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Now that my webcomic The Groom of the Shark (a sequel of The Bride of the Shark) is almost reaching its conclusion, I feel like babbling a bit about sharks and mermaids and ukiyo-e.

As you should know, I live in a town by the sea, and even if I can't really swim and drowning is one of the deaths I fear the most, I feel a strong bond with this element-- )

...Speaking of Japanese prints about mermaids, I also find one where a mermaid is sexually assaulted by an octopus, but I leave that to your Google skills to find XD
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Finally x'D

The extra goodie that I promised you once we'd reach the 500 fans of my webcomic ^^
For the whole month you can ask the characters of The Bride of the Sharks or The Groom of the Sharks (sure, also the characters that yet have to appear!) whatever you like ^_^ Why Toshi finds Keani cute? What kind of underwear 'Ehukai wears in the human world? What's Shinji's favourite dish or who's Ano'i's favourite Disney Princess? Ask whatever you like to your heart contents!
I'll update the webcomic with the answers every week ^_^

I look forward to your delicious request, have fun and thank you again for the support >o</ ♥ You can ask your question on the <a href="http://samemuko.smackjeeves.com/comics/1573922/samemuko-500-fans-special-ask-the-sharks/" target=new>webcomic's comments or here on DevART ;D <3
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A little "fun" something to thank everyone for the support 'til the end ^_^
--And maybe a "pretext" for the sequel XDD ?
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Sorry for the late update but I got busy with work T_T; The "Season" is up, and overtime is starting to nip at my freetime ;_;

But, your Dae is always working hard to keep you guys entertained and her mind in a frenzy XD
First of all, I posted the Epilogue of SameYome on Friday, and I'm really happy that (almost) everyone managed to enjoy it :D
It's been very fun to draw, and I liked the fact that depite the little number of pages I managed to throw in two new characters (Umino and Ano'i) and that I could entertain myself with uke!'Ehukai XD

Brainstorming with a Teap I was considering to make a sequel, featuring two new separate stories, and call the whole thing 'The Groom of the Shark' )

Stay tuned for more infos about it!
As for Tra i Fiori (90+ fans already!! YAY!), expect a new update (and the "Characters" page ^_^;) on Wednesday ;3 !
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• First of all, I finally managed to work on the first two pages of Tra i Fiori, my new webcomic :DD
Please, read it and let me know what you think about it! I look forward to your supoort and feedback ;o; <3
BTW, this is going to get updated every Wednesday ^_^

• Talking about webcomics, this morning I received the refund of SameYome booklet :o I'm glad that I got the money back, but I wanted to have an explanation for the missed printing.
Was it because it was insanely porn, after all :o ? I'll never know, apparently!
Because of this, I'm going to post the whole epilogue earlier that the end of the month :3 Look forward to these 15 pages of delicious porn on Friday night ^_^

Inspired by the Teap, I decided to open a food blog too XD
I'm not expecting it to be popular, but I liked the idea of posting my food piccies over there instead of mixing them with this journal ^_^; !

--And now it's time to sleep XD
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"I am the bone of my pencil,
Paper is my body and Ink is my blood,
I have created a thousand Panels

Unknown to Popularity
Nor known to Artist's Block
Have wistood Pain to create many

Yet, those hands will never hold anything
So as I pray
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Taking a break from the SasuIta doujin to work at least on the cover of the event only SameYome booklet-- I'm not even sure if I'll get it ready for the con >_>;;
Mmmmh, koi *_* So pretty <3 !

--In these days my shoulder is killing me ;_; Ugh, I hate these random aches all around my body T_T;;
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Sorry guys, in those days I had a few too many night/evening shifts in a row at work, so I couldn't find any time to work on Sameyome :/
I should update it tomorrow evening, though!
Also, expecty a daily page 'til the end of the month :D ! It's almost over and I wanna spoil you guys to thank you for the huge support ^__^
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Hello guys!
Dae from Siber-Fiumicino City confirms that the weather settled down here! It snowed a bit in the afternoon but now it's just raining-- The forecasts said that from tomorow this Siberian shit should leave our country alone, FINALLY.
It better does, I get back to work on the 15th, and I don't wanna deal with this shitty snow again >_> !

