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I got quite busy in these days because of Ludica and my cosplay for the event (look forward to a proper report in the next hours), so I skipped on my otaku duties... But here I am, for my monthly discussion of the Italian releases on the manga that I buy <3

This month I bought a lot of back issues. The most relevant purchase is the first numbers of Bakuon Retto ("Detonation Island" in Italy), published and completed since forever but that I got to know only recently because of friends.
A back issue is also the first volume of TIGER & BUNNY comic anthologies.
Then it's Jojolion (it's finally becoming a monthly release? Oh, my!) and the last volume (THANK GOD T_T !!) of Mugen no Juunin ("L'Immortale" in Italy, "The Blade of the Immortal" in the USA).

Under the cut for bratty delinquents, immortal samurai with no jobs, underappreciated heroes and lots of random gayness. )

And that's all for this month ^0^//
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An update is required, after yesterday I spent the whole day reading Batman/Nightwing fanfictions and watching Tsuritama--!

First, some of my manga!Kycilia's cosplay making of shots:
Pictures under the cut! )
Today I started to work on the cape, my costume is 40% made and there's so little time left T_T;;
I really hope that I'll be done with the cape/epaulette stuff today, so tomorrow I can focus on the stupid pants and the belt.
Wish me look and send me some positive vibes D'x

This said, look at what I got from Teap:
IT'S A CUTE ANTON CHARMIE ;o; !!! No idea of where to put it, but it's so cute T_T; And luck is quite nice too XD --Yes, I don't care if I have only one ♥ when it comes to love XD

I'm taking my scanner duties seriously, so here's volume 3 of Exoskull Zero for TDX to use :D
This came with a sketch by Yamaguchi <3 TOTAL LOVE, Ren is quite my type, so I'm glad to see him there, in all his sketchy glory *_*

And that's all for today!
My future plans involve: working on the cosplay, watch more Tsuritama and get more Batman/Nightwing ffics to read (if you have any rec feel free to leave 'em in the comments! I'm ok with every Batman/Robin combo, but my favourite Wonder Boy happens to be Dick ;3; ♥)--
Aaah, God bless days off <3 !!!

The weather is extra nice, too!
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Finally, the report of my T&B experience in Namja Town ^o^
I had to wait 'til today because the people who went with me were slow with pictures sharing XD

Report on the park, the food and the merchandising! )

--I'm still crying over the fact that I didn't get to eat Nathan's ice-cream, FUCK T_T; ..!
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The flyer that I prepared for the con.

GIVE BISON! preview!

This Time, It's For Ever! preview!

...And now I'm off to bed 'cause I have to wake up insanely EARLY tomorrow ^_^;
No. No SameYome booklets. --That's what I get for doing things last minute, I guess...
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--Why does this remind me of Kotetsu and Antonio o____o ..?
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They arrived... And they are PERFECT, just PERFECT, no white borders anywhere ;_; <3
I'll sell them on the internet after YaYCon ^_^ I hope to sell the most of them there, actually XD
But I'm pretty sure that they'll sell very little ;_;

--Now, back to work on the SasuIta booklet è_é////
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--I was thinking about Keith and Cis (or Six, wtf Japanese spelling >_<), and this came to my mind:

Don't you feel like going to look for Dragon balls so to turn Cis into a human now ;_; ..?
...I'd like to, but I can't. I'm editing comic pages ;_;

And now that I think about it, you should REVIVE her first, and this is already 1 wish over--!
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--Everytime I have to deal with a doujinshi, the same exact crap happens.

So, this time I'd like to have your opinion, f-list, on the "screentones" subject:
Since for ever, we guys who stick to manga-styled art have to deal with this crappy screentones. We're in 2012 and we still stick to the graphic rendition of the 20th century. Why? WHY?!
Is it so weird to get a manga which is not screentoned? Isn't it a comic, still?

--So, it'd be so terrible if I don't screentone my doujinshi and leave them in grayscale..?
What are your opinions about it..?
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Ah, Nathan∼

So, I'm working on two 30+ pages doujinshi for YaYCon and since I feel strangely active and euphoric (DESPITE MY SHARP PROCRASTINATING SKILLS) I'm still taking orders for a few hentai commissions here and there--

--I can see another flu getting closer x'D
That or some psycho-neurotic attack!
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--I was checking my Tumblr ask blog for some new Antonio's questions, and an Anonymous asked me this:
--He's referring to a "fan-cast" about a hypothetical Tiger&Bunny movie.
You can read about it here.

Now, I don't wanna talk about the originality of Katsura's skills but--
I mean, the similarities with the actor just kept coming in my mind everytime I looked at him on screen XD

So, yeah, I think he'd be perfect XD

Speaking of the other characters, I'm amused by how Japanese people came with Jaye Davidson for Nathan.
...Do you wanna know my opinion about who'd SHINE as Nathan..?

--But of course I can't say that as Antonio. So I'm writing it here XD
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Your result for Which TIGER & BUNNY Hero are you?...


NEXT Power: Hundred Power

 You are Barnaby Brooks Jr., the only Hero working under his real name! He is the newest addition to Sternbild's roster of Heroes, earning him the nickname Rookie Hero, and the other half of the first Hero tag-team with Wild Tiger. His Hundred Power ability allows him to amplify his physical abilities hundredfold.

Barnaby leans more towards the side of logic when dealing with situations. He aims to deliver the best results in all his endeavors. While comfortable enough showcasing his personal life with the public, he is not so easy to trust other people and may even see them as a hindrance. But given the chance to open up, you will find Barnaby to be a compassionate soul willing to make sacrifices for those he holds dear.

Wild Tiger 29%,  Barnaby Brooks Jr. 57%, Blue Rose 29%, Origami Cyclone  21%, Sky High 29%,  Dragon Kid 29%,  Fire Emblem 43%, Rock Bison 50%

OH, I wanted to score as Antonio or Nathan but I guess that I'm not as dedicated and sensitive XD
Nice result, though :D ...I don't think that Bunny is the first hero that would come to my mind when thinking about me, but I definitely agree with many points of the description :o !!
I suggest you to take this quiz, it's pretty accurate and I'm curious to see how you guys are rated ^o^ !
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Anonymous questions (if you don't have a Tumblr account) are allowed :D !
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Finallyyyy they arrived ;_; <3 !
I bought these over Meikido :3 It's a wonderful website and its prices are the best thing ever, the only problem is that there's very little choice :/ !
Anyway, this is what I got this time--! )

At that's all XD Going to waste the rest of the day, LOL ;D !
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*a little backdated to cheat on the Naruto challenge, LOL*

So, today I spent another day with Teap! We are planning a cosplay for Romics (Gah, I should post some pics so that I could show you XD) and in these weeks we met with the tailor (since I wasn't so confident with putting together such kind of dresses-- Or better, TEAP WASN'T SO SURE ABOUT MY DESIGNING SKILLZ XD) for measurements and such-- M-My dress actually sucks ;_; It's ok, but not exactly as it was supposed to be! I would have probably done a better job with the decorations XDD In the next days I wanna try and get it fixed... I really hope that I'll manage to do it ;_; I don't want to look pitiful x'D expecially because Teap's dress is actually pretty cute and fitting, and I'm the only one who looks like a miserable XD ...
So, doujinshi, girly snacks and shopping pictures under the cut :D )

Then, Day #25 - Least Favourite Animal Summon
I'll go with Naruto's summons, Gamakichi & Gamatatsu ^_^;
I'm not fond of the frog thingies by default, but I find these two expecially useless XD

--And now into a NobuNobu drama marathon all night long, to profit of my day off tomorrow :DDD
*fights off sleepiness!*
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Me and [personal profile] aflyingteapot, still drunk with delicious Kotetsu in his shitty suit, decided to celebrate the glorious end of Tiger&Bunny by taking part into Sternbild Friend Rice Even :D Well, we actually brought Kotetsu to a Chinese Restaurant close to here instead of cooking our deal, but we were busy, you know XDD

Of course Teap sowed rice all over the netbook's keyboard >_>; --BAD TEAP >_< !!
--And as you can tell, the Kotetsu is drawn by me :3

--And here's the rest of our dinner :D )

Now I'm too sleepy to do anything else, goodnight XD
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Letting out some stuff before going to watch Numb3rS on TV... I mean, I hate this series with my whole heart, but I can't go to sleep so early, can I?

BAKUMAN ch.144 )
TIGER & BUNNY ep.21 )

On a random note, WTF, censorship on my Blood-C XDDD ?!! It felt like watching anime in Italy, ahahah XDD I spotted an Italian name during the credits of the ED, was he the Director of Censorship? LOLOLOL x'DDD (What I am lolling for? I WANT BLOOD AND DISMEMBERMENT D':)
Also Beelzebub is getting better and better ;o; And now a lot of doujinshi that I found make sense, LOL XD --MIKICHAAAAN ;_; OMG, I need the new episode ;o; !! WHERE IS IT?!!

--OMG, and this afternoon in a fit of boredom I watched some MTV... WHAT THE FUCK WITH THE CRAP THAT THEY AIR? --Isn't MTV supposed to air MUSIC shows XD ?!
I am for ever horrified. Now I feel the urge to find some 16 year old girl and smash her face against a wall, expecially if they are pregnant or they are about to celebrate their fucking birthday D':
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--After the shota streak I assume that I'll take care of my bara/Tiger&Bunny bunnies now XD
--I wanted to draw big brother Kaburagi since his first appearance, but I managed to sketch this pin-up only today and only at this hour ;_;

I recently read the translation of the drama CD about Antonio and Kotetsu's young days and it's so *UNF* inspiring ;o;
I decided that Antonio was gay for Kotetsu since then (OF COURSE), but because of Tomoe, he got in a very immoral and dirty relationship with Kaburagi-nii to suppress his uncomfortable feelings XD
Mhhh, as soon as I have some time I'll definitely put this in comic form <3<3 !

...Kaburagi-nii... PLEASE, MARRY ME ;o; <3 !!
Me, or Antonio xD
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'Cause I really need to get this out of my system XD


--Fuck. A few years ago I made an entry listing all the pairings that I supported from each fandom-- I can't find it anymore D: --DAMN MY TARDIVE USE OF TAGS.


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