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Sorry for the late delivery on my Winter Watch-list for this year, but I preferred to skip the formalities and jump to the pulp of the matter, talking when the first impressions of my picked anime are both fresh and mature at the same time!

Withouth further ado, here's the new animes that I added to my watchlist with the new season:

Winter Season has never been the peek of the year for its selection, but this year I was grateful that I could enjoy my yaoish classy stuff, sporty stuff and disturbing stuff so to keep my week excting XD

The favourite anime of the rooster seems to be the charming Shouwa Genroku Rakugo Shinjuu, a delicate yet vigorous story about Japanese traditional storytelling (and you know that I love this Japanese stuff thrown at me carelessly) as background and the tragedy of a disrupted promise as its protagonist. I love all the characters and their sound characterization, and of course the timid BL vibes tingle my fujoshiness in all the right spots! It reminded me of the pieces of Ono Natsume-sensei, which is a must by default.

Another fun series that meets my tastes in a delightful way is the sporty Prince of Stride: Alternative, a series dedicated to "stride", a sort of a mix between a relay race and parkour.
The main characters and plot are the same of the most recent successful spokon with the addition of a cute yet not-invasive female character that for once is not relegated to the role of the manager.
I got to know that this series is based on an otome game so I'm a bit wary of it, but if it'll keep this exciting and dynamic pace I'm going to follow it gladly.

I'm a huge fan of the manga Gundam Thunderbolt, so when an anime version has been announced I was happy over the limits of reason! The fact that from an OVA series it turned into a puny ONA series left a bitter aftertaste in my mouth, but I was glad to see that despite the limited time (15 minutes of episode ;_;) both direction and artwork were top-notch.
I really love the mature and dramatic vibe of this series, is something that was missing the recent Gundam releases, and the mecha design are really fun and interesting, even if not very adherent to canon-- For ever grateful to Ohtagaki-sensei for freshing-up the Gundam franchise the right way.

Ajin is the series taking care of my gusto for disturbing stuff, following the genre of the kaijuu tradition, of which series like the wonderful "Kiseijuu" are one of the most recent and successful examples.
It also tickles and criticizes that "terror of the stranger" that is to typically Japanese but perfectly actual and fitting even our modern "civilized" cultures in recent times.
I just watched the first episode 'til now, but it looks promising.

Nijiiro Days is just there 'cause after all these intense emotions XD I need some lukewarm to rest in, some light slice of life stuff that I can watch without getting too much stress for the plot... It looked like a good addition, but I'm not really amused by all the romantic crap that it's going to be relished with-- Let's see how it'll develop, as it's a short series I'm not going to drop it anyway... For now the protagonist looks amusing enough!

Among the "excellent discharges", those rec series that I decided to not follow, the top title is definitely Dimension W, one of those condescending anime that seems compiled just to please a Western audience-- No wonder is simulcasted almost everywhere (even here!) on internet!

Going back to my list, the latest addition are the shorties Sushi Police and Yamishibai... As the latter is pretty much a traditional watch for me by now, but I'm waiting for further episodes to decide of its goosebumpin' quality, I admit that I'm watching the first only out of some kind of obscure masochism... I can't bear all that talk about how sushi is delicious and good for your health and it's the best food in the world, but-- I want to see what they are going to say to insult the sushi spree in Italy XD If they are honest they should bitch about all those "all-you-can-eat" Chinese shops, let's see if they'll do!
--For the sake of duty, I confess that I tried to watch Sekkou Boys too, and as much as I enjoyed the parody I still- couldn't--!

And that's all from your Dae!
--What about you guys :D ?

Date: 8/2/16 19:14 (UTC)
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From: [personal profile] m3n747
Hey! I'm not dead! XD

My computer was during the last month, though, and I didn't have the time to get it up and running until today (working and studying at the same time ;_;), so through the combination of an ancient laptop, my trusty PS3 and pure willpower I registered on Crunchyroll (as well as Netflix) to have something to watch. I can't say that very many titles caught my eye, but I did watch Terraformars and liked it quite a bit - although the ending felt like they suddenly ran out of budget and had to cancel half of the series. I think I'll check out The Perfect Insider next. And I'll never buy products made from rhino horn or elephant's ivory - Jackie Chan and those NBA players made sure of that. XD

Date: 10/2/16 21:17 (UTC)
m3n747: (Default)
From: [personal profile] m3n747
My PC's alive and well again, at least for now, but I'm going to buy a new one anyway. This one's nearly 9 years old and it's been acting up around the same time for the last three years. It's high time for an upgrade.

Terraformars really should've been longer, it built up a nice mystery but never resolved it. Still, I liked it while it lasted - each episode surprised me with something and the cockroaches were very uncanny, in the best Freudian fashion. (Following the recent semester, I have found new appreciation for Freud. XD)

I actually ended up watching the 2015 Death Note live action series and I must say I like it quite a lot so far. But I will watch The Perfect Insider next. ^^

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