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I was just done with my first gunpla, and this afternoon the postman delivered me the stuff for my OOAK dolls (shopping courtesy of a Teap) x'D
...Whatta timing!

The boys are going to become handmade dolls of Char Aznable and Garma Zabi, my OTP from Gundam XD
I decided to make myself a Char's doll 'cause the one sold by Devilock is sold at ridiculous prices (and just today I found an auction with the same doll sold at 1000 yen-- UHMMMMMMM'KAY.) and the idea of adding a Garma to pair him up with just followed naturally x'D

The specs for the bodies and heads are these:
• For Char, who's manlier and stronger, I picked a NEO EB Body GO by Volks in "GUY" color. To avoid myseld some hassle, I picked a GO-03 head with rooted hair, always by Volks, always in GUY color with "Platinum Gold" hair color.
• For Garma, who's pretty much the "young lord" character, I picked a cute Slim Body by Obitsu in "White" color, and a Type 03 unrooted head (always in White color, always by Obitsu) since I noticed that it's pretty similar to the Volks' GO-03, to give both characters some coherence with their original looks.

At first I wanted to buy them both Volks heads, but since there was not one with hair rooted as Garma has (side part), I decided that I could go down with this project and learn something about rooting dolls heads too >_> ...Let's hope that I won't ruin it, 'cause Teap told me that it was the only one that she found x'D

Now, as I was opening the boxes to check the boys, the first terrible discovery:
The neck perk of Char was broken.

I'm pretty sure that there are tutorials on how to change a Volk's perk (since Obitsu's body had a spare that I could use for him, since the heads are compatible with both bodies), but for now I fixed things the Southern Italian way (= with violence) and I just forced the broken perk into the doll's head.
For now it's working so I'm not worrying, LOL.

The second thing that I had to do was tying up Char's hair 'cause it was going all over the place already-- A simple ponytail wasn't enough, so here's a cute braid:
His hair is so pretty, so silky and shiny ;___; <3

After these first adjustment, I took off the Obitsu Garma and I played a bit with them.
It's pretty obvious that, even if Volks sculping is waaaay better and more detailed, the Obitsu's body is more solid and durable.
As I was posing Char's body here, his right arm came off x'D
The Volks looks more poseable, but it's also because its jointa are softer and more flexible. I'm not sure about how much I like this. As much as I'll like to pose my boys in a broad range of naughty ways, I'd also love for them to *stay* in pose and for their joints to not come loose... Oh, well, I guess that both bodies have their merits and flaws :3

Now for some proper comparison:
I'm delighted about how Char's body is sturdier and taller than Garma's, despite being both 1/6 scale dolls ^o^
Char's body totally fits my idea of a bishounen soldier boy, compared to Garma, that even if he's a soldier boy too, he enjoyed a way nicer life.
I like Char's legs, they are well-shaped and muscular just how I expected them to be, but I'm a bit sorry for his arms, tragically similar to Garma's.
Also, the Volk's feet are ridiculous x'D I guess that they are like this so to fit shoes but-- LOL. I'm surprised that it can balance itself like this!

As for the shoulders, they are pretty much the same:
The line of their neck is different, though, Char's is more toned and broad ♥

Now let's take a look of both heads.
I picked these models 'cause they are similar, and I thought that they fit the characters.
Unfortunately Char's face has "cute" features because of his oval's shape.
As his jaw should give a more masculine vibe, its V-shape makes the head look tinier than Obitsu's.

Char's lips are really indecent x'DDD
I would love to sand them down, but to be honest I'm pretty afraid to try it, so I guess that I'll try to fix this issue when it'll come to painting.

Now a profile view:
Garma's nose is bigger and his chin fuller, but Char's forehead has a more virile shape.

All in all I'm pretty satisfied with the purchase, but even if I'd like to work on them immediately, for now I'll make 'em rest on a shelf as I take care of other business∼ But you guys, by all means, look forward to what I'm going to do to these boys :D !

Date: 16/1/14 17:04 (UTC)
amelia_seyroon: (Default)
From: [personal profile] amelia_seyroon
Looking forward! XD

ThomasVye from lj

Date: 16/1/14 19:48 (UTC)
From: (Anonymous)
Ooh, intrigued by these! How do they get eyes? Always interested in these kind of kits you can customise into your own choice of characters and looking forward to seeing the project grow! :)

Date: 16/1/14 23:16 (UTC)
From: (Anonymous)
GUY color ...LOL

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