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Damn, I almost forgot to update this, taken aback as I was with Tra i Fiori's shortie x'D ...Fortunately updating my DevArt account reminded me of this!

My friends, faithful readers, I'm happy to say that yesterday I finished my first gunpla kit, a Zaku II FS (Garma Zabi Custom)!
--Here he is in all its perplexity after my shabby (but passionate!) job... OMG, I LOVE IT x'DDDDDDDDDD ♥

(yesterday is was cloudy, so my room was extra dark even in the morning-- Sorry for the bad quality of the pics T_T)

So, let's start with a close up of the first bit that I properly polished and completed, the Zaku's cutest head:
OH MY GOD. I love how expressive this simple thing can be XD Just a change of angle, and it looks perplexed or freakin' badass as here x'DD
In case you wonder about the rough but effective shadowing, I used a simple pigment liner, those used for technical designs (I have a lots 'cause I use them to ink my stuff), which lines were softened with by brushing a simple q-tip over them along the shape of the part that needed the shadowing.

Here's a general pic of all the parts did 'til the day before, assembled but still needing some extra polishing.
I'm really bothered by all the tiny errors and how visible they are on such a dark kit, but I guess that making mistakes is part of the process of learning-- Meh :/

At this point all that was left was the shoulders armoir.
As you can see, I already sanded the shoulder pad in this pic, as the shoulder shield was just cut out of the sprue.
I was extra nervous, 'cause those are the most important parts of the kit (together with the head) and they are extremely visible, so making a shabby job on them would have mean ruining the whole thing.

--And in the end I still managed to ruin it T_T; !!
DAMN, I hate these fucking nubs XDDD And I hate these dark colours!!!

And the final result is the one that you spotted at the beginning of this post XD

Now that this report is over I'm fully aware of how vague it's been XD
Thank you for keeping up with me in these days x'D !
And see you again for Char's Zaku ♥

Date: 16/1/14 17:27 (UTC)
amelia_seyroon: (Default)
From: [personal profile] amelia_seyroon
It's so cute? XD

thomasvye from LJ

Date: 16/1/14 19:51 (UTC)
From: (Anonymous)
He looks awesome! :DDD


Date: 16/1/14 23:07 (UTC)
From: (Anonymous)
It looks so awesome! Thats a good result and its so much effort :0
I really like the soft tone (matte?) it looks so smooth, like a babies ass :PP
(Also thumbs up for the Q-tip skills XD )

<3<3<3 you have so much output these days, you will have burn-out syndrome ^^" \o/

Oh i forgot..

Date: 16/1/14 23:11 (UTC)
From: (Anonymous)
When u spend so much time creating smthn like this its only you who sees all the tiny errors, because you know thecdetails and took all that time. For me looking at it the first time it looks like perfect :D

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