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Happy Middle Birthday
by ~daevakun on deviantART

♥ !

--And now I'm going to finally watch the football match ;_; ..!
Today I gave up and I decided that I'm going to sleep at my Granma's home.
My neighbourhood is really molest. This morning I was about to have a car acciodent because I was too sleepy ._.
Apparently people are no xpected to sleep in their own home in this shitty town.
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...It's going to be a image heavy post ^_^;

Happy Birthday, Itachi '12 by ~daevakun on deviantART


This said, here's the long waited doujinshi reviews post :D
This year I managed to catch one of my Japanese friends available to attend SuperComic City, and offering to pay the entrance, she accepted to buy me stuff- Horray ;_;/
So, this year I managed to get goodies from the second edition of Uchiha Matsuri, a "Petit Only Event" managed by the legendary Mutsumix.
Unfortunately the weather was bad and she managed to get there later than usual, and the most of the Uchiha deliciousness was all sold-out already, but I got the things I wanted the most anyway >o< !
As you can see, I got the Uchiha Matsuri anthology (KYAAAAH!) featuring short stories from (almost!) all the circles taking part to the event, then Oniichan to Issho by Bisco☆Lover, the new book of my beloved Shiokagen, Oniichan Hagukutemasu!
Then my friend presented me Mutsumix's new copybook, Kyoudai ai de idome!! and the event's pamphlet (which wasn't for free!) ;o; ♥
Under the cut for pics and-- Shhh, a tiny, mysterious download too >3> ! )

And that's all >o<
...Wow, writing this post took me for ever T_T; *cries a bit*

*crossposted without honor or humanity!*
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The flyer that I prepared for the con.

GIVE BISON! preview!

This Time, It's For Ever! preview!

...And now I'm off to bed 'cause I have to wake up insanely EARLY tomorrow ^_^;
No. No SameYome booklets. --That's what I get for doing things last minute, I guess...
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I know that some of you were waiting for this XD
It's a new doujinshi review post from your Dae :D !
On a commercial note, the items marked with a * are on sale; for a series of troubles and misunderstandings, I got double copies of them, so I'm at least trying to get back my monies T_T; If you're interested feel free to send me a PM :D The prices are listed in their respective reviews :D

'貴兄に捧げるうた' by Mutsumix )
'君に贈る未来' by Mutsumix )
'イモラリスト' by Arcon )
'Unconfirmed Love' by ice*ico )
'弟あそび' bi Shiokagen [ON SALE!] )
'ねこみみ' by Shiokagen [ON SALE!] )
'Countdown' by Shiokagen [ON SALE!] )
'嘘から出た実' by Jack In the Box [ON SALE!] )

And that's all for today's menu ;D
(crossposted here and there for the sales stuff :3)
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ARGH, I'M SO ANXIOUS T_T; I'm still waiting for the Sameyome booklets to find their way home ;_; I don't even know if they were printed already, if they were shipped-- ARGH, THIS WAITING IS KILLING ME!!!
I'm wondering what to do if I won't bring these "Event Only" booklets ;_; They're Event Only, I can't go and try to sell 'em online anymore T_T; ARGH, I DON'T EVEN WANNA THINK ABOUT IT!!! After all the extra efforts that I put theeeereee! *head explodes*

--So, don't make me think about such things for a bit ;_; Time to update this place and time to update with things that I know you were looking forward too-- LIKE MY ANIME&MANGA CHATTING, OF COURSE XD

Again, the sketchy spotlight is for Itachi and Sasuke from Naruto manga :D
I'm so glad that Itachi and Sasuke decided to join forces against Kabutomaru ;_; It's all SO CUTE and MOVING, and we get more delicious "childhood flashbacks" :D
--Ok, I'm really in the mood to review the Uchiha doujinshi that I recently got from online shopping and Japan now XD

Here are the series that finished airing this season, with my definitive ratings! )

And here are the opinions about the last read and watched stuff :D
GUNDAM AGE ep.24 )
PHI BRAIN ep.24 )

Oh, and that's all for now :D
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--So, what's with the absence of ENTHUSIASTIC REACTIONS for my Antonio-centric doujinshi in my previous post..? YOU ARE HORRIBLE PEOPLE, F-LIST è_é !

Anyway, today I'm here to talk about the PURE AWESOMENESS that is Uchihacest, thanks to the last events in Naruto manga >3
Where Sasuke runs after his brother, for a change XD )

--How can I wait another whole week >_< ?!!
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...And I'm so proud of myself T_T;
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I'm up for some old-fashioned Itachi's portrait∼
--The flower that he's holding in his hand is the most complicated shit to draw EVER D:
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So, I used the services of Yokatta under Teap's suggestion to get a few Mutsumix goodies and I must say that it worked quite well :3 They are fast with their replies and the shipping.
They ask for a commission of 700 yen each 3 items, but note that the commission applies to each shop. If you buy, for example, 2 doujinshi from Toranoana and 1 from K-BOOKS, you'll have to pay a commission of 1400 yen..!
So, yeah, it's not very convenient unless you organize your shopping with a friend and plan on splitting the expenses.
--Also, they don't do convention/events shopping :/ !

--Isn't it a lovely pack ;o; ..? It's Happy Summer Time copybook, the porny そして、涕の理由を and the set of Uchiha Neko charms/keychains ;o; Everything is so adorable∼♥ !!

