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--Still in the middle of compiling reports D'x

First, culinary intermission! )

Aaaand here are the links to my otaku reports, appropriately compiled with pictures and the like over my website!
Gundam Square (Osaka)
Karasuno Fair in J-WORLD (Tokyo)
Sengoku Buyoden (Tokyo)
Gundam Bar SIDE 3 (Nagoya)

Now there's just the stuff over Uesama Dango left... Ugh!
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So, finally we got to talk about my visit to the Michinoku Masamune Date Historical Museum :3
Masamune Date is one of those characters so popularized by media that many people knew very little about-- A walk around this museum and its statues sure is a good opportunity to learn more about this charming historical figure :D )

And so ends this report too!

...Now I'm going on hibernation :D See you on Spring!
I'm joking, I'm joking x'DD --Maybe.
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Here's another report of my adventures in Japan!
This time I'll tell you about my EXTREMELY TIRING WALK around Kofu city, following the trails of Takeda Shingen-- )

And that's all ^_^
Next time it'll be the turn of another Sengoku General, the good ol' Date Masamune :D
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The day before leaving Nagoya, I presented myself a visit to this theme-park in Ise city.
Unfortunately the weather sucked a big time and it rained all day long, but here's my attempt to give you an idea of the place with some pictures and a report about its awesome 'Ninja Museum'-- )

--And this is all ^_^
Next time we'll start talking about the "big shots" with my little tour in Kofu dedicated to Takeda Shingen ^__^
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Lots of stuff from Kyoto (and a jump to a theme park in Ise∼ )!

As usual, you can read the new articles on my website ^^
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Aaah, I can finally sit down and start writing about me and my adventure with the Three Most Scenic Views of Japan!
This list concerning the most beautiful sceneries of Japan was compiled in 1643 by the monk Hayashi Razan, the advisor and tutor of the first four Tokugawa shoguns.

Like the average gaijin, I knew nothing about them, the always useful Teap enlightened me when I mentioned the wish to visit Miyajima.
Since I would be staying in Kyoto, she told me to visit Amanohashidate as it was close-by, and in case to add Matsushima too, since I owned a Japan Rail Pass, so to get to see all the Nihon Sankei, something that every Japanese should see at least once in their life... )

--Just thinking about how much I walked in those days makes me feel exhausted x'D

See you again for another report soon, then! Next time I'll spend some words on the Ninja Museum that I visited in Ise, at the Ise Azuchi-Momoyama Bunkamura theme park ;D
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I wrote about it already on Uesama Dango, I see no reason to not reiterate about it here∼

I started to write about my second Nobunaga Tour on my website, please go and take a look!

Ugh, I still have so many things to write T_T
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For this new post about my whereabouts in Japan, I want to focus on the fun food that I tried during my travel.

Since the curiosity that inspired me the manga Ekiben Hitoritabi, I decided that I wanted to try some of the local bento sold at the main train stations on my way, plus I wanted to finish my tour of the Gundam Cafe and of course there would be always room for some WTF snack :D Long story short-- ITADAKIMASU! )

And that's all for this subject, see you next time with something about the "Nihon Sankei"... Get ready by googling it!
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Here's the first post about the cool stuff that I saw in Japan during this last trip of mine.
I want to start with a subject that I find very charming, also if I'm not a train otaku.
I didn't go to LOOK FOR these trains, I just took random pictures of what happened to be on my way, so sorry if some pictures are pointless or this post is not informative enough on the subject.

I want to start with the 'Narita Express', the very expensive and somehow slow train service of JR to Narita Airport... Then the 'Yurikamome', the 'Aomatsu', the 'Sakura' and 'Komachi' Shinkansen, the streetcars in Hiroshima, the 'Super Azusa' and the buses of Gifu under the cut! )

...And well, this is all XD
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...In case you're wondering about my absence, yeah, I've been to Japan again!
This time I decided to go by myself and follow a personal itinerary around all the things that I fancy about Japan, so expect posts about Japanese sceneries, ekiben, trains, Gundam, festivals and of course my beloved Nobunaga >D

--Now it's definitely bed time. *collapses*
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Recently there were some fiery discussions on my FB f-list about people visiting Japan and getting disappointed because it wasn't as they anticipated.
The most of comments were like "Ah! Italians shouldn't go outside of their country because they don't understand anything and can't judge anything!" or "AH! You don't understand Japan at all!" or "Your delusions shouldn't affect your idea of a country!!"
From my point of view, people should complain about other countries if they are not so cool as they expected, expecially if this could help future visitors, or if just to put these "wapaneses" in their place. Sure, one should get the difference between mere ignorance, a pet peeve or a honest critic.

In this post of mine, I'd like to point out things that bothered me about Japan (expecially Tokyo), expecially when compared to what I have to hear about it from friends or fellow visitors.

--I apply a cut now 'cause I'm really bothered to scroll the whole thing down everytime >3> ! )

So, this is just a bit of my observations on Japan!
If you won't really agree, I hope that you'd find this informative and interesting enough, at least XD I look forward to your opinions and similar experiences!
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...First Kingdom and now Jojo (and it got so close in Uchuu Kyoudai that I DON'T EVEN--!) T_T; I mean, I knew about those deaths (I got to spoil Kingdom's while I was looking for Ouki's pictures T^T) already, I knew that they were going to be shown in the anime format too-- But I couldn't help but suffering anyway T_T;
Yet, at least they died honorable, badass deaths. We common people are just expected to fade out slowly, becoming senile and eventually passing out. Slowly and pitifully.
I'm quite sensitive about the subject in these days...

...So, at least, you know, a violent death while giving their best is probably better. If anything, this cheers myself up a little ._.

