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--Still in the middle of compiling reports D'x

First, culinary intermission! )

Aaaand here are the links to my otaku reports, appropriately compiled with pictures and the like over my website!
Gundam Square (Osaka)
Karasuno Fair in J-WORLD (Tokyo)
Sengoku Buyoden (Tokyo)
Gundam Bar SIDE 3 (Nagoya)

Now there's just the stuff over Uesama Dango left... Ugh!
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So, I'm just back from a short trip to Florence, where I went to visit the Stibbert Museum, a little gem dedicated to armours and weaponry and all the other little fixations of Frederick Stibbert :D
Under the cut for my report and pics :D )

And, well, this is all :D
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Returning from these 4 days of Romics, I'm here to share my experience this year, a bit different from the usual as I happened to assist in the gunpla section of Toys Hunter stand :D
A collaboration with the usual GIC, I was there with other members of the club to talk about Gundam and rec some cool kits to the people passing by and checking out the gunpla :3

As usual, under the cut for more and pics! )
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Yesterday has been a very full day of otaku activities for your Dae XD
First of all, I attended with some friends a Maid Cafe event dedicated to Sailor Moon, the Eternal Senshi, and next we went to a comic shop to celebrate the Batman Day... The guys of Gotham Shadows were doing their usual cosplay stuff! Amazing!
More pics under the cut! )
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I spent this summer visiting some cool exhibitions set in historical libraries dating the Baroque period (XVII century).
As I compiled articles dedicated to the exhibitions for my Rome Blog, here's the practical index where you can check all of them from a single page ;D
--In brackets is the theme of the exhibition :3 !
Biblioteca Alessandrina ("La Sapienza" of Borromini)
Biblioteca di Archeologia e Storia dell'Arte (Vittoria Colonna and Michelangelo)
Biblioteca Casanatense (Lands and Flavours from the World in the Ages of Exploration)
Biblioteca Vallicelliana (Saint Filippo Neri)

The only one that I yet have to manage to visit is the Biblioteca Hertziana! That place is more difficult to access than the Pentagon XD !
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Ok guys, I finally found the courage to go through the thousand pics that I took to present you this joyful report on my (first) visit to the Expo 2015 of Milan!
More under the cut! )
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I spent the past three days in Brescia to meet with my dear friend Barbara and to visit the Expo of Milan--
--Here's a short report about my tour of the city, obviously filled with pictures! )
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So, as you may imagine, the past weekend I attended Romics as usual-- I was supposed to have some strategic shopping and enjoy some events but NO, I just met with my GIC friends for some promotional cosplay of sort-- It's been fun, as we got to meet lots of new Gundam fans and take idiotic pictures, but I missed my otaku activities T^T Yeah, cosplaying can be quite a bother-- But as it's the main feature of my con attendance, I'll just bother you about how I fixed my "old" costume into a fancier one!
As you know, Kycilia Zabi is my favourite female character of the series, if possible, my favourite female character of the whole saga, all the AU, spin-offs and alternative timelines involved-- )
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Ok, I'm finally up to share my last adventure in the mysterious lands of Italy XD This time I'll entertain you with a quick report on my trip to Sicily!
For this post I'll just focus on the touristic spots, look forward to the next one for food ^^ )

--Well then, baciamo le mani!
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I mean, something new XD

First of all, pimping two new articles over my Rome's blog.
This time I delivered promptly, so you can read something cool and detailed already ;D Here are the direct links to the posts dedicated to an exhibition at Quirinal palace and the report of the Railway Museum of Porta San Paolo :D

Under the cut for the rest :D )

--And, well, that's all for today!
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Yes, I presented myself a short trip to the hostile lands of the North! x'D
As Milan is the city of fashion, here I am in front of the Gucci store! --Mostly because it's the only picture with my deformed face in... )

--And here ends the chronicle of my (first ;D) adventures in Milan ^^ !
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Back in Rome and back in action.
Yesterday I managed to take another nice tour of the Capital, looking for materials for my Rome blog.
Before updating that poor, neglected blog, I'd like to share some shots with you, and talk a bit about yesterday whereabouts... )

And that's all, see you again when I'll pimp the stuff that I mentioned above :P
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So, finally we got to talk about my visit to the Michinoku Masamune Date Historical Museum :3
Masamune Date is one of those characters so popularized by media that many people knew very little about-- A walk around this museum and its statues sure is a good opportunity to learn more about this charming historical figure :D )

And so ends this report too!

...Now I'm going on hibernation :D See you on Spring!
I'm joking, I'm joking x'DD --Maybe.
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Here's another report of my adventures in Japan!
This time I'll tell you about my EXTREMELY TIRING WALK around Kofu city, following the trails of Takeda Shingen-- )

And that's all ^_^
Next time it'll be the turn of another Sengoku General, the good ol' Date Masamune :D
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The day before leaving Nagoya, I presented myself a visit to this theme-park in Ise city.
Unfortunately the weather sucked a big time and it rained all day long, but here's my attempt to give you an idea of the place with some pictures and a report about its awesome 'Ninja Museum'-- )

--And this is all ^_^
Next time we'll start talking about the "big shots" with my little tour in Kofu dedicated to Takeda Shingen ^__^
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Lots of stuff from Kyoto (and a jump to a theme park in Ise∼ )!

As usual, you can read the new articles on my website ^^
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Aaah, I can finally sit down and start writing about me and my adventure with the Three Most Scenic Views of Japan!
This list concerning the most beautiful sceneries of Japan was compiled in 1643 by the monk Hayashi Razan, the advisor and tutor of the first four Tokugawa shoguns.

Like the average gaijin, I knew nothing about them, the always useful Teap enlightened me when I mentioned the wish to visit Miyajima.
Since I would be staying in Kyoto, she told me to visit Amanohashidate as it was close-by, and in case to add Matsushima too, since I owned a Japan Rail Pass, so to get to see all the Nihon Sankei, something that every Japanese should see at least once in their life... )

--Just thinking about how much I walked in those days makes me feel exhausted x'D

See you again for another report soon, then! Next time I'll spend some words on the Ninja Museum that I visited in Ise, at the Ise Azuchi-Momoyama Bunkamura theme park ;D
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I wrote about it already on Uesama Dango, I see no reason to not reiterate about it here∼

I started to write about my second Nobunaga Tour on my website, please go and take a look!

Ugh, I still have so many things to write T_T
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For this new post about my whereabouts in Japan, I want to focus on the fun food that I tried during my travel.

Since the curiosity that inspired me the manga Ekiben Hitoritabi, I decided that I wanted to try some of the local bento sold at the main train stations on my way, plus I wanted to finish my tour of the Gundam Cafe and of course there would be always room for some WTF snack :D Long story short-- ITADAKIMASU! )

And that's all for this subject, see you next time with something about the "Nihon Sankei"... Get ready by googling it!
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So, my internet decided to screw itself.
Until the magic maintenance will take care of it, my posts won't be as frequent and organized as I planned T_T

...Anyway, Friday I went to LuccaComics because my friends from the IGB and GIC set up some interesting stuff to celebrate the 35th anniversary of Gundam :D
That's it, a 1/8 scale RX-78-2 and its cockpit! )

--I don't know if the cockpit will resist 4 days straight of convention, though XD When I was there I helped around as staff, it's been very fun!


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