Under the cut for pics and summaries! )

...And that's it!
Now I better work my ass of MY Uchihacest doujinshi >3> ...
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--Some manga chatting 'cause I think that it's my duty to share my thoughts over such events.
BAKUMAN. ch.150 )
NARUTO ch.599 )

Also, while browsing Mutsumix's page I got to see that there will be another Uchiha Matsuri on May ;o; !!!! I-- Last year I totally missed that and I couldn't get the books that I longed for (like this one, featuring Sasuke/chibi!Itachi ♥ or all the Shiokagen goodies ;_;)-- SO THIS TIME I SHOULD COME WITH AN ADEQUATE STRATEGY AND EVERYTHING Dx ! *plots*
Also, my favouritest Kuroshitsuji circle, Kurimonakaya, is hosting a Shinigami porn anthology and ASAFSAFDHSDFHJ--MUST HAVE IT ;o;
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It's over :D
I hope I managed to entertain you, if just a little bit ;3; <3

Day #30 - Character(s) You Want To See Till The End Of The Series
Of course, Itachi and Sasuke TOGETHER FOREVER ;3; !!
Of course it's never going to happen, but if Kishimoto-sensei allows me, I have a few suggestions on how to make this happen.
Ok, so we know that Itachi is going to face Kabutomaru. Kabutomaru is up for a fight, but since he's getting his ass kicked, he decides to get rid of Itachi by turning him back into a corpse by removing the zombie jutsu-- And as he's about to do it, a dark spear pierced him from behind-- It's Sasuke's Susanoo and his righteous punishment!
So, the two brothers face each other-- Now what? Itachi is not going to accept this lack of epic death, but Sasuke doesn't want to lose his big bro again-- He doesn't want to feel again lonely and desperate-- He can now see the light in darkness and he's willing to not destroy Konoha despite his huge Eternal Magenkyou powers-- Itachi looks at his little bro questioningly, but his doubts are easily erased: Sasuke is going to protect konoha from Madara's craziness, but in return, once everything will be fixed, Itachi is going to retire with him on the mountains and become his uke for ever and ever. --Gay immortality FUCK YEAH è_é/

--Happily ever after ♥
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So, yesterday I worked on those two comiclets I told you, and here they are:

On his Own?! - Litchi Hikari Club / All Characters / G
GIRLS HAVE COOTIES! (remake) - Naruto / SasuIta+Shisui / G

Damn, I was looking around my comics gallery over DevART and I really feel like re-drawing the most of them o__o;
--Stuff like "Maybe Next Time" or "Getting Things Started"... UGH o__o; I'll never manage to take care of all this stuff T_T !
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--You missed my stream of daily posts in these days, didn't you XD ?

Anyway, as promised, here I am to review the booklets that I bought during my trip to Japan.
I'll start with Naruto (Itachi/Sasuke) and StarDriver (Reiji/Sugata) :3
This first batch performs (from top-left, clockwise): STAR DRAMATICS by ぼけBON, 恋するけしき by Limpid, Hide the Stars by ぼけBON, 君が美しい少年で本当によかった anthology by various artists (led by Limpid), then, on the ItaSasu department, Happy Morning by Mutsumix, by Echigoya, Who goes there? by TASOGAREDOKI and うちはにゃんこ日和 by Kiroku∼

According to my scanning policy, I'm probably not going to scan the StarDriver books for now, but the ItaSasu's are a given, since the most of them are sold out a long time.
--Anyway, you just keep an eye on Aarinfantasy for downloads :3

NARUTO reviews )
STAR DRIVER reviews )

And that's all for now, I really need to sleep after this Dx Sorry for mistakes and typos, but it really took me more than I anticipated ^_^;
See you tomorrow for Oofuri and Hajime no Ippo ^__^/ I promise you porny bunnies >DDD
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Do you know? I really did my best to ignore this Tsugaru/Psyche thing from the Durarara! fanon, but I happend to read a doujinshi about them and ASAFZAFI'M ADDICTED.
See the whole thing @DeviantART
---Why can't I draw cute faces D: ?

I expecially love when they got to meet their "real identities", and honest smex happens XD
Ugh, my favourite DRRR! circle produced some-- NOW I HAVE TO GET THEM ;_;
Assault Beer too-- *FAPFAPFAP--*

Also, ALSO!
Some days ago I received an ItaSasu gashapon from [livejournal.com profile] sookybabi for my birthday ;o;
I-IT'S SO CUTE, in a classic ItaSasu way XDD --Nothing is more heartwarming than two brothers trying to kick each other's ass, don't you think XDD ?

--This gashapon made me also realize that I seriously need to clean up my figures D: ...And that I have to sell off the most of them, 'cause I'm getting kinda sick of these cuties grabbing all this dust-- Probably in the next days I'll start a "Spring Cleaning" sale of gashapon, figures and artbooks :/ ...
Probably I should try to sell them on Ebay..?

These last weeks pretty much sucked ;_; I also neglected my webcomics 'cause I was in a total art-slump (and it's not like right now I feel better, but at least now I have that "urge to draw" that I totaly missed recently)... Tomorrow I'll try to catch up with Verflucht (to stop like that right when I promised the smex, how cruel of me XD), and hopefully I'll do the same with Sameyome on Friday... Also, [livejournal.com profile] shade5005, I didn't forget about you ;_;

I SERIOUSLY NEED TO DRAW MORE. I even dropped all my doujinshi projects T_T --!!
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Oh, while browsing through Japanese websites it occured to me that today is 2/3 ^_^; Also readable as NIISAN! YAY FOR BIG BROTHERS, then ^o^ (somehow it's perfect with my previous Kasuka/Shizuo post XD)

On top of it, abominablysweet from Aarinfantasy scanlated Soko wa Sekai, an ItaSasu doujinshi that I scanned a few days ago :D
So, it really is a perfect Niisan Day x3 ♥

Feel free to share thoughts and goodies over your favourite big brother characters in the comments, to to turn this post in a chance for fangirly squeeing ;o; ♥ !


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