Episode 20 of 'Jojo' also reminded me about my evening at 'Jujo Bar', in Tokyo... )

"May you live eternally in my memories, Caesar.
A life as splendid and ephemeral as a soap bubble..."

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--It's mostly a HUGE REPORT about my recent Nobunaga Tour on October, but it's finally online XD


As I thought of all the things that I didn't manage to see I felt a bit regretful XD I'm definitely going to fill those gaps someday ^_^; !

Oh, also, I'm in the process of deleting all the entries of Livejournal-- After the lòast server crash and the daily SPAM that I receive, I think that it's time to leave for good :/
I'm completely moving to Dreamwidth in the next days, so update your bookmarks! (but in case you're wondering, I'll keep using LJ PMs if you need to contact me, and I'm not going to leave LJ's communities!)
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Yes, I went there again XD
--But all these trips to Japan kinda killed my body-- Next time will happen in a very distant future if I don't want to leave my whole digestive system on those damn Aeroflot aircrafts >_>;

So, this time I went with my beloved Teap ♥ to Nagoya and Co. for our long-waited Nobunaga Tour (aka NobuTour), a tour aimed to visit all the important power stages of our favourite Sengoku daimyo, the venerable Oda Nobunaga-sama.
Of course we found the time to entertain ourselves in delicious otaku activities too∼

I'm going to write about the tour in detail on my website, it'll take me a while to categorize all the pictures anyway D': --So for now just enjoy the MOST MEMORABLE MOMENTS of the tour under the cut! )
Nobunaga's Stamp Rally )
And in the end, my purchases ;D )

And now I'm back to my chaotic, overly-busy life D': S-So many things to do and watch D'x
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Ok, Teap urged me to post about the Gundam Cafe at Akihabara, and here I go XD
Under the cut for fun and food! )

--And that's all!
I hope that the report makes sense, I'm practically half asleep XD
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Finally, the report of my T&B experience in Namja Town ^o^
I had to wait 'til today because the people who went with me were slow with pictures sharing XD

Report on the park, the food and the merchandising! )

--I'm still crying over the fact that I didn't get to eat Nathan's ice-cream, FUCK T_T; ..!
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I uploaded the pictures of the trip to Tokyo and of the hanami that I had yesterday with Teap in Rome :3

Here are the links to the public Facebook albums for you all to see:
Tokyo - http://www.facebook.com/media/set/?set=a.326657527394986.77153.100001522233548&type=3&l=e52e8723da
Hanami @ EUR - http://www.facebook.com/media/set/?set=a.327900280604044.77427.100001522233548&type=3&l=24005dd65d

I'd like to post more about those but as you can imagine I'm on a rush for the YayCon ^_^; --I still have to get the Sameyome booklet ready T_T;
Damn, I really hope that the "Ship in 24 hours!" of these digital printing services that I'm about to use are serious T_T;
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Yep, I couldn't resist to the schedule of some online friends and I decided to join them in another trip to Tokyo ^_^;
They're staying around 3 weeks, but I got home after just one week because of money, other things to do and such-- Considering that I'm late on my doujin-schedule for YaYCon this was probably a wrong move freetime-wise, but you know, I got back from there quite energized and inspired, I think that this quick trip did me pretty good!

Now, onto a short summary with the places that I visited and the crap that I bought (LOL XD)... In the next days I'm going to make dedicated posts over certain events that I attended, and once I got the ok from my trip-mates I'll post all the other pictures on Facebook :3

--The guy who was taking this picture kept saying "It looks as if you're about to poo LOLOL" and I couldn't keep a straight face XD
On the other hand, the Japanese guys dowstairs looking up at me with that typically Japanese "bothered" expression feel kinda WTF XD

The trip )
Day #2 - Akihabara )
Day #3 - Odaiba )
Day #4 - (Chiba +) Nakano )
Day #5 - Nikko )
Day #6 - Ikebukuro )
Day #7 - Shibuya (+ Harajuku) )
The return )

--And that's all °_°;;
Se you in the next days for the food/event reviews ;D ! (feel free to tell in the comments what intrigues you the most and what you want to read about first! If the HaruComi, the T&B event at NamjaTown, Edomura, the Himiko cruise or whatever ;D !)
Goodnight XD !!
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...And in the end I got back with 3 bags weighing 11 kilos each!

Ah, guys, what a great trip. Despite the electricity saving, the typhoon and the happy earthquake aftershocks I really enjoyed myself!!!
Now I have to get updated about all the anime and manga that I didn't check in these two weeks XD
..And someday I'll review and share all the doujinshi that I got <3 Just gimme the time to organize things (LOL, my room looks like HELL) ^_^;

Ah, in case you're curious, I posted my pictures over Facebook (but I'm still missing some that my friend took when my camera was dead XD)
You can check the albums here:
Osaka -> http://www.facebook.com/media/set/?set=a.171786202882120.44311.100001522233548&l=c6935c2379
Kobe -> http://www.facebook.com/media/set/?set=a.171792596214814.44315.100001522233548&l=1704f3c89d
Nara -> http://www.facebook.com/media/set/?set=a.171797789547628.44316.100001522233548&l=d72ba8e7c6
Nagoya -> http://www.facebook.com/media/set/?set=a.171801052880635.44317.100001522233548&l=5654a35448
I'll post Tokyo's pictures tomorrow, they are too many and I need to sleep @__@

See you in the next days for some shopping check ;D !!!

PS: I LOVE JAPAN AND IT'S THE BEST PLACE IN THE WORLD, but I REALLY MISSED my pasta, pizza, bread, bidet towels and coffee D': !!!
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