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How lame of me T_T

I was working on the updates of my website when, working on the Exoskull Zero article as I looked for pics, I realized that the guy on volume 5's cover is-- MY BEAUTIFUL HARARA ;_; !!!

...I mean, at least he looks like Harara XD
I investigated, and he's actually called "Arahito Oni".
I'm not sure if he's still related to Kakugo (I spy the kanji for "little brother" over there, but I have no idea of how it relates to the rest of the sentence, LOL XD) but he's still a hermaphrodite (well, Harara was a transexual, not a hermaphrodite, technically speaking) and he still wears Kasumi-- FUCK, WHY IS NOBODY SCANNING THIS DAMN MANGA?! WHERE ARE YOU, BASTARDS!!!!!??!!!

Since I couldn't live with so little infos, I investigated the Harara matter on intraweb through Japanese blogs-- And this is one of the most important evidences that I found:
So he IS a hermaphrodite ;3; ♥
It's also confirmed that he may be Kakugo's brother here too. Japanese is a MEH language, so they can say stuff without making you understand what they're saying, so it's all vague and such, but it's probable that the "little brother" that Harara is talking about to Ren in this chapter may be Kakugo.
Also, he's not called Harara yet, they just use that "Arahito Oni", which vaguely translates as "Human Demon", the nickname that Harara had back in Susume days...
I don't know you guys, but I love where this shit is going ;_; ♥

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