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Oooh, this morning I got to buy myself some Katsura's goodies:
Under the cut for Zetman fangirling! )

Gah, I need doujinshi, like, NOW ♥
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--I'm sickly ;_; I don't wanna go back to work on monday ;_; *sneezes*

Anyway, since I'm very bored but also very weak and such, and I have no motivation EVER to work on something productive, today I finally decided to update my showcase with some stuff that I got in the last months and left there in their boxes 'cause my room was (is!) still a mess and didn't want to deal with it.

First of all, my Rei Ayanami collection, the very heart of my collection:
I finally managed to count them all, I reached the 59 Rei's figures :o !
Considering that I started to buy them back in 2001 and only recently I got to know the joys and pains of online shopping, it's a nice booty.
FUN FACT! The Rei dressed as police officer in a black uniform is a wrong item! Actually I ordered the one with the blue uniform.
When I enquired FromJapan about it, well aware that it was an error of the shop and not theirs, they told me that to get money back I had to return the item at my expenses; but I didn't want my money back, I wanted the right figure XD So I suggested that I could send the wrong item at my expenses and the least that they could do was sending me the right item at their expenses: they said that they couldn't do that, that I had to pay also the the shipping of the right item-- OOOOOH GUYS. I just gave up and kept that horrible policeman in mourning clothes >_>;
I really believe that the guys from FromJapan have to think of something about such accidents, it's not as if we international buyers can be always the fools who have to pay for everything, even for other people's errors :/

Oh, well.

The other thing to show you is what I like to call my "Badass Shelf" x'DD
I'm satisfied by how I managed to fit all that shit there :D
This contains figures and gashapon from some of my favourite series-- WORST, Shigurui, Kakugo no Susume, Gundam... The last additions feature stuff from some other beloved series-- You can't spot them really well in the picture, but I got this complete collection of gashapon of Kamui Gaiden, these two action figures from the same franchise and this cute Alphas action figure from Zetman, a series that apparently I'm the only one who loves x'DDD

And well, that's all XD
Now I'm hopefully waiting for other stuff, but the most of them will arrive on December (LOL, Surface Mail x'D)... Hopefully I'll post again earlier than that, though x'D
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Time for a legit Figure post!
Please, realize that this post is going to be PAINFULLY image heavy.

First! A few days ago I finally managed to buy my cute little (well, not so little--) glass showcase from IKEA for the joy of my cute figures!
You can see under the cut how I gracefully arranged all of them. )

This said, this morning I also received the Baki figure that Truhania from Boxers&Rice presented me for Christmas!
He's so nice T_T; Not only he requests lots of commissions everytime, but he also needed to present me this cute little jewel-- T_T;

More shots under the cut! )--Isn't it plain adorable ;_; ..?

Then, all this talking about Reis and figures made me want to compose a tiny wishlist of all the things that I'd like to acquire in the next future (don't worry, there's still space in the showcase >D)--
Under the cut for Dae's Figure Wishlist∼ )

--And now I'm off to read more Crows∼!
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Ok, this evening I finally watched the last episode of Sakamichi no Apollon, I cried, then I read the manga to check the differences, I cried some more, and now I am for a comprehensive post about the anime that just ended this season :D

--Let's go in order!
Fate/Zero 2 - score: 8 )
Aquarion EVOL - score: 5 )
Kimi to Boku 2 - score: 7 )
Zetman - score: 7 )
Sakamichi no Apollon - score: 9 )

And damn.
I crave for katsudon right now ;_; --And katsudon and curry rice are the things that I can eat properly only in Japan T_T
This afternoon I googled for Japanese restaurants in Rome sporting katsudon in their menu, and I found one by the train station that I usually get off at with some good reviews-- I'M DEFINITELY GOING TO TRY IT ;_; !!

Also, Charon is here. Don't expect me to be very active on the internet in these days-- It's just so hot that even keeping my netbook turned on kills me with extra heat T_T;;;
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I liked the last episode of Zetman! The original story got even more messed and mixed up (making some parts really stupid... And I'm talking about the "adventures" of iro and Ichiro :/), but I liked how the director is dealing with it.
I didn't find plausible at all how Konoha is hiding at Auntie's home (she didn't even knew her!) but I liked how the director dealt with Haitani's "live show" and how Kouga's dad was thrown so solidly in the plot already.
I was sad for Hayami T_T; I mean, he's one of the worst character of the series (but the one I hate the most is Hanako :/ I was ok with her, but the last events in the manga made me hate her quite a lot =_=; She didn't deserve cute Jin-kun ;_; Katsura-sensei), but I liked how he genuinely "loved" Kouga XD IN THE ANIME HE EVEN GOT TO SAY THAT SO-VERY-GAY "I love you, Kouga" (or was is Alphas? Anyway, IT WAS GAY AND I LIKED IT) ;o; <3 In the anime Kouga killed him, but we all know that Kouga's cool point as a "hero" is that he never killed "human beings" :/ So I found quite OOC how he killed everyone in that room as they suggested to "use" Alphas as a tool for their evil schemes :/
All in all, I have the impression that the whole anime is quite mediocre compared to the manga, but the manga had more room for development (that in many cases reached levels of honest WTF anyway) and yeah, I'll never bore to repeat it, the anime has over 16 volumes of manga condensed in 13 episodes.
This said, the more I read/watch, the more I spot similarities between Alphas and Sky High:
Ok, an actual comparison is impossible, but if you put aside the fact that TIGER&BUNNY is an OVER-POSITIVE series and ZETMAN is its darkest counterpart, it gets really easy to see how the two characters resemble each other!

