Zaku collection and to confess you why I love them so much... )

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That's it, I finally received all the figures that I bought during December as a Christmas treat--
Under the cut for the revelations! )
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This morning I received some of the first fruits of my Christmas Bonus, LOL.
I posted an "unboxing" article about them on my MFC blog ;D

--I also managed to organize the library in my room better, also if I saved lots of space and now it looks tragically empty ;o; ...Oh, well, the point was to get more room for my books and comics in the first place XD


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