This said, let me fangirl over the last episode Area no Kishi:
Ah, he's so cool and manly <3
I also forgot how cute Makoto was... The anime is refreshing my memory and-- I WANNA PAIR HIM WITH EVERYONE >_> SO CUTE, MAKOTO-SENPAI >_> ..!
Next episode will give us MORE Araki >o< ! OH GOD, I can't wait <3<3<3 !!!

Also, what's with random royal titles for midfielders XD ..?
Araki in Area no Kishi is "The King", and Gino in Giant Killing is "The Prince"... LOL XD

Speaking of Giant Killing, a new chapter was just released this morning ;o; <3
During a research, I found out that Winged Manga is also scanlating the chapters right after the anime's end (the curry party) :3 Sweet!
I joined giantkilling over LJ too for GREAT JUSTICE!

Speaking of the currently scanlated arc, I feel a bit troubled, 'cause I love the members of Osaka Gunners ^___^;; ! (INTERNET, where's my righteous Hatake/Katayama?!)
Osaka will always have a special spot in my heart, LOL.

This said, I'm sorry I delayed Sameyome updates! I'll work on the new pages after dinner, so expect a belated update for today!
Also, on the Verfluch front, people are encouraging me to post it over Tumblr-- I pretty much hate Tumblr for such things :/ I'll try to find something cooler. I really like this online reading system from Wordpress, for example. --But where can I find a webspace service which is ok with shota contents >_> ..? Looks like I'll have to release new chapters monthly and release them via anonymous downloads >_> ... SOUNDS QUITE SHADY, DOESN'T IT..?
On top of everything, I noticed that the first 24 pages of Verflucht are missing from my PC >_< !! The very idea of re-editing them makes me want to kill myself x'D

Your Dae here is in a tight spot-- Also my work on the doujinshi has been delayed, I'm around 18 pages behind on the editing front ._.;; ...

...*keeps browsing Giant Killing circles on the intraweb anyway*
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• First of all, I updated VERFLUCHT on January 31 and THE BRIDE OF THE SHARK yesterday night! Make sure to read everything and give me your feedback D: !
Apparently I'm lazing off when it comes to updates XD Sorry!
I also received a concrit over Sameyome, saying that the humorous expressions/chibifications of Toshio break the flow of the narration. What do you think, f-list?
...And here I thought that I was pretty good at gag stuff ;_;

• So, there are fillers in my Beelzebub anime ;_; How come that fillers episode always smell like FAIL XD ? Anyway, last week sported an episode dedicated to the cold coming from the "Siberian Front".

I live by the sea. I don't wanna deal with this snow crap ;____; I wanna bask under the sun and drive home safely T____T --!
(Picture courtesy of a co-worker's Facebook XD)

• Because of this shitty weather, all the flights to and from FCO are late (not because of FCO, since apparently it's the only airport that is working as it should do-- BUT TRY TO EXPLAIN THAT TO THESE IDIOT PASSENGERS >_< !!), I have to work overtime, freeze to death, and so when I get back from work all I can do is SLEEP (after all it's so cold that I have to wear my pijamas under the uniform to keep myself decently warm XD).
This week I did nothing but sleep (and think about what I have to do instead of sleeping XD).
In Italy it's said that people born on April like to sleep; don't know if it applies to everyone but it does for me x'D
I feel as if every procrastination is a little failure, but what else can I do? at least I'll be on vacation on February, so I can use my time to focus on my projects :/

I really like Iwaki's voice (Iwaki is the coach of the Football "Club", Kakeru/Kota/Nana's homeroom's teacher)... It really brings out the "mood" of the character :D

--To conclude this post adequately, have a Beeze facing the cold!
SO MANLY--! ;o; !
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(Apparently it's a while since I posted SameYome updates *FAILS* S-So sorry!)


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