Also, while I was looking for refs to do the sketch above, I got to know that at the end of March a novel about Alphas was released. --And that Katsura was there in Shibuya to sign some volumes to celebrate the new releases (novel, manga and artbook) ;____; IF I KNEW EARLIER T_T; --!!

To end this post on a cute note, this week moment of ABSOLUTE CUTENESS goes to Kimi to Boku 2, and how cutely Masaki and Matsushita-chan fan-fapped over Shun-chan and Yuki respectively (apparently Matsushita-chan is gay for Yuki. LOL.) and on how high they can jump during their volleyball match XDD OH-MY-GOD, THAT WAS SO CUTE, BOTH OF THEM BEING SO TINY AND CUTE ASASASFASF
--I'm glad that this episode wasn't about Chizuru and his love troubles with Masaki. The first time I cried a bit, the second was cute, the third I was a bit bored and the fourth I had enough XD
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Today is my day off, so I'm using it to focus on my webcomic updates :3
Since in the last days I took care of few commissions I had some troubles to keep up my usual webcomic pace, so now I'm taking care of it.
Right now I'm working on page 3 and 4 of SameMuko (above a teaser of page 4, online next week :D), and after that I have to color page 10 of Fiori, updated on Wednesday.

This morning I got to read two new chapters of Zetman ♥ ! I LOVE THIS SERIES ;_; The art is just STUNNING, and Katsura's plot are so evil and tricky XD
Haitani is kinda growing on me-- I like "fabulous" and ambiguous villains like him XD --And Kouga is so cute ;_; I DON'T CARE IF HE'S NAIVE AND EASILY TROUBLED, I LIKE THAT KIND OF CHARACTERS ;o; !!!
--He's like a fail!version of Sky High, ASADFSDFS XD
Can't wait for the next chapters >o< !!
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HERE THEY ARE ;o; !!! Aaah, HOW CUTEEEE T_T;; !!! despite my crappy sketch LOL
--Still, in the manga this scene was better. Kouga, finally meeting again the mysterious guy who taught him what it meant to be a "hero" during the case of the arsonist-- I really don't know why the director decided to have them be childhood friends >_< !! Their dialogue in the anime when they met again felt so weird ;_; !

Also, Kouga is simply adorable ;_;
I mean-- He's not so great after all, isn't he XD ? He's aware of his limits, but he works hard to go over them-- And the TENDERNESS that he feels for Kouga is just the cutest.
--When he's troubled over the fact that he wants to fight together with him as a fellow hero, but he also wants him to live his happy life as a human being-- I MEAN, DON'T WE ALL FEEL THE SAME ;_; ?!!
I really have no idea of how people can bash him T_T; !
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I hated this kind of fans even since the time of Fullmetal Alchemist, and I really can't stand to have them everywhjere complaining about the stuff that I enjoy >_< !

Yes, I read Zetman manga too, and I complained about the condensed plot too, 'cause yeah, the direction is quite rushed and "cheap" compared to the manga, but what are you expecting? They are telling the events of 16 volumes (even more, considering what happened on the last episode) in 13 episodes, and they are also making it so they wouldn't get sued for all kind of intellectual crimes XD

Why you people can't enjoy an anime for what is is, pure, simple entertainment ;_; ?
I started to read Zetman back in the days, first the homonymous, wonderful pilot story, then the rest of the serialization. I dropped it because of lack of money and time.
Then, DECADES LATER, the anime happened, and, as I was at first kinda confused by the narration (I was quite sure that Kouga wasn't Jin's childhood friend at first, but I wasn't so sure since my memory of the story was quite foggy XD) I still managed to enjoy it, and it also inspired be to get back to the manga (that I DEVOURED in three days)... So, can you just watch it and shut the fuck up, or lace your full attention on Sakamichi no Apollon, instead (and make us believe that you actually care about jazz)?
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Some random anime/manga chat!

I'm really enjoying watching Gundam AGE and Saint Seiya Omega.
--I assume that I regressed to a teenager XD ?
I don't know, but I find these two series so refreshing and fun to watch, compared to their most recent sequels-- They have the same 'naive freshness' of their first versions, expecially the latter.

The last episode of Omega featured cute Ryuho, or Ryuu's son :D
H-He's so unbelievably CUTE >_>; ! I think that I can pair him with Kouga quite easily x'DD

Besides anime, I also resumed the reading of Zetman manga 'cause the anime is pissing me off, and I wanna read how the "real story" goes XD
T-The anime is so cluttered T_T; but it's not so bad. It's like a huge soup summary without the orgies and the rapes XD
Also, I'm probably a disillusioned moron, but I really like the character of Kouga (too many Kougas in this post XD) ;_; And I think that if I properly read Zetman before watching Tiger&Bunny, I wouldn't have loved Tiger&Bunny so much XD


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