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--Today my webcomic Tra i Fiori came to an end.
It's been fun and bothering, and I can finally let out a sigh of relief.
It's finally done, it's completed, I can close this book and put it in my library. Now I can finally relax.

--Before I start working on the end of The Groom of the Shark, doh >_<; !
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--Of course! Go figure if I can manage to follow a schedule every now and then XD

Anyway, yesterday I started to sort out things, I came up with a "storyboard" for Tra i Fiori and its conclusion.
Feel free to take a peek at how my mind works x'DD

I saw that it'll take me 13+1 pages (the "1" is just a tiny extra "Thanks" page) to finish the story.
And I decided that I want to end it within this month.

So expect multiple pages updates in the next days. I'm going to start tomorrow with 4 pages 'til I'll be done. *determination*

Once I'll be done with Fiori, March is going to be The Groom of the Shark's month: in fact the second part of the sharky sequel will come to an end within this month.

The spring season will see the start of Hana no Ka wa tsugu (that will be shortened as HanaKa... I can tell you this already XD), which is going to be a very short comic, that hopefully I can take care of during the whole month without further stress.
The protagonists of this tiny sequel of Sakura Mishouzo are going to be Mitsubachi (that now goes by the name Hachida Mitsuhiko) and Oda Nobutada, the son of the famous general Oda Nobunaga.

Outsuke-dono, another short story about the youth of Nobunaga through the eyes of his young retainer Maeda Toshiie, will see light on May, as I anticipated, if not earlier, once I'll be done with HanaKa.

...And let's see if I can follow this shit. One step at time, let's start to get rid of these fucking bunnies.
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So, today I went on and took care of the final character designs of the Tra i Fiori's shortie that I was talking about yesterday :D

Under the cut for Etruscan fairies and cute robins! )

Look forward to this story, 'cause it's going to be both smexy and educative!
..And now let's upload the new page of Tra i Fiori x'D
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Here I aaaam!

Since the new year is always an excuse for resolutions, I decided that it's time for me to sit down and start to plan out things, in the remote possibility that I'd focus my creativity properly for once... But also as a chance for some kind of "road map" of 2014!
As you can see, this year I wanna focus on original projects, most of them deriving from my webcomics.

① TRA I FIORI 'Capitolo di Viterbo' )
② 花の香は撞く ('Hana no Ka wa tsugu' = 'The flowers' fragrance ringing') )
③? 大うつけ殿 ('Outsuke-dono' = 'Lord Fool') )
④ La Belle Époque )

And this is all for now :3
There are other projects and ideas that are still floating in my mind, see the never aborted projects on Tamara de Lempicka and Dorian Gray, or those Nazis whose story I'll have to tell someday, and what about that Sci-Fi thing which only thing defined was its title..? Well, for now I'd like to focus on the titles that really revamp my inspiration :3

...Anyway, I'll keep you updated XD
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Another interesting post by your Dae-- So many posts in a few days, I'm surprised by so much activity, considering how lethargic I am for every other issue of my life XD

Anyway, I wanna profit of my recent updates of Tra i Fiori to talk about an issue that really intrigues me in these days, Japanese weaponry.

While drawing Kouyo and Mizume pumping out their "fighting spirit", I decided to go with a traditional rendition of samurai warriors.
Avoiding the popular opinion, though, I decided to portray them wielding polearms instead of the more "common" katana. This is why. )
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I got a new packlet from Japan <3
--Weird stuff, as usual XD
You can read about its lovely contents here!

Also ;_; I got struck by some weird stomachache this afternoon (and terrible heat! What the fuck?! I want my rain back ;_; !!!), so no strenght to work on the new pages of Tra i Fiori T_T
So I'm going to update it tomorrow, look forward to it! We're entering the final act, and it's he dawn of an EPIC clash :D !
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--I thought that a Facebook account would be enough but people seems to like to ignore it, so I'll write about it here too.

About my webcomics updates!

Tra i Fiori has been just updated today, on WEDNESDAY, and it WILL BE UPDATED EVERYDAY 'TIL SATURDAY 15/6.
The Groom of the Shark will be updated NEXT MONDAY, and it WILL BE UPDATED EVERYDAY 'TIL FRIDAY 21/6.

