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So, I'm just back from a short trip to Florence, where I went to visit the Stibbert Museum, a little gem dedicated to armours and weaponry and all the other little fixations of Frederick Stibbert :D

So, the first thing that I did once in Florence was TO HAVE LUNCH XD
I picked this place that had a nice touristic menù, so I could keep myself light and still enjoy the typican Tuscan delicacies, included the Fiorentina steak (a really tiny one, though, just a mere 500 gramms but of rare, soft meat °°D: So good--)

(Looking at the pics makes me hungry all over again T^T)

Then I took care of the check-in procedures of my hostel and headed to the museum.
I couldn't take pictures inside, but I'm a sharing a few shots from the guide that I bought :D
I went there for the huge collection of Japanese armours and weapons (the eldest and biggest outside Japan), but my heart was completely captured by the luxurious building itself and the suggestive "Ride", one of the main features of the museum:

Please, note the figure in the background on top of the room-- It's Saint George, dragon corpse included XD AWESOME!

Here's my booty:
The book about the collection of Japanese fairytales is awesome! I'll share one once I decided which one to pick XD

The museum has a huge garden set as a public park, so once the visit was over I took my time to explore the place and take some pictures:

Special feature of the garden is the "Little Egyptian Temple", one of those things that were popular in Italy in the XIX century, and that of course also Frederick wanted in his mansion!

--Of course the place included kitties XD

And to end this post, a few random pictures of spots that picked my interest ;3

The last pictures are dedicated to Santa Maria Novella since it was in front of my hostel and definitely worth a watch :D

And, well, this is all :D

Date: 24/2/16 10:01 (UTC)
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From: [personal profile] m3n747
In Poland there are many places where immigrants make kebab too, but even they put pickled cucumbers and red cabbage in it. You see, it's not about who makes it, it's about who pays for it. XD It's the same with pizza - we're used to lots of toppings and a good amount of sauce because, like Germans, we want our food to be good and filling. I once read an interview with someone running a pizzeria with genuine Italian-style pizza - he said people were complaining there wasn't enough to eat, so he had to modify the menu to satisfy the local tastes. Such are the joys of cultural differences. XD

Date: 25/2/16 11:02 (UTC)
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From: [personal profile] m3n747
Hey, I happen to have enjoyed the German cuisine during my visits. Those Jägerschnitzel were so delicious... T_T

It might apply to kebab to a lesser extent, but I still don't think that Turks put pickled cucumbers in their food back home. We love our cucumbers, though, so they comply with our tastes.

As for the Chinese food, I really love it! There are places which are run by Asians who barely speak any Polish - and when they do, their heavy accents make them insanely difficult to understand - so I guess they have no reason to care what tastes we enjoy and just make their food the way they like it themselves. XD I can't be sure, though.

The Indian food, I only ate it three times if memory serves. I liked it, but I'd need to try more of it to have any proper well-informed opinion. I don't think it was all that spicy, but I can't tell if it was toned down for the intended target or if we just ordered something mild. I like spicy food, however, so I wouldn't mind trying something with more spice to it.

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