You got it?
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I decided to open cheap and simple commissions for a limited time (maybe for 2 months, or 'til I reach 10 slots, dunno!), so if you want something from me you may try it ^_^ !

Here are the samples and prices, for further infos you may want to check the pics' descriptions!
The boys are from my webcomic Tra i Fiori, so cute, I love this concept, I may try and draw everyone ♥

SAKURA MOCHI - 6 euros Commission Sample by ~daevakun on deviantART

MOMIJI MANJU e CAFFE' - 10 euros Commission Sample by ~daevakun on deviantART

If you are interested or want to enquire about something feel free to use comments or PMs, I'll reply you promptly!
...And now I'm off to work on The Groom of the Shark new pages >_< !
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So, yesterday morning I decided to go to EUR for the hanami!
And guess what? IT WAS TOO EARLY =_=

Anyway, since I was there, delicious meal included, I could as well take a few pictures as refs and ispirations for my 'Tra i Fiori' webcomic :3 ! )

...And that's all for a useless, yet enjoyable, day outside!
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I wish everyone who watches and supports me a great Christmas and a Happy New Year :D
Be good, and make sure to start the upcoming 12 months the best way <3 !!!

Season Greeting 2012 by ~daevakun on deviantART

To give you a reason to be happy (I hope XD), I'll post a double update of both my webcomics during Christmas time :D

Here's the update schedule:
24th - Update of SameMuko
25th - Update of both Fiori and SameMuko
26th - Update of Fiori

Look forward to it, and again, SEASONAL GREETINGS ;D !
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I think that Mizume is right, though T_T
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So, Tra i Fiori finally reached 500+ fans over Smackjeeves...
I decided to make a wallpaper to celebrate-- Even if nobody asked for it ._.
I'll upload it tomorrow for download, together with the next update :3

As I drew this, I kept getting "flower bunnies"... I think that I'll probably draw more of these "fairies", even if they won't show in the comic :0
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...Sorry for late ._.
Anyway, enters Kouyo! Please, check the Author Comment on the new page 'cause I need suggestions for Kouyo's dialect rendition!
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--I'm a bit ashamed D: The page was ready since forever, but apparently I got addicted to doing nothing and I let it root for a week ._.;
But now updates are going to be regular again, so look forward to it >o< !!
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Recently I'm really busy and un-focused on my webcomics duties, so I decided to take a short hiatus and resume working on the webcomics once the weather will be nicer and I'll be less busy with real life and/or easily distracted.
Hopefull on September 3 everything should be back on track :3

• In these days I was extremely busy with work, working overtime almost everyday kinda killed me, also if I rarely work more that 6 hours a day.
• I'm busy with my cosplay, in an unproductive way that makes me way too aware of its imperfection, in a neverending work of sewing-ripping that makes me feel as smart as Penelope... • For the sake of cosplay I took a few commissions to pay some horrifying white boots, and I'm not even sure if they'll reach me per time, since it's crap from China and the customs really enjoy keeping such things FOR EVER in their care.
• Besides this, I also managed to keep up with some otaku duties. I watched Madoka Magica, as I told you already, and managed to read Hellsing and Bokurano mangas in their entirety, finally.
• I also started to read Elfen Lied manga, I used to keep up with the RAWs once the anime was over but that was quite useless and stopped XD
• I found a copy of The Portrait of Dorian Gray on an aircraft during work, and I decided to keep it to give it a read, since nobody requested it back... IT DRUGGED ME x'D
I filled it with all kind of gay subtexts everywhere (I decided that Dorian/Alan totally happened LOL) so I managed to enjoy it even more! I'M COMPLETELY CHARMED, I TELL YOU! I HAVE TO DRAW THIS SHIT!!!
While searching the internet I got to know that an 'uncensored' version, featuring the original version printed in monthly magazines, and I'd like to read it.
Maybe I found the Italian version, I need further investigations!
• I also got to know that a fancy movie starring Ben Barnes was released, but I don't really think that I'll watch it, because reading bits of the plot DISGUSTED me >_<; ..!
I may consider to watch Wilde, though....
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Sorry for late!
Got caught up in laziness >